27. des.. 2020
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Today we go for 100% completion in Minecraft!

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  • E

    Michael DioMichael Dio7 timer siden
  • cobblestone+weird+life=ssundee

    Clare StonelakeClare Stonelake7 timer siden
  • u made a foot

    Samson StephenSamson StephenDag siden

    Xavier YoumansXavier Youmans3 dager siden
  • (cobble stone) CS = LIFE | like if you agree | | \/

    Abo AlwaleedAbo Alwaleed3 dager siden
  • Hey ssundee what name of you're mod or addon plzzz i like that mod or addon

    The Adrian Video'sThe Adrian Video's3 dager siden
  • you dont hav the math correct 3 isent double of 2

    Magnus Herløv MadsenMagnus Herløv Madsen4 dager siden
  • Then he said we will Chang the path I new what it was

    Maxwell LauMaxwell Lau6 dager siden
  • im returning after so many years, good to see youre getting amazing views

    Meme_Legend_69Meme_Legend_697 dager siden
  • Ι ΚΝΟ ΙΤ

    GrissGriss12 n YTfan5000 gaming YoutubeGrissGriss12 n YTfan5000 gaming Youtube7 dager siden
  • Ssundees pig machine at zero go brrrrrr

    X Nike XX Nike X7 dager siden
  • You made rf Soler panels

    RyanRyan8 dager siden
  • Cobellston=life

    Xoxo DragonXoxo Dragon10 dager siden
  • cobblestone = life

    Zac YoungZac Young10 dager siden
  • He said the word

    Poop WhyPoop Why11 dager siden
  • Who's gonna tell him that he did the math wrong and that it's actually going to take 1.388888888888888 days

    Oisin O’FlanaganOisin O’Flanagan11 dager siden
  • reading all the comments about old ssundee is legit making me emotional

    NamNam11 dager siden
  • it will be 16.6 days not 5

    Lachlan FosterLachlan Foster12 dager siden
  • Ssundee: "Cobblestone equals life." My grandson: "Grandpa, what does that mean?" Me: "Sit down Billy, I'm going to tell you a beautiful story of a man and his cobblestone."

    TriCycleTriksTriCycleTriks12 dager siden
  • Cobblestone=life

    Kenneth RiddleKenneth Riddle12 dager siden
  • Cobblestone = Life

    Jordan JordanJordan Jordan12 dager siden
  • Hope its crazy craft

    Krzysztof MaleckiKrzysztof Malecki12 dager siden
  • Who else expected him to fill it with something like octuple compressed cobblestone 😂

    Adam PammentAdam Pamment12 dager siden
  • Cobblestone doesn't equal life. This is because life sucks and cobblestone is better.

    A Wolf BoiA Wolf Boi13 dager siden
  • Russell's thoughts Y do I edit for him I want money for my job Or I enjoy it ??????

    Kstar strikeKstar strike13 dager siden
  • Cobblestone = life

    Shaw FamilyShaw Family13 dager siden
  • Dirt=death;only veterans will know

    RaZor_YTRaZor_YT13 dager siden
  • Cobble=life

    RaZor_YTRaZor_YT13 dager siden
  • The water black hole tank only took 10 hours to fill lol

    Super Association of Durr BurgerSuper Association of Durr Burger13 dager siden
  • people say ssundee fakes things there wrong he is my favorite youtuber

    King_GamingKing_Gaming13 dager siden
  • Cobble stone is life that is the reason why he said that.

    Kent SandersKent Sanders13 dager siden
  • hardcore

    Mihael TuskanMihael Tuskan13 dager siden
  • hardcore

    Mihael TuskanMihael Tuskan13 dager siden
  • hardcore

    Mihael TuskanMihael Tuskan13 dager siden
  • hardcore

    Mihael TuskanMihael Tuskan13 dager siden
  • hardcore

    Mihael TuskanMihael Tuskan13 dager siden
  • SSundee- I doubled it with the filing cabinet. Me-the filing cabinet needs to be full of folders with 1 mil inside it.

