25. okt.. 2020
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We play a NEW mini Game in AMONG US!
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  • i have an idea 'giant mod' can be name the imposter can become giant every minute(1 minute cooldown) but in that duration, his speed and vision are low he can kill crewmates by stepping on them do this pls

    spn- nephilimspn- nephilim5 timer siden
  • Did you steal this from socksfor1 Probably not

    Parmjot KaurParmjot Kaur6 timer siden
  • I love LOAF and HENRY/HENWY LOL and Ian your my favouraite i like the troll video

    Amelia SymondsAmelia Symonds21 time siden
  • two minute kill cooldown !!!!?????

    Nikola CzaplickaNikola Czaplicka21 time siden
  • I love ur voids I'm ur number 1fan

    Ayden RepozaAyden Repoza22 timer siden
  • Siren head mod

    Emmanuel nathanEmmanuel nathanDag siden
  • That is disgusting throwing your tongue to try and rescue him.

    Ryan ChiuRyan ChiuDag siden
  • never seen ssundee without his hat

    Anbuselvi MahadevanAnbuselvi MahadevanDag siden
  • Go

    Karine BignonKarine BignonDag siden

    mr. sweets got candymr. sweets got candyDag siden
  • Sunde you always start your videos saying what’s up dudes lolll

    Debbie AngrisaniDebbie AngrisaniDag siden
  • this is so funny

    Brenda PadillaBrenda PadillaDag siden
  • I love your videos SSundee!!!!!

    Makayla MeyerMakayla MeyerDag siden
  • Can you please make one where you can fly

    S_boy 1002S_boy 1002Dag siden
  • 9:12 gotta get that spongebob wee woo

    The Doh BrosThe Doh BrosDag siden
  • The lame religion undeniably juggle because italian jointly man up a married wrench. standing, exotic pancreas

    Hazel DeciccoHazel DeciccoDag siden
  • I just got out of jail men

    Wee Siong WongWee Siong WongDag siden
  • Idk why but SSundee always makes my day ☺️

    Evie MarchmentEvie Marchment2 dager siden
  • Me after he talks about the kooldown again 😑😑😑😑😑😑

    Awesome LeoAwesome Leo2 dager siden
  • If you see this comment then your legendary

    the top notch one.the top notch one.2 dager siden
  • The auspicious hail spectacularly manage because tom-tom spectacularly push to a woebegone bar. utopian, alleged swamp

    Hazel DeciccoHazel Decicco2 dager siden
  • 2:32 there are snowman around the Snowman dead body

    Pina SantiagoPina Santiago2 dager siden
  • Only watching this video since two months from now 😂

    Jasmine MunJasmine Mun3 dager siden
  • Omg

    Nicole WightmanNicole Wightman3 dager siden
  • I love your vids

    Nicole WightmanNicole Wightman3 dager siden
  • I no this mod

    Nicole WightmanNicole Wightman3 dager siden
  • E

    The Dog ManThe Dog Man3 dager siden
  • On among us I changed my name to SSundee and changed color and hat .And said to sub to my channel

    Lenny BennyLenny Benny3 dager siden
  • Card swipe is so easy

    mistfairy3mistfairy33 dager siden
  • Bifflebob Wifflepants!

    CommonSentsCommonSents3 dager siden
  • Possible idea for a video: cops and robbers and the floor is lava.

    Benjamin ShawBenjamin Shaw3 dager siden
  • how about StarCraft content it is very underrated but fun

    Nathan Ortega-LeonNathan Ortega-Leon3 dager siden
  • I liked love ur vids!

    Yly SohYly Soh3 dager siden
  • can you make another fortnite video

    TSC ClanTSC Clan3 dager siden
  • you should do cops and robbers but with NO kill cooldown !!!

    Mystic LucasMystic Lucas4 dager siden
  • Your so super with this video mods

    Klevis TopalliKlevis Topalli4 dager siden
  • Why dont you do one with the vent and report button have a cooldown

    Ali Avery-GardAli Avery-Gard4 dager siden
  • Love the vid

    Gianluca HansardGianluca Hansard4 dager siden
  • Make a superhero among us video

    Gianluca HansardGianluca Hansard4 dager siden
  • The null edger preoperatively risk because church approximately visit qua a tense calculator. ugliest, opposite trick

    Bubble WangBubble Wang4 dager siden
  • Do you know white is peeking out of the bath room door

    Chelsea MiruChelsea Miru5 dager siden
  • I hate everything

    Dave HammelDave Hammel5 dager siden
  • How do you make the mod I want to make one but don’t know how to can u help me please

    alex farquharsonalex farquharson5 dager siden
  • my god

    Daniel AlvarezDaniel Alvarez5 dager siden
  • You should make a mod or find one where the imposters can’t vent and the crew mates can hide in them they just can’t move to different ones, like a lil sneeky hole

    Kane BurnsKane Burns5 dager siden
  • Wow

    Emmalina RamosEmmalina Ramos5 dager siden
  • why do u never die

    Olivia ConstantineOlivia Constantine5 dager siden
  • DjdkdbddjdbebdJdkdhdjdgdhehhdhdhdhdhkhwhso that look so fun

    neonderlyn christneonderlyn christ6 dager siden
  • Please Play more cops and robbers

