999 DIFFICULTY Game mode in AMONG US

14. okt.. 2020
4 092 994 Ganger

Among us on the MOST difficult SETTING!
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  • u ar very good at among as and can u make more of revuse of ur baby son

    Bridie AllenBridie AllenDag siden
  • Can u do spider Man mod

    Hailey and GamersHailey and Gamers2 dager siden
  • Ahhhhhh what’s my name in amoung us

    Rocking Reid’s ChannelRocking Reid’s Channel2 dager siden
  • Life lesson don wait to kill when it’s the last kill

    Alexis PierceAlexis Pierce2 dager siden
  • Eso es grasioso

    Angelique LopezAngelique Lopez2 dager siden

    Harley HetheringtonHarley Hetherington2 dager siden
  • Halt the time I thought that he was green red

    Kelly SpraggonKelly Spraggon3 dager siden
  • Ain: speaking about colors if you hit the like button it turns BluE Me: ~tries it~ OMG IT ACTUALLY DOES ( LoL XD )

    Parker HagueParker Hague3 dager siden

    Logan SpainLogan Spain3 dager siden
  • see's blue vent hey black vented. black: wth i was doin a task

    Nibras NadhimNibras Nadhim3 dager siden
  • this is why you dont wait to kill

    Amir A.Amir A.3 dager siden
  • Just say the colour of the person like: its colour blue he killed red

    Umit efe SarisoyUmit efe Sarisoy3 dager siden
  • Ssundee yu lier like button turns black 🌚😂😂😂😂🔪

    ninia styleninia style3 dager siden
  • There are so stupid at the end of first round you clearly see that it's red brown bc the other two voted black. If purple or pink were imp they wouldn't vote out their teammate🤦‍♀️ You really need to get better at your detective skills sundee

    fiona wufiona wu3 dager siden
  • It is currently 2021 and 10:00 4 me and I'm on a mission ta get a foooootttt yeaaaaa boiiiiiiiiii

    Piatrus EX 2.0 is DSR RexonPiatrus EX 2.0 is DSR Rexon4 dager siden
  • 17:27 I have never been so scared in my lifeee

    Gamer Girl.617Gamer Girl.6174 dager siden
  • that’s what happens when you show off

    Arsenal GulbankianArsenal Gulbankian4 dager siden
  • you should do tiny hide and seek with all the mods like flood and floor is lava

    Molly MITCHELLMolly MITCHELL4 dager siden
  • It turns gray not blue

    Larissa GrahamLarissa Graham4 dager siden
  • SSundee you always be a creuwmata every vidioea of amang us

    Zeliha YAPICIZeliha YAPICI5 dager siden
  • Ssudee is so funny like it that like button and it will turn blue

    kaleb boy7kaleb boy75 dager siden
  • 9994L

    Entoon GTEntoon GT5 dager siden
  • Ian blew it so hard.

    Oliver MensingerOliver Mensinger5 dager siden
  • start of video: "if your colour is blue your name will be green" blues name at 1st round: MY NAME IS *RED* AM I A JOKE TO YOU!!!

    Annette WandiraAnnette Wandira5 dager siden
  • 911 whats ur emergency

    Mollie JudgesMollie Judges5 dager siden
  • Fun fact: if ssundee is the imposter all of the doors close.

    Just_IslaJust_Isla5 dager siden
  • Among us idea : when someone sees you kill they change to your color 😂

    miaaa Gotchumiaaa Gotchu6 dager siden

    By TinaraBy Tinara6 dager siden
  • That green red is confusing and there is two of them

    Anna MirerAnna Mirer6 dager siden
  • At first I thought so that’s lime but then I saw everything and was like oh

    Anna MirerAnna Mirer6 dager siden

    jessica wilsonjessica wilson6 dager siden
  • For me the like button turns black

    Olumide ApanisileOlumide Apanisile6 dager siden
  • Sundee should have just killed him or he would have won

    Darren RobyDarren Roby7 dager siden
  • wy did Ssundee not kill black it was the perfect moment to kill

