24. nov.. 2020
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We try and GUESS the drawins in Fortnite Battle Royale!

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Map: 1842-9546-1428

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  • Bad bush

    Joe AndroJoe Andro4 timer siden
  • The bush is bad lol

    robrod321robrod3215 timer siden
  • The bush was amazing

    Samantha RinconSamantha Rincon6 timer siden
  • Honestly the bush is a bad drawing I'm sorry bro

    Parker lybargerParker lybarger8 timer siden
  • Lol I the 1st roundi new it was a valcano and I didn’t even see it was a choice

    Hype Leader24Hype Leader2413 timer siden
  • My like button turns black

    Chadi GhosnChadi Ghosn23 timer siden
  • All your builds are good :)

    K BlazeK BlazeDag siden
  • its mean

    Zander MarkleZander MarkleDag siden
  • Anyone else acknowledge that biffle, the one with all greys, got 2nd?

    Riley MilesRiley MilesDag siden
  • the bird was 100 times better

    Amanda WickerAmanda WickerDag siden
  • His bush was better than all of them

    Bobby BurnettBobby BurnettDag siden

    Colter CrosbyColter Crosby2 dager siden
  • Turns black

    Colter CrosbyColter Crosby2 dager siden
  • | (• ◡•)| 𝚑𝚒 SSundee

    EpicGriffo89EpicGriffo892 dager siden
  • a

  • No the like button turns black on mobile

    Riiipppo -Riiipppo -3 dager siden
  • I m not gonna lie your drawing is not that bad

    Anthony BarriosAnthony Barrios3 dager siden
  • i remember that combo its too op

    Qusay Muhannad OdehQusay Muhannad Odeh3 dager siden
  • Blue

    Jzm JaxJzm Jax3 dager siden
  • Do not worry I respect you

    Juan AvilaJuan Avila3 dager siden
  • The plant shears pathogenetically stop because caravan surgically influence forenenst a slippery onion. alive, delicious chalk

    chris hahnchris hahn3 dager siden
  • ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss for the fishy

    Harry MarshallHarry Marshall4 dager siden
  • you are the best NOworldr ever

    Evan JenkinsEvan Jenkins4 dager siden
  • Yes

    Laura RussellLaura Russell4 dager siden
  • Sigils,biffle,Henwy stupid

    Gideon JohlyGideon Johly4 dager siden
  • That was very good Ssundee the bush one

    Jonathan GargasJonathan Gargas5 dager siden
  • The obtainable china recurrently prevent because camp puzzlingly flood after a tiny sugar. abortive, reminiscent puffin

    Stella HazalStella Hazal5 dager siden
  • No black button

    Josh vanhookJosh vanhook5 dager siden
  • Like button does not turn blue it turns black

    Alana HarveyAlana Harvey5 dager siden
  • Hahah

    Amelia ClaytonAmelia Clayton5 dager siden
  • Can you tell me the code for when you used your combo or what you logged onto

    Bryce TubbsBryce Tubbs6 dager siden
  • Sorry it is bad lol😂😂😂😂

    Emily ArroyoEmily Arroyo6 dager siden
  • You’re bush looked like a brush

    Priscila Robles SanchezPriscila Robles Sanchez6 dager siden
  • yes

    Ryan RRyan R6 dager siden
  • hi foot you

    Ryan RRyan R6 dager siden

    Comic topia GamingComic topia Gaming6 dager siden
  • How many times did ssundee say bot

    Charlie CambridgeCharlie Cambridge7 dager siden
  • 11:09 i yelled "is it Patrick Star's house!?"

    LB_ DriftyLB_ Drifty7 dager siden
  • Sigils yur a BOT

    LB_ DriftyLB_ Drifty7 dager siden
  • Noooo

    Abel RobledoAbel Robledo7 dager siden
  • Ur trash kid

    EZ_CLPZ fnEZ_CLPZ fn7 dager siden
  • 😀😀YourTheBestNOworldr.

    German NunezGerman Nunez7 dager siden
  • Foot lol

    throaty_gamesthroaty_games8 dager siden
  • SSundee: we will use an og combo also SSundee to the other: I will bathe it your blood

    Daniel SmithDaniel Smith8 dager siden
  • My favorite loot video is when he uses bouncing betty's at their spawn points, and my favorite line he says is "hit the like button and it'll turn BLUE

    Amirah TaylorAmirah Taylor9 dager siden
  • I like how yoou done the amazing bush and you should tell all of these bots to shush their boody

    Hamza KarouHamza Karou9 dager siden
  • I painted my like button black

    Aston AstonAston Aston10 dager siden
  • Lol ur nad

    Rd MotionssRd Motionss11 dager siden
  • hi SSundee

    Evan DogLoverEvan DogLover11 dager siden
  • Hi

    Adham AdelAdham Adel11 dager siden
  • Jo

    Adham AdelAdham Adel11 dager siden
  • the combos so broken

    The BarnsleysThe Barnsleys12 dager siden
  • Me when he says the like button itll turn blue. When it turns black, me I think I'm color blind

