HOW To Play SOLO AMONG US (Among You)

30. nov.. 2020
4 350 338 Ganger

We play a NEW Game based on Among Us!

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  • Lol

    The MegalodonThe Megalodon3 minutter siden
  • Storage was a thing with no bodies and no DNA and fingers

    Liam SmythLiam Smyth6 minutter siden
    • To be a joke with a dummy but was canceled

      Liam SmythLiam Smyth5 minutter siden
  • is there-- any beady eyes or blinks? 0-0? I don't see any lol

    Emilia TongEmilia TongTime siden
  • I don’t know where the description is can you tell me where

    Jacob SchmittJacob Schmitt2 timer siden
  • Fun fact: you can see who is looking at you creeping

    yu feng wengyu feng weng4 timer siden
  • Now shush

    Jalissa HeltJalissa Helt5 timer siden
  • how?

    Frankie CaraballoFrankie Caraballo7 timer siden
  • It was dark green or brown I saw when the Imposter was really close to u

    Frankie CaraballoFrankie Caraballo7 timer siden
  • I new it it was pup

    Sender CoradoSender Corado7 timer siden
  • i cant finde the game

    Esme EstrinEsme Estrin7 timer siden
  • 5:20 so here's how I could clear black and yellow Black and yellow were both in east power so one of them could have gotten killed but they didnt

    Augie ArroyoAugie Arroyo9 timer siden
    • Also purple was the only one that wasnt in the clue thing

      Augie ArroyoAugie Arroyo9 timer siden

    Tommy O'NeilTommy O'Neil9 timer siden
  • You have no evidence against purple swim must have been purple

  • can you put a link for the game pls please

    The DonThe Don10 timer siden
  • what!its purple

    Jonathan MorrowJonathan Morrow10 timer siden
  • i think its black

    Jonathan MorrowJonathan Morrow10 timer siden
  • It’s so funny that he Says that if you hit the like button it turns bLuE 🤣😂

    Family SchaefferFamily Schaeffer12 timer siden
  • I like your videos

    A and L SurveillanceA and L Surveillance13 timer siden
  • Black

    A NewbillA Newbill14 timer siden
  • What is that game called cause it’s not among us

    Paula GirtenPaula Girten15 timer siden
  • This just gave me some rip-off

    Henry StillerHenry Stiller19 timer siden
  • My like button turns black

    Cathy IngramCathy Ingram19 timer siden
    • Me to

      Tiffany BakerTiffany Baker12 timer siden
  • you noo

    Gracie Jane EveGracie Jane Eve23 timer siden
  • is prown

    Gracie Jane EveGracie Jane Eve23 timer siden
  • Im not cyan im blue

    darwin wijayadarwin wijaya23 timer siden
  • Either DNA or footprints are innocents. Dead’s are also innocents

    StiFugly ChannelStiFugly ChannelDag siden
  • Oh it was purple

    cyxptdcyxptdDag siden
  • It was yellow

    cyxptdcyxptdDag siden
  • It was black

    Reven officialReven officialDag siden
  • I new it it was purple I put all the colours together and got purple I new it I sed to my self it is purple and I new it

    Charm WanhueCharm WanhueDag siden
  • purple

    Kim WademanKim WademanDag siden
  • black

    Kim WademanKim WademanDag siden

    Marisela SevereynMarisela SevereynDag siden
  • black is the imposter

    Emma MartinezEmma MartinezDag siden
  • FAAK

    Krista DobleKrista DobleDag siden
  • Its black

    Marlin HannaMarlin HannaDag siden

    Samuel MackeySamuel MackeyDag siden
    • he increased brightness

      adnan abdillahadnan abdillah3 timer siden
  • Purple

    Terrie NealTerrie NealDag siden
  • cyan sus

    charley boydcharley boydDag siden
  • it was purple because no clues about him

    Bryan MazzoliniBryan MazzoliniDag siden
  • and ps. Itsp orpol

    Madison KamfoiMadison KamfoiDag siden
  • do a horse mode

    Madison KamfoiMadison KamfoiDag siden
  • If i was you i will tern on all the lights and look for finger prints next to the vent

    Tia SakaanTia SakaanDag siden
    • I will find the imp faster and he will not kill me

      Tia SakaanTia SakaanDag siden
  • I know purple is sus and I hate purple or not but I just thought purple was bully or friend

    T. Y.T. Y.Dag siden
  • Black

    Shpend AbdiuShpend AbdiuDag siden
  • I think is blue

    Shpend AbdiuShpend AbdiuDag siden
  • When In Meeting DNA Means Innocent Body But What Does Fingerprint Means? I Guess Fingerprint Means That Is Impostor

    Nachiket PratapNachiket PratapDag siden
  • I like how for this entire thing Ssundee was paranoid

  • Black

    Nayla SNayla SDag siden

    Matea SulovicMatea SulovicDag siden
  • IT WAS BLACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Matea SulovicMatea SulovicDag siden
  • Ssundee

    TiniestpersononearthTiniestpersononearthDag siden
  • Sundew is the imposter

    TiniestpersononearthTiniestpersononearthDag siden
  • Bro Ssundee is blind because he saw the killer and the color and he is saying I wonder who it is. Bruh you saw the color

    Aleena NievesAleena Nieves2 dager siden
  • It looks like brown

    Christy Lee- GalbraithChristy Lee- Galbraith2 dager siden
  • i want to play among you!