    Zaruhi MirzoyanZaruhi Mirzoyan7 dager siden
  • Ssundee is suchnun idiot he dint kill color black 😱

    Marc Alexander AlinoMarc Alexander Alino7 dager siden
  • Omg😂😂I never laughed so hard

    Nene WorldNene World8 dager siden
  • but my like button turned blue lol

    Lolz MasterLolz Master8 dager siden
  • Next more telowport

    Kwabeana WrightKwabeana Wright9 dager siden
  • But you know that you can say it's the colour yellow or it's the name yellow

    sharkbait gamersharkbait gamer9 dager siden
  • Lol why did he wait to kill black cyan?

    Anastasia SugataAnastasia Sugata9 dager siden
  • why do people in among us close doors when ther imposter in a room with a crewmate and wait when there kill cooldown is all the way down vent multipul times and chase the crewmate there could be a emergency meeting or a body reported and they look stupid so dont do it

    Pilar Hernandez BuelnaPilar Hernandez Buelna9 dager siden
  • I feel so bad for Ssundee he was just about to kill him but then they found the body 😂

    Vienna CarrVienna Carr10 dager siden
  • Every one can vent but the imposters can press a button to turn invisible

    Skye HepburnSkye Hepburn10 dager siden
  • perfect timing

    Ja'Khari WingJa'Khari Wing10 dager siden
  • How do you play among us i have never played among us i just watch you play among us

    Karen WilliamsKaren Williams11 dager siden
  • Mod ideas : There is someone who is the Mechanic .They can block imposters from using different vents, and can stop sabotages from happening. Another person could be someone who sets traps to find the imposter. Like sensors on vents or if someone vents they leave paint foot prints that only the person who set the trap can see. I hope you are able to use these :)

    Ashima NAshima N11 dager siden
  • On phone: the like buttons name tags are lime and orange. On Every thing else: the like buttons name tags are Orange and Green.

    Gary AthertonGary Atherton11 dager siden
  • IDK is the true color light blue or cyan

    Macn CokieMacn Cokie11 dager siden
  • hey

    Kelli HickmanKelli Hickman11 dager siden
  • His sneeze! "AH-HAH." I DO THE SAME XD

    The Karmatic07The Karmatic0711 dager siden
  • The like button turns white mot blue

    Gabe A. MaherGabe A. Maher12 dager siden
  • 5:19 “well I saw red brown with a knife in his hand ✋ “

    Sophia WhiskeyjackSophia Whiskeyjack12 dager siden
  • RIP EIn for the last round

    Cheyenne BacaniCheyenne Bacani12 dager siden
  • why didn't you killllllllllllllll,WHYYYYYY

    Jacob TennantJacob Tennant12 dager siden
  • Red green green red both are ded

    veenom gameesveenom gamees12 dager siden
  • 10:08 - 10:13

    Brawling DancBrawling Danc12 dager siden
  • No my one is black when i like

    Laxmi TimilsinaLaxmi Timilsina13 dager siden
  • Hi

    Tkai BrockingtonTkai Brockington13 dager siden
  • 1:48 lol

    thom5830 thom5830thom5830 thom583013 dager siden
  • Sundee: hey black cyan😏 Person:reports body Ssundee:oh body what where

    Shea ClearyShea Cleary15 dager siden
  • 17:25 SSundee be like... I just did a bad thing I regret the thing I did and your wondering what it is oh I tell you what I did I did a baaaad thing

    PvPsweatPvPsweat15 dager siden
  • Your so dum by inmuting your self

    Allan ScottAllan Scott15 dager siden
  • so you can only say that its yellow the color not the name right?

    Elisa kitty meowElisa kitty meow15 dager siden
  • Imagine playing in a public lobby with this mod Blue'yellow: I saw brown kill purple Red'brown: IT'S NOT ME Brown'purple: I'm not dead

    Stupidrat :pStupidrat :p16 dager siden
  • The ending tho😂👌

    Prototype NinjaPrototype Ninja16 dager siden
  • Wait how did they all pick different names if they couldn’t tell each other???