    Chelsea RamirezChelsea Ramirez6 dager siden
    • Ya play more

      neonderlyn christneonderlyn christ6 dager siden
  • this is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo borwing

    Evergreen leafEvergreen leaf6 dager siden
    • No it so not poop

      neonderlyn christneonderlyn christ6 dager siden
  • Do cops and robbers with infinite range

    Chelsea RamirezChelsea Ramirez6 dager siden
  • But what have they done I mean like you can't say that you sus and arrest someone

    Nanna MbabaneNanna Mbabane6 dager siden
  • I love his voice

    Red LeafRed Leaf6 dager siden
  • Last

    Bly BricksBly Bricks7 dager siden
  • Hi

    Tiffany BakerTiffany Baker7 dager siden
  • Q

    Jack thanosJack thanos7 dager siden
  • F U G

    Jack thanosJack thanos7 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who has realized that The task that he is doing at 1:15 has a different color Ipad Depending on what color your character is...

    bobs robloxbobs roblox7 dager siden
  • A mode : The imposter can put glue on crewmates and can make then move slowly

    kanna Fujikawakanna Fujikawa7 dager siden
  • I think you should do one with a tsunami,copnrobber,flood,100 peps all in one game together even know you ain't gonna reply

    Violet_Lily123 Gamer_GirlViolet_Lily123 Gamer_Girl7 dager siden
  • I have a mod all imposters and zombie's

    K MornanK Mornan7 dager siden
  • I think I band you from a game

    Daud KhanDaud Khan7 dager siden
  • SSundee is he dead

    Katie SchultzKatie Schultz7 dager siden

    Alyssa VillanuevaAlyssa Villanueva7 dager siden
  • tip just camp common task *GENIOUS*

    Zoe FurrowZoe Furrow8 dager siden
  • My sis: who are you watching Me: SSundee My sis: oh I dont watch him Me: WHAT EVERY LIVING PERSON TRYS TO WATCH HIS VIDS Btw this happened in real life XD

    Corwin CombdonCorwin Combdon8 dager siden
  • You can’t report the body

    Kenox AdamsKenox Adams8 dager siden
  • Biffle had to watch all of his friends die he was there for every kill XD

    mnokeybrutemnokeybrute8 dager siden
  • Thank you 🌷

    Sarah Al-DallalSarah Al-Dallal8 dager siden
  • I love your chanle

    Michele PanicoMichele Panico8 dager siden
  • Haha he didn't realize he killed everyone 😂

    Ilyssa HagoodIlyssa Hagood8 dager siden
  • Do this mod more

    Almarina OmarAlmarina Omar9 dager siden
  • Lol my brother while I was in the shower unsubscribed toying but don’t worry I subscribed back 👍

    Rashad DudleyRashad Dudley9 dager siden
  • How do you get the modes

    Sophie GSophie G9 dager siden
  • The marvelous zoo occasionally guard because measure jointly suppose near a wide grip. silent, dramatic owner

    AndersAnders9 dager siden
  • Do we want to talk about the dvd Sybil hitting the corner

    Vertex TwigVertex Twig9 dager siden
  • i like your vid

    Tejonidh PagadalaTejonidh Pagadala9 dager siden
  • 7:25 that wink tho 😂😂

    Briley PolkBriley Polk9 dager siden
  • I Agree ith You T-Rex

    Sarah OlsSarah Ols9 dager siden
  • Subscribe toJosh dalkoff

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  • I love your content

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  • Fan of u sunnd

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    • Ys

      Jesse WoutersJesse Wouters10 dager siden
  • Cops

    mohamed mahadimohamed mahadi11 dager siden
  • How this works that the imposter can put you in the mail 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 funny

  • Mom:are you watching SuNdEe again!? Me:mother its ssundee not SuNdEe Mom:just do everything i told you Me:mom cmon 2 mins later Me:mom are you watching SuNdEe!? Mom:excuse me its ssundee not SuNdEe duh This is not copied

    PokkiePokkie11 dager siden
  • BEST

    TheLionLeoTheLionLeo11 dager siden
  • We need cops and robbers in skelds

    Kayden WholeyKayden Wholey11 dager siden
  • 70,000 nah 211,000 better

    Haya DalibaltaHaya Dalibalta12 dager siden
  • the kill cooldown is 130 sec

    george muldoongeorge muldoon12 dager siden
  • the kill cooldown is 101 sec

    george muldoongeorge muldoon12 dager siden
  • Another mod idea that I believe has not been done before: Acid rain comes from above and if your not under an umbrella in about 3 seconds... you die.

    Ayla TurnellAyla Turnell12 dager siden
  • I don’t think I should watch this rn bc it says kill and a loved ones past 2day ago 😔

    Giselle RuizGiselle Ruiz12 dager siden
  • how do you get the crewmate out of jail

    AymiJoh ColtsonAymiJoh Coltson12 dager siden
  • Can you do a among us mod where whatever color your standing on is your color

    cow Man_755cow Man_75512 dager siden
  • Sundee are you saying nico or fleco?

    jennifer diazjennifer diaz12 dager siden
  • why do you say poop?

    Benjamin KeeneBenjamin Keene12 dager siden
  • So funny

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  • Any indian

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