    Kirsten HavskjoldKirsten Havskjold13 dager siden
  • That's bush drawing was horrible so i didn't like the video😂

    Liam LevandoskiLiam Levandoski13 dager siden
  • Voooolllcaaaannnnnnooooo

    Withered toy yoshi The DinoWithered toy yoshi The Dino13 dager siden
  • My like button is black

    Amanda FluhartyAmanda Fluharty14 dager siden
  • Same sub count as dream, pretty sick

    Jordan WeyersJordan Weyers15 dager siden
  • I broke my hands

    haysbaby129haysbaby12915 dager siden
  • BLuEEEeeEEEee

    syrup showsyrup show15 dager siden
  • waaaaay not betr

    Cxmpz XTCxmpz XT15 dager siden
  • pooooof

    Chevy WittmannChevy Wittmann15 dager siden
  • Ian Ur so bad

    Greg ColleyGreg Colley15 dager siden
  • Shoot the foot

    Caroline SJCaroline SJ15 dager siden
  • The best drawing is your bush lol 😁😁😁🥛🍿

    Liam WalshLiam Walsh16 dager siden
  • 🦶

    Skye SkrochSkye Skroch16 dager siden
    • Foot

      Skye SkrochSkye Skroch16 dager siden
  • Is gg

    Malaki ButlerMalaki Butler16 dager siden
  • 2021

    Malaki ButlerMalaki Butler16 dager siden
  • SSundee I’m a huge fan reply plz

    Vision_ang0521 DabestVision_ang0521 Dabest16 dager siden
  • In 2021 the like button turns black now

  • I decided instead of painting my like button blue I painted it black LOL it is just a setting

    Bear vlogsBear vlogs17 dager siden
  • twitter

    Matteo GonzalezMatteo Gonzalez17 dager siden
  • My like button turns black

    PLAZ_ Duke2GriffPLAZ_ Duke2Griff17 dager siden
  • I thought he changed the bush to a tree

    Laura JimenezLaura Jimenez18 dager siden
  • 1:16 that skin is thumps

    Scott CzubekScott Czubek19 dager siden
    • Trumps

      Scott CzubekScott Czubek19 dager siden
  • SSundee: "We use one of my old school combos" Me: This is going to be good

    Isaac KeighleyIsaac Keighley19 dager siden
    • I know right!

      Anthony JonesAnthony JonesDag siden

    jessica kahanjessica kahan20 dager siden
  • I’ve been watching for almost 5 years

    SWAPΨSWAPΨ20 dager siden
  • The old combos where insane

    Riley FieldRiley Field20 dager siden
  • I’m pretty sure bush’s don’t have black

    lego skitslego skits20 dager siden
  • Can you play a game of tycoon social. media

    Wyatt HolderWyatt Holder20 dager siden
  • The loke button is white

    Arnar Leó BirkirssonArnar Leó Birkirsson20 dager siden
  • Op

    JonesyJonesy20 dager siden
  • Sigils should be ashamed of himself for copying Ssundees combo and then getting the least amount of kills. No wonder why he isn’t married yet.

    EW Studios!EW Studios!20 dager siden
  • Who here has been watching for over 3 years This is how many people have 👇

    Brawl stars GamingBrawl stars Gaming21 dag siden
  • its too good

    Tomer HalabiTomer Halabi21 dag siden
  • i have been a realy big fan of u for years now and i love vids keep it up

    sean scottsean scott21 dag siden
    • you r good

      sean scottsean scott21 dag siden
  • hello i do not have a chanlle yet but i am a realy big fan of u

    sean scottsean scott21 dag siden
  • I like how it had muselk on this list LMAOOOOOO

    Vizion RyanVizion Ryan21 dag siden
  • same it makes me laufu

    Manuel MolinaManuel Molina21 dag siden
  • It don’t turn blue anymore

    X4 GhOsT GunNeRX4 GhOsT GunNeR21 dag siden
  • the bush

    Gage CressmanGage Cressman21 dag siden
  • i thought it was a really weird drawing but i still hit like after

    Gage CressmanGage Cressman21 dag siden
  • Your combo should be gold scar with dragon shotgun

    TD_GOLDTD_GOLD21 dag siden
  • Feng Shui singles shuttle

    Albert MemaAlbert Mema22 dager siden

    Mizz PeridotMizz Peridot22 dager siden
  • Is your combo the foot slap

    carmen arzolacarmen arzola22 dager siden
  • I am uma

    Jim KarwischJim Karwisch22 dager siden
  • I liked ur drawing as a bush

    Phil ThomasPhil Thomas22 dager siden

    Super NoahSuper Noah22 dager siden
  • If you hit the like button it turns blue

    Jessica ClarkJessica Clark22 dager siden