  • Cobblestone=LiFe

    LIFFTERSLIFFTERS13 dager siden
  • 3:20 Ssundee: if my math is correct Me: no it isnt, its not even close. Ok first you skipped hours in the time it would take with one (if with one you get 500,000 in 30 seconds with 5 you would get 2,500,000 in 30 second, now you divide 2billion by those 2.5 million (which is 800) and now you multiply 800 by the 30 seconds to see how long it will take (800x30=24,000) and 24,000 second is (24,000÷60=400) and 400 minutes is (400÷60=6hrs 40minutes) meaning you will take areound 6hrs 40 minutes to fill them all in....) I did it differently that ian, since ian divided the time by 5 at the end (but again he did it wrong and he instead of dividing it he halved it 5 times which changed his answer) although i divided everything by 5 at the start, it wouldnt change the answer its just easier to me that way

    agustina nowotnyagustina nowotny13 dager siden
    • lol

      A kA k12 dager siden
    • Im not saying that mine is %100 right (because i am still in prymary school so im probably not that advanced) im just saying that ian did it wrong since he skipped hours and he halved it 5 times instead of dividing it, mine could be wrong, im not entirely sure. (Im also not saying that ian is stupid or anything, we all make mistakes and he was just rushing for the vid to have an estimate answer)

      agustina nowotnyagustina nowotny13 dager siden
  • So true

    Lucas SantosLucas Santos13 dager siden
  • Ssundee: this will take 83 days Me: uhh wait how? Umm you skipped hours....

    agustina nowotnyagustina nowotny13 dager siden
  • how many time did he human history

    Scott BoldistonScott Boldiston13 dager siden

    Malachi LaneMalachi Lane13 dager siden
  • Ssundee The Advancement Said 'Fill '

    ChartObbysXOX RobloxYTChartObbysXOX RobloxYT13 dager siden
  • SSundee you srysly done all of this just for cobblestone paths it doesn't look good on wooden slabs. sry for being rude.

    Ali ShakweerAli Shakweer13 dager siden
  • Uhh your gonna buy a car for a child?

    Kiri AKiri A13 dager siden
  • Cobblestone = LIFE and it is TRUE

    Jessica DavisJessica Davis14 dager siden
  • What happened to kehane

    Joaquin yesJoaquin yes14 dager siden
  • Yes

    Echo ShaylynEcho Shaylyn14 dager siden
  • Cobblestone = Life

    AngelaAngela14 dager siden
  • vote for ssundeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    aaron vinesaaron vines14 dager siden
  • Cobblestone = Life

    SVGpika YTSVGpika YT14 dager siden
  • Cobblestone=life

    Mathusan InparasaMathusan Inparasa14 dager siden
  • dirt bad cobble good

    Pierce ChapmanPierce Chapman14 dager siden
  • Dont think that a tesla is 100 dollars or is any where near there but alrighty then

    Carter KlassenCarter Klassen14 dager siden
  • how to troll ssundee: step 1. dirt = life

    George SalaridzeGeorge Salaridze14 dager siden
  • Cobblestone = Life!!!!

    Logan YTLogan YT14 dager siden
  • Game: Take a shot every time he says "Path of human history". Good luck!

    Milo KochanskyMilo Kochansky14 dager siden
  • you lost me at busy

    Jonathan McDowellJonathan McDowell14 dager siden
  • unlimited power

    Nick GNick G14 dager siden
  • 3:21 "if my math is correct" NO YOUR MATH IS NOT CORRECT it will take 16.6 days to fill it (if my math is correct)

    Fallow McOlsteinFallow McOlstein14 dager siden

    kaylie reliakaylie relia14 dager siden
  • elite solar pannels

    Jackson SpataroJackson Spataro14 dager siden
  • Cobblestone=life

  • cobblestone = life

    Gert furstenbergGert furstenberg14 dager siden
  • Ah yes... a day consist of 24 minutes

