EVERYONE Teleports every 15 SECONDS in Among Us

22. nov.. 2020
3 430 473 Ganger

Among us but we keep SWITCHING PLACE and teleporting every 15 seconds!

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  • i have an idea 'giant mod' can be name the imposter can become giant every minute(1 minute cooldown) but in that duration, his speed and vision are low he can kill crewmates by stepping on them do this pls

    spn- nephilimspn- nephilim4 timer siden
  • i guess ssundee is sus of bufflehead

    MrMellopuffMrMellopuff7 timer siden
  • Can Ssundee go one episode without wheezing?

    I screamed todayI screamed today7 timer siden
  • SSundee is was so obvious that Henry killed in the first round

    PE Minecraft QueenPE Minecraft Queen7 timer siden
  • Who elses like button is black?

    Mesha OchoaMesha Ochoa8 timer siden
  • when the like button turns white and not blue

    It’s sezzIt’s sezz8 timer siden
  • Bifle you will never be blaza

    lil tsm Acelil tsm Ace15 timer siden
  • The like button does not turn blue

    Edith OwusuEdith Owusu15 timer siden
  • SSundee: *says that if we hit the like button it will turn blue* me who has dark theme and hit the like button: no its white why you say its blue? ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Sleepy Bübbżÿ was An Impostor • 12 years agoSleepy Bübbżÿ was An Impostor • 12 years ago21 time siden
    • sigie bigie

      Sleepy Bübbżÿ was An Impostor • 12 years agoSleepy Bübbżÿ was An Impostor • 12 years ago21 time siden
  • Hola

    Heisler Lujano DepablosHeisler Lujano Depablos21 time siden
  • It’s henwy!

    angelicdevil519angelicdevil51923 timer siden
  • Fun fact: the like button is black

    Samnara CharlieSamnara Charlie23 timer siden
  • How do get the mods

    Thedude7u GamingThedude7u GamingDag siden
  • Ssundee : what i wanna do is- Me: DESTROYING COBBLESTONE!! Only OG’s will understand ;)

    Joey XxJoey XxDag siden
  • Mu like button turns white

    McLOLersYTMcLOLersYTDag siden
  • funny you get killed looking for bodies

    JP IjamesJP IjamesDag siden
  • Ssunde: Biffel is going to be my scapegoat. Kills Biffel

    Carley ReaCarley ReaDag siden
  • first thing we heer is the like button start the video with a subscraib

    Ruhann NiemandRuhann NiemandDag siden
  • I saw Henry’s video mind control.

    Hetal PatelHetal PatelDag siden
  • 2 months 257k

    Makabuse MkhizeMakabuse MkhizeDag siden
  • Oh wait HENWY is it SERIOUSLY 😡

    Bronwyn DaughtonBronwyn DaughtonDag siden
  • Humblefox i think it's just he was already there when you teloperted to trash and up where the tree is someones dead and when you were geting the air a dead body just came there and he was there but...so was henwy...so idk

    Bronwyn DaughtonBronwyn DaughtonDag siden
  • GG ssundee sir

    Rathna PandiRathna Pandi2 dager siden
  • Actually my like button turns white

    LSS2 KeflaLSS2 Kefla2 dager siden
  • Dum you saw purple come and purples dead body then henry ran dude

    Monika ElizabathMonika Elizabath2 dager siden
  • Nobody’s dead 5 sec later he gets killed

    Lavinia McNamaraLavinia McNamara2 dager siden
  • Karan was the only imp in the 1st round but then there is 2 🤔

    Lilly BlakeLilly Blake2 dager siden
  • Am I the only one that when I hit the like button and it turns white and not blue

    Mason AmankwahMason Amankwah2 dager siden
  • siglis died to death - Ssundee

    Kevin HardawayKevin Hardaway2 dager siden
  • 11:21 that what i was thinking!

    Student Preston LekwaStudent Preston Lekwa2 dager siden
  • it was obvious it was henwy ssundee is a big dummy!!!

