15. nov.. 2020
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We play a new modded Among us where we keep changing colors!

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  • I got lime green

    Matthew HendersonMatthew Henderson2 timer siden
  • I liked and it turned black you lie about it being blue in all your videos including this video

    jesse Burdettejesse Burdette5 timer siden
  • BLUE!

    addie smootsaddie smoots6 timer siden
  • Are you allowed to play on online i am

    Myra AkhterMyra Akhter9 timer siden
  • Mod idea: inposters are vampires

    Life of JadeLife of Jade10 timer siden
  • Biffle:I can't see colors Ssundee:I can see colors me:WHY CAN I SEE COLORS U KNOW WHO U R YELLOW

    Ryan SimondsRyan Simonds11 timer siden
  • Black

    BrentBrent13 timer siden
  • When I like it is black so if u say blue I can't like because it did not turn blue lol

    Ambika BalachandranAmbika Balachandran13 timer siden
  • Wite

    Nayla SNayla S17 timer siden
  • Black

    Eric EscueEric Escue20 timer siden
  • oooo he said a bad word 13:58

    Tolerance for youTolerance for you23 timer siden
  • Hahaha my like button turned black😂

    Fantasy FoxxxFantasy FoxxxDag siden
  • someone dies every meeting XD LOL

    Pug Cubing ChasePug Cubing ChaseDag siden
  • blueeeee hehehehehehehehe

    Lily BootLily BootDag siden
  • Can you make you can jump in among us

    yo Yaqoub Esmaelyo Yaqoub EsmaelDag siden
  • I got white

    Jeramie CronmillerJeramie CronmillerDag siden
  • My like button turned white

    Raziya SiddiquiRaziya SiddiquiDag siden
  • i got blue :)

    Isabella CordovaIsabella CordovaDag siden
  • You should do a day and night mod where at day it’s bright and at night it’s pitch black

    Megan MarronMegan MarronDag siden
  • I got blue

    Rsssd9000 ARsssd9000 ADag siden
  • Black

    Masey ThomasMasey Thomas2 dager siden
  • White

    Icy GangIcy Gang2 dager siden
  • that's weird, i pressed the like button and it turned blue

    Keynan AndersonKeynan Anderson2 dager siden
  • I got white

    layten haydelllayten haydell2 dager siden
  • Thats hard

    Slatka SarajkaSlatka Sarajka2 dager siden
  • I got Blue

    Jack BOWDENJack BOWDEN2 dager siden
  • My like button color turn white

    Richmond BoakyeRichmond Boakye2 dager siden
  • ya do what parrot seeds said

    James CrowleyJames Crowley2 dager siden
  • Ee

    FoxsterbloxFoxsterblox2 dager siden
  • Haw do yuo make mods

    Allie LeGeuneAllie LeGeune2 dager siden
  • Hhahhshahahahahahgaga I love u and ur vids

    Sandra AlexancrSandra Alexancr2 dager siden
  • Blue

    Sandra AlexancrSandra Alexancr2 dager siden
  • 30,000 Iq play idea: watch someone do a task and watch the task bar if it doesn't go up it means that that person is the impostor, say that you watched that person do a task but the the task bar didn't go up.

    John SchumanJohn Schuman2 dager siden
  • SSundee: tell me what color the like button turns in the comments him in other videos: IT WILL TURN BLLLLUUUUUEEEEEE!!!!!

    Jennifer SeemuthJennifer Seemuth2 dager siden
  • I want to play with you ssundee

    Kevin BrownKevin Brown2 dager siden
  • i got cyan

    george muldoongeorge muldoon2 dager siden
  • i got blue lol

    Zachary JacksonZachary Jackson2 dager siden
  • Black and gray 🐼🐃♟🎼

    daisy killsdaisy kills2 dager siden
  • Blue

    Rhicardo LlagasRhicardo Llagas2 dager siden
  • I got black.

    Alyssa PatelAlyssa Patel2 dager siden
  • Black

    Ducky GirlDucky Girl3 dager siden
  • blue

    Joseph YoungJoseph Young3 dager siden
  • I got black

    Haley. OMGHaley. OMG3 dager siden
  • Blue

    Amy BucknellAmy Bucknell3 dager siden
  • I got white

    lilly vanderwallilly vanderwal3 dager siden
  • It turned blue, What a surprise....