    Radu PavelRadu Pavel14 dager siden

    Daniel_4_ NovaaDaniel_4_ Novaa14 dager siden
  • You will change the path of human history That was a very bad pun I'm sorry

    Κοκόλας ΜπκρήςΚοκόλας Μπκρής14 dager siden
  • BRAH

    Noah MagermanNoah Magerman14 dager siden
  • Cobblestone =life

    K TireitoK Tireito14 dager siden
  • ssunde uses coblelstone and likes to feed his family to get unlimited health so yeah he is actually a atomator in real life

    vinod pcvinod pc14 dager siden
  • Cobblestone=life

    Dave_reyDave_rey14 dager siden
  • The filing cabinet achievement should say "Put a folder with at least 1 Million items then break it."

    SiegeSouthSiegeSouth14 dager siden
  • me after ssundee said 83 days after the all the math: (-__-)

    Jahaziel BelloJahaziel Bello14 dager siden
  • 19:10 ssundee you just made my day

    ik ijik ij15 dager siden
  • we need Gertrude

    K ChanK Chan15 dager siden
  • Cobblestone = Life!!!!!

    MasterNinja2356 GAToxicgamer1MasterNinja2356 GAToxicgamer115 dager siden
  • Sundeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee vote

    Asher JosephAsher Joseph15 dager siden
  • Al the toe nails in the back of his main island was super funny idk why it just was anyone else??

    The DudesThe Dudes15 dager siden
  • When ssundee when back to his main island😌😌

    The DudesThe Dudes15 dager siden

    Ryan ThomasRyan Thomas15 dager siden
  • Ssundee: 2,000 minutes. Divided by 24. THIS WILL TAKE 83 DAYS!!!!!!! Me: I would like to contact your teacher, she needs a math lesson.

    Zachary HirschmannZachary Hirschmann15 dager siden
  • Yoo who remember the war between ssundee and Craner cobble stone=life and dirt=life

    mouhamad Zaourmouhamad Zaour15 dager siden
  • cobble = foot

    Owen RobertsOwen Roberts15 dager siden
  • Cobble=life

    Andrew BrownAndrew Brown15 dager siden
  • I love he said "were going to be Knocking out achievements today" At 9:20 three have "failed"

    Aidcrazy SolAidcrazy Sol15 dager siden
  • on the filing cabinet advancement it doesnt say to put it in the cabinet

    Juan FelipeJuan Felipe15 dager siden
  • "If my math is correct" unfortunately there are more than 24 minutes in a day and adding a third source doesn't cut your time in half.

    William Traub1William Traub115 dager siden
    • This is more underrated that false math comments, he didnt double water sources and he expected half the time... you caught that too I see, noice 👌🏻

      RazazielRazaziel10 dager siden
  • Cobble=life

    VXDutchVXDutch15 dager siden
  • ssundee is my vote

    alley Mitchellalley Mitchell15 dager siden
  • Is it just me or does this confuse the crap out of anyone else

    Cameron StudlyCameron Studly15 dager siden

    Dusty PetersonDusty Peterson15 dager siden
  • Cobblestone =FOOT

    Craz GangCraz Gang15 dager siden
  • New arcticle found that cobblestone is lifes only meaning

    schauboo YoavGrinschauboo YoavGrin15 dager siden
  • cobblestone=life

    Blake CoghlinBlake Coghlin15 dager siden
  • Only ogs remember the animated intro

    AlexhmuAlexhmu15 dager siden
  • Cobblestone=Life

    Groovy BoiGroovy Boi15 dager siden
  • life = life. death = death. cobblestone = dirt. dirt = soulsand. soulsand = sand. sand = FOOT

    freddie dixonfreddie dixon15 dager siden
  • Cobblestone=Life

    Jayden O'ConnorJayden O'Connor15 dager siden
  • You made foot

    Colton BaughmanColton Baughman15 dager siden