  • Again my like button did not turn blue

    Jesiah TroutmanJesiah Troutman2 dager siden
  • My like button is black not blue ha ha ha

    Jake BradleyJake Bradley3 dager siden
  • i just boxed you i boxed you i boxed you you are dog water

    Jordan ParkerJordan Parker3 dager siden
  • Hit the like button and it will turn blueee

    Ryan RatkovicRyan Ratkovic3 dager siden
  • Can you make a vid where you have zoom out for imposter

    Mary LungujMary Lunguj3 dager siden
  • 17:38 not a minute a SECOND

    Ram OrugantiRam Oruganti3 dager siden
  • My like button turns black so start saying black and blur

    Monster IifeMonster Iife3 dager siden
  • MOD IDEA!!! Termanator V.S. 99 crewmates (so 100 in total!) (the crew can have special roles!) (Termanator powers are: Ivisibility, Morphing, Through walls, Drag bodies & Stop time!)

    ghalia ghaliaghalia ghalia4 dager siden
  • hes stealing from socks for 1

    Junior McKnightJunior McKnight4 dager siden
  • Like up when I hit it it black me hmm it’s not blue

    Gaming with ScarletGaming with Scarlet4 dager siden
  • I'm special because mine turns black

    Mommy2Two85Mommy2Two854 dager siden
  • I feel bad for Karangutan because I saw him with SSundee

    •ʟxsᴇʀᴠxʙᴇs••ʟxsᴇʀᴠxʙᴇs•4 dager siden
  • 8:22 It is obviously henwy!! XD

    Hannah Banks-SalmonHannah Banks-Salmon4 dager siden
  • ikr

    Javaugn Randolphe Year 8Javaugn Randolphe Year 85 dager siden
  • SSundee: how are your eyes to the like button and then press it and then it will to blue me: but what If it turns black?

    TiffanyTiffany5 dager siden
  • Gust saying when I hit the like button it turns black!

    Shana PurvesShana Purves5 dager siden
  • My like button turned white, and I wanted blue

    Timothy OcainTimothy Ocain5 dager siden
  • This date is my b'day dude!

    Pramit BaksiPramit Baksi6 dager siden
  • If I was one of the others playing with sundee , I will know he’s the imposter when he says shut up shut up. That’s when he’s always the imposter and I’ll know. ( sundee Dont say it when your imposter they might know)

    Nicole PehlivanovaNicole Pehlivanova6 dager siden
  • Not being rude but my like button is white

    Gracyn MartinGracyn Martin6 dager siden
  • It can’t be only me who hates when the imposter is Henny he always says no it’s me am I the only one who hates him I don’t hate him but when he is the imposter i hate him

    hamza aymanhamza ayman6 dager siden
  • this must be the first time biffle isnt the colour yellow

    GamerzRcoolGamerzRcool7 dager siden
  • Ooooooo

    Raj tv so coolRaj tv so cool7 dager siden
  • Who’s lawyer and tilt?

    Jason ClarkJason Clark7 dager siden
  • Who’s fox?

    Jason ClarkJason Clark7 dager siden
  • He’s never dead in my heart

    TheGalarianTrioTheGalarianTrio7 dager siden
  • I love SSundee

    TheGalarianTrioTheGalarianTrio7 dager siden
  • 1:48 you sure nobody died

    nuker boombernuker boomber7 dager siden
  • Copying jelly

    Helal CellHelal Cell8 dager siden
    • Wait its 1 month ago emm jelly copied u

      Helal CellHelal Cell8 dager siden
  • Ssundee: *sees the body drop and henwy running down when fox is running up* it has to be fox right?

    This White kidThis White kid8 dager siden
  • humble

    Jacqueline KacsmarJacqueline Kacsmar8 dager siden
  • When I hit the like button it turns white I still hit it✌🏿👌🏻

    Eden BrewerEden Brewer8 dager siden
  • The button turns red

    Emma Cooper-NeufeldEmma Cooper-Neufeld8 dager siden
    • I mean white

      Emma Cooper-NeufeldEmma Cooper-Neufeld8 dager siden
  • new idea: police role in among us and police can put camera's everywhere

    MrGamerMrGamer8 dager siden
  • I love you Henwy

    Unicorn LolaUnicorn Lola9 dager siden
  • can you pls combine every mod you have made pls

    Angus ParkerAngus Parker9 dager siden
  • its pink i think ssundee

    Sylvia CarrascoSylvia Carrasco9 dager siden
  • I love ssundy

    Clodagh MccarthyClodagh Mccarthy9 dager siden
  • The like button turns white not blue

    Roisin DickensRoisin Dickens10 dager siden
  • SSundee saw what happened, what kinda idiot is he.