    Frosting Phaser GamingFrosting Phaser Gaming3 dager siden
  • very good

    3wisemen Adeyi3wisemen Adeyi3 dager siden
  • blue

    gamergirllola666gamergirllola6663 dager siden
  • Ernie Boch, Jr

    Катя МальцеваКатя Мальцева3 dager siden
  • wooooow my like Bottom turnd blue wtf

    KrollentKrollent3 dager siden
  • My like button turned to black

    Chryseleousa K.B' Primary SchoolChryseleousa K.B' Primary School3 dager siden
  • Black

    Erik CelebakErik Celebak3 dager siden
  • Red

    L HL H3 dager siden
  • 14:02 Lmao

    Call_Me_ CupidCall_Me_ Cupid4 dager siden
  • Who else had a blue a button | v

    Ella BentlerElla Bentler4 dager siden
  • Why does he keep saying cian instead of cyan?

    cupcakedollars Olivecupcakedollars Olive4 dager siden
  • Got the color blue for the like button :)

    Laxmi BLaxmi B4 dager siden
  • My like but I'm told white

    Maximus SiskMaximus Sisk4 dager siden

    Riley MossRiley Moss4 dager siden
  • Guess the color i got i got my face on there

    Prince RightPrince Right4 dager siden
  • I like how he saw a “normal among us video”

    Radig BoyRadig Boy4 dager siden
  • blue i got blue

    Kirstyn KellyKirstyn Kelly4 dager siden
  • ......................................................................................................................

    MrGamerMrGamer4 dager siden
  • Mod idea: Impostor has an ability to rename a crewmate without noticing it.

    MrGamerMrGamer4 dager siden
  • I got pink for my like button LOL

    KenziePlaysKenziePlays5 dager siden
  • :p

    Roz AnnRoz Ann5 dager siden
  • I got white like button

    EthanGamingEthanGaming5 dager siden
  • Ay i got white

    0XxNotYouxX00XxNotYouxX05 dager siden
  • When he always say he knew it and sometimes he doesn’t lol

    Chloe HeChloe He5 dager siden
    • Hey

      Ducky GirlDucky Girl3 dager siden
  • I got blue

    Dripcash18Dripcash185 dager siden
  • The like button is always blue

    Kaiqing LiangKaiqing Liang5 dager siden
  • pink i love pink

    Braelyn HartleyBraelyn Hartley5 dager siden
  • I got black lol

    Kiera RobertsKiera Roberts5 dager siden
    • No joke

      Kiera RobertsKiera Roberts5 dager siden
  • 20:10 i used to get that noise all the time and i dont know why

    Crazy TDCrazy TD5 dager siden
  • I got black i hit the like button

    Brian KatongoBrian Katongo5 dager siden
  • my like button turned bluee

    Karter Serna-SimpsonKarter Serna-Simpson5 dager siden
  • (Laughs)

    Hibba MHibba M6 dager siden
  • What about all mods?

    Skye BishopSkye Bishop6 dager siden
  • Blue

    joanne Rattenburyjoanne Rattenbury6 dager siden
  • Mod idea: you can only stand on your color and you have a paintball gun with 15 bullets a round that shoot your color

    LandonBgaming247LandonBgaming2476 dager siden
  • Everyone can act like a dead 💀 body

    Kallie FerraraKallie Ferrara6 dager siden
  • Black

    Kallie FerraraKallie Ferrara6 dager siden
  • The like button is black

    Tracey AldrichTracey Aldrich6 dager siden
  • one killed eer

    Quinn MathewsonQuinn Mathewson6 dager siden
  • i got black sundee

    Owen MacLellanOwen MacLellan6 dager siden
  • My like button being Black and not blue?😎👍🏻😜

    Julie KronborgJulie Kronborg6 dager siden
  • I love how he doesn't even know who his impostor buddy is either lol

    Fr0ggy ToksFr0ggy Toks6 dager siden
  • my like button turned bLuE

    Saffron DanksSaffron Danks6 dager siden
  • My color for the like button was blue =D! lol

    Zoe PenningtonZoe Pennington6 dager siden
  • Asunder your the host your always top left

    Inside Hmxa's worldInside Hmxa's world6 dager siden
  • i got blue

    XPOP GamingXPOP Gaming6 dager siden
  • my like button is black now

    twin unicorntwin unicorn6 dager siden
  • Pick up weapons mod please please

    Tracy GravelyTracy Gravely7 dager siden
  • blue

    Jennifer TullyJennifer Tully7 dager siden
  • Black

    Bryan McgriffBryan Mcgriff7 dager siden
  • Black ⚫

    Frank munguiaFrank munguia7 dager siden
  • My like button color is black

    Mary HeitkampMary Heitkamp7 dager siden
  • For the like I got white

    Rodney YagerRodney Yager7 dager siden
  • blue

    terry hughesterry hughes7 dager siden
  • Hiii

    Elizabeth ArroyoElizabeth Arroyo7 dager siden