    Prototype NinjaPrototype Ninja16 dager siden
  • i dont have enough IQ for this

    Kay CapriKay Capri17 dager siden
  • “If you chose the color blue your name is going to be green.” Blue: *Red*

    Fallen DominosFallen Dominos17 dager siden
  • 7:13 what if it was actually pink? Lol

    H1j24 9H1j24 917 dager siden
  • Can u do difficulty tasks plzzzz

    Susan ClementsSusan Clements17 dager siden
  • 17:27 Oh wow worst mistake he has made

    Brody WippBrody Wipp17 dager siden
  • LOL

    PigLoversPigLovers18 dager siden
  • always kill the second u dont have a cooldown : D

    Advay VasudevanAdvay Vasudevan18 dager siden
  • ghst can vote mod

    Michelle HicksMichelle Hicks18 dager siden
  • The knife was against his neck but the dead body was quicker

    The DeceptaKhanThe DeceptaKhan18 dager siden
  • 10:08 "AcHoO I died!"

    fell!sans genderbendfell!sans genderbend18 dager siden
  • bad timing ever🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Mojtaba FakhrMojtaba Fakhr18 dager siden
  • am i the only one that heard SSundee say :''If you are bleu ur name is green.'' but the bleu guy his name was red

    Gala Is coolGala Is cool18 dager siden
  • He says at the start if you are blue your name is green but it’s red

    NOTPINE koneNOTPINE kone18 dager siden
  • told ya gg

    FortByte 5FortByte 519 dager siden
  • ITS RED!!! y = b =r =x

    FortByte 5FortByte 519 dager siden
  • is he blue? or yellow

    FortByte 5FortByte 519 dager siden

    J Andrei Delos SAntosJ Andrei Delos SAntos19 dager siden
  • In round 2 there is a green red and a red green

    Ryan SiebeRyan Siebe19 dager siden

    Matthew SchadtMatthew Schadt19 dager siden
  • imagine he kills gray cyan but the crew still won becuse pink purple voted him when he reported the body by accident and he tought the crew lost but they won lol

    Antoinette MorquechoAntoinette Morquecho19 dager siden
  • Ya know, I need to learn not to red comments before the end of the video. I get spoiled. Yet, I do it anyways :/

    Kaycie CatPotatoesKaycie CatPotatoes19 dager siden
  • I love how blues name is not green

    Sudden CraftSudden Craft19 dager siden
  • Poor biffle poor jerome

    Jai The BlueMaskJai The BlueMask19 dager siden
  • i know a mod , the inposters can drag bodys

    GIOVANN MarkuGIOVANN Marku19 dager siden
  • Liar ssundee it turns black!!!!

    Phil BourkePhil Bourke20 dager siden
  • and that is why you shouldn't unmute until you won LOL

    Christal GallandChristal Galland20 dager siden
  • My head hurts...

    Halcyon8001Halcyon800120 dager siden
    • 69

      Halcyon8001Halcyon800120 dager siden
    • Henwys a foot...

      Halcyon8001Halcyon800120 dager siden
    • Pain...

      Halcyon8001Halcyon800120 dager siden
    • True...

      Halcyon8001Halcyon800120 dager siden
    • Ikr...

      Halcyon8001Halcyon800120 dager siden
  • Omgggg the end! Lol that was AMAZING but next time don’t stall that way it doesn’t happen again lol! 😂

    toughgirl 1511toughgirl 151121 dag siden
  • he should have killed black cyan

    Marvyn Gail NardoMarvyn Gail Nardo21 dag siden
  • ssundee may have got to toixc and got instant krama

    Jack KochanJack Kochan21 dag siden
  • The first round ending face and the "was it sigils?!"😳

    THAT personTHAT person21 dag siden

    Jhadane MitchellJhadane Mitchell21 dag siden
  • I love how his confidence level went from 100 % to 0 %

    Kiernan BunyanKiernan Bunyan21 dag siden
  • hahahahahahahahahahahahaha Ssundee just kill him don't troll for that long LoL

    SuperLeeMWSuperLeeMW21 dag siden