25. nov.. 2020
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We take over the PRISON!

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  • Did you see the shape of his green areas

    N0 UN0 U8 timer siden
  • Sigils has weak knees

    Gavin HammondGavin Hammond12 timer siden
  • The utter shot when he said he had 44 they where like did he say 44 and I’m just cracking up

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  • He had a set of cards at 35:05

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  • Hi Sunday 1

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  • You make best vids

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  • People watching this in 2021

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  • Sigls🎒+Biffle🧢+Ssundee🧶=sigfflundee the 🦶foot team🦶

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  • 36:26

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  • -1:51

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  • 1:51

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  • It turned black

    Sanyam. BidaniSanyam. Bidani9 dager siden
  • this video took over 30 minutes

    stoooyrsplayz stoooyrsplayzstoooyrsplayz stoooyrsplayz10 dager siden
    • for ssundee to create

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  • Fun fact: I need to go to the bathroom

    Danny Boy 1164Danny Boy 116410 dager siden
    • .

      LieyanLieyan8 dager siden
    • Wat

      LieyanLieyan8 dager siden
  • I thought likes feed his family not his turtle.

    Sophie McKaySophie McKay10 dager siden
  • Hit that lil bellllllll

    E StevensE Stevens11 dager siden
  • Ya I remeber

    E StevensE Stevens11 dager siden
  • For anyone sees the South thing. Like if you know what im talking about!

    Rachelle NardoRachelle Nardo11 dager siden
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    Burns FamilyBurns Family13 dager siden
  • I don’t know if NOworld is broken but when i hit the like button it turns white

    Mr FlowMr Flow13 dager siden
  • Did biffle just say at the start "you can't make me go back" or am I hearing things

    Adriel BetancesAdriel Betances14 dager siden
  • Ooooops

    Parker SoutherlandParker Southerland14 dager siden
  • We love risk feel free to post some whenever

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  • Hi

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  • I mean i am a pro it Risk

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  • I am a pro ti

    Jacob JohnsonJacob Johnson16 dager siden
  • Biffle and sigles tried so hard but Ssundee still won

    Angelique HurtadoAngelique Hurtado17 dager siden
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    Shara StuckeyShara Stuckey17 dager siden
  • I loved this video do more

    Fleming BrosFleming Bros19 dager siden
  • I just played this map and rq so i got mad and i saw you were playing same map

    DanielDaniel19 dager siden
  • Hey foot

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  • Same

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  • Ssundee: hit that it will turn Blue. Me hits like button and gets overly excited that it actually turned blue😂🤣

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  • The green guy kinda looks like Donald Trump

    TFS_IkonikTFS_Ikonik20 dager siden
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    Juan FloresJuan Flores20 dager siden
  • This video is among us but its risk?

    TwentyWrongTwentyWrong21 dag siden
  • that game is so boring

    Teagan TinelliTeagan Tinelli21 dag siden
  • yo ssundee do hit that little bell

    Porter_Nolan1TTVPorter_Nolan1TTV21 dag siden

    doris Salinasdoris Salinas21 dag siden
  • Fut

    J PinneyJ Pinney21 dag siden
  • Man, risk looking kinda different.....

    VerrisVerris24 dager siden
  • Ooooops

    MyLinh TranMyLinh Tran24 dager siden
  • What this game

    Unique CarentalUnique Carental25 dager siden
  • nah feed your fut

    Gary OldfieldGary Oldfield25 dager siden
  • at first i had a poppup and i thought his cursor was MY cursor LOL

    Gary OldfieldGary Oldfield25 dager siden
  • Ooooops!

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  • Hi SSundee

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  • The like button didn't turn green it turned white

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    Jake Ezekiel BarillosJake Ezekiel Barillos27 dager siden
  • when he said he was gonna take over he wasn't kidding

    i dot gamesi dot games28 dager siden
  • bifel is a bot

    kasen Lalonekasen Lalone28 dager siden
  • i subscibed but i'm not your friend :(

    Sho PatrickSho Patrick28 dager siden
  • Your so bad

    oliver stenfeltoliver stenfelt28 dager siden
    • Hey! Dont be mean

      Jake Ezekiel BarillosJake Ezekiel Barillos27 dager siden
  • play solo smash

    goddam1goddam128 dager siden
  • Ooooops

    Rebekah PadillaRebekah Padilla28 dager siden
  • Of course Ssundee wins.

    Natalie WoodyNatalie Woody28 dager siden
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    K4mr3nK4mr3n29 dager siden
  • play risk more

    Jihad AlharthiJihad Alharthi29 dager siden
  • Green is my favourite colour

    Sr. IlluminatiSr. IlluminatiMåned siden
  • All hail warden Ssundee

  • wait biffle said :"SSundee undies, SSundee tiddies" hold on 2:51

    Kyle SeebregtsKyle SeebregtsMåned siden
  • biffle

    EWW AOWEWW AOWMåned siden
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  • Zogo defused

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  • i ssunde green

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  • It turns black now

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  • Ik sigils felt it when biffle called him stupid

    SniperBoyxxxSniperBoyxxxMåned siden

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  • Biffle sucks

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    Carrick SimoneCarrick SimoneMåned siden
  • hey ssundee try watching youtuber sing

    Aldrich limAldrich limMåned siden
  • What is the game name

    Simon RoothSimon RoothMåned siden
    • Risk

      Simon RoothSimon RoothMåned siden