    【a squid dude】【a squid dude】10 dager siden
  • SSundee:Gets telaported: Also ssunndee: Specfficaly gets telaported on the big hole in lab. Me:Pointing finger Meme.

    Jaiden SparksJaiden Sparks10 dager siden
  • has anyone noticed that he is allways crew first round and imp second round? kinda sus

    Blazyn DoshierBlazyn Doshier10 dager siden
  • invisible imposters ok

    Mehrdad AkbariMehrdad Akbari10 dager siden
  • SSundee: *sees rage dead* (5 seconds later) asks rage where he was even though he's dead me: BOI

    _HuskyGaming__HuskyGaming_11 dager siden
  • When he figures out the like button doesn’t turn blue

    zach silerzach siler11 dager siden
  • SSundee your good at tricking everyone in among us

    Trudy CarterTrudy Carter11 dager siden
  • Ssundee : click the like button and make it blue Me: *taps* hey it didn’t go blue it went white

    Lovely cupcake DreamersLovely cupcake Dreamers11 dager siden
  • Ssundee: no ones dead Karangutan: your dead

    Chicken _ ScreamChicken _ Scream11 dager siden
  • 6

    Chicken _ ScreamChicken _ Scream11 dager siden
    • Yep

      Chicken _ ScreamChicken _ Scream11 dager siden
  • My like button turned white lol

    Grayson McKinneyGrayson McKinney11 dager siden
  • my like button is black

    Fabio MarchianoFabio Marchiano11 dager siden
  • i think you should do an Among Us mod where the imposters can turn into ghosts

    Morgan DaleyMorgan Daley12 dager siden
  • Ssundee just tries to cover up that he's stupid by calling Henwy's stupid play by calling it 900IQ.

    Demon eyeDemon eye12 dager siden
  • I am a huge fan and have been binging your videos for the past month. I don't have any mod ideas, but I would love to see you play live Among Us !

    Ashima NAshima N12 dager siden
  • Ssundee , I love you

    JackJane McDermottJackJane McDermott12 dager siden
  • Cool

    Ethan McclainEthan Mcclain12 dager siden
  • Who watching 2021

    J MetnickJ Metnick12 dager siden
  • 13:46 did he say you have the foot???

    Mateo MinkioMateo Minkio12 dager siden
  • Dear Ssundee check alex ace and socksfor1 they have different roles like jester, troll, mayor, detective, sherrif and doctor like so ssundee sees please

    ojo temitopeojo temitope13 dager siden
  • 0:00 ~ SU DUDES! _-SSundee, 2020_ Me: Hey isn't it supposed to be *_Sup dudes!"_* ?

    Parvathy Umesh G4Parvathy Umesh G413 dager siden
  • Ssundee is a bot

    Alex MellorAlex Mellor13 dager siden
  • (2nd round) You latterly saw henwy kill him and then you said "someone just killed him" WOW THAT WAS SO DUM And then "I'm so confused!" LIKE WOWWWWWWWWW..........

    Diso MedhuDiso Medhu13 dager siden
  • Mine turns black or white

    Gracyn BartosGracyn Bartos13 dager siden
  • who else remembers hit that Lil bell

    zippzzippz13 dager siden
  • How did you not see henwy kill it was right in front of you

    akalewold seifuakalewold seifu13 dager siden
  • New idea: imposter get the ability to turn invisible but they can not kill.And they’re is a detective,2 imposter

    TBC_Walker dassenTBC_Walker dassen13 dager siden
  • Ian like button blue Me white

    Jeraah SinghJeraah Singh13 dager siden
  • If u think henwy is a bad imposter Click here 👇👇

    _ KriTikz __ KriTikz _13 dager siden
  • The first round when u were at o2 when u saw the body I was like it’s fox

    _ KriTikz __ KriTikz _13 dager siden