    Bao Ngoc NguyenBao Ngoc Nguyen2 dager siden
  • Do a mod that the crewmates can try to kill the imposter

    Slatka SarajkaSlatka Sarajka2 dager siden
  • The coler is brown

    Constantine MelConstantine Mel2 dager siden
  • Ssundee I love you

    Judy TurnerJudy Turner2 dager siden
  • It's brown

    Amanda QuickAmanda Quick2 dager siden
  • its yellow

    Shafiqul IslamShafiqul Islam2 dager siden
  • 😘😘😘😘😘😘

    Rolando CarbonelRolando Carbonel2 dager siden
  • Yellow is the impaster

    Rolando CarbonelRolando Carbonel2 dager siden
  • brown or black for sure

    Tony ParvanyanTony Parvanyan2 dager siden
  • Ssundee I like your videos

    EminEmin3 dager siden
  • looks hard

    Wedad ElobaidWedad Elobaid3 dager siden
  • Ay yo, so, is the color of the character chasing you the color of the imposter? THAN ITS BLACK.

    laurad323laurad3233 dager siden
    • Sorry caps

      laurad323laurad3233 dager siden

    Jackson FrancisJackson Francis3 dager siden
  • funny

    Jennifer FreeseJennifer Freese3 dager siden
  • i really hate this game

    MB MMB M3 dager siden
  • who else was looking for Tokaint's comment?

    Ria GarnerRia Garner3 dager siden
  • :0

    bik boi idk like tall MANbik boi idk like tall MAN3 dager siden
  • Black

    Kirsty McleanKirsty Mclean3 dager siden
  • I knew it was purple bcs they didn’t have any clues

    Salama AlabbarSalama Alabbar3 dager siden
  • Ssnudee alexace so much better than you

    Rathna PandiRathna Pandi3 dager siden
  • the color was black

    catherine fabecatherine fabe3 dager siden
  • The aromatic boy legally boil because printer parallely touch including a pushy router. resolute, earthy radiator

    AndersAnders4 dager siden
  • I can't find the app on the Play Store

    best fighting channel IIbest fighting channel II4 dager siden
  • oh i was wroung

    Maia AustinMaia Austin4 dager siden
  • for a minite i saw the coler of the im postors snd it was brown so you can vote brown

    Maia AustinMaia Austin4 dager siden

    Perez PlayzPerez Playz4 dager siden
  • how does Ssundee did not know it was purple

    Seth VassellSeth Vassell4 dager siden
  • Ummmmm..,

    aga majaga maj4 dager siden
  • DNA and finger print means there inno

    Claire ButlerClaire Butler4 dager siden
  • WHAT IT WAS PURPLE!!!!????

    Dunja CrnkovičDunja Crnkovič4 dager siden
  • Its black dude

    Dunja CrnkovičDunja Crnkovič4 dager siden
    • Or maybe dark green

      Dunja CrnkovičDunja Crnkovič4 dager siden
  • How do u play among you cuz i wanna play it???

    Dunja CrnkovičDunja Crnkovič4 dager siden
  • SSundee why on my pc it not works?

    SrpCDSrpCD4 dager siden
  • DNA and fingerprints means they are innocent like when there dead

    Sawyer JonesSawyer Jones4 dager siden
  • Idk what is fingerprint

    Sawyer JonesSawyer Jones4 dager siden
  • 'If it's not dark green, I'm gonna uninstall my foot' wut

    Red CrewmateRed Crewmate4 dager siden
  • Cool game

    Kwezi MahongaKwezi Mahonga4 dager siden
  • 2:09 what?

    Emelda McdowaldEmelda Mcdowald4 dager siden
  • wheres the link to among you

    Mia BarkerMia Barker4 dager siden
  • Alternative game title: the more Anxiety packed horror game version of among us

    Sxhxaxdxe The dorkSxhxaxdxe The dork4 dager siden
    • Is Brad do you even saw his body is actually black

      Ilda TjungIlda TjungDag siden
  • i saw black casing him

    Jayden BranchJayden Branch4 dager siden
  • yellow i guesss

  • It’s perple

    Durga PrasadDurga Prasad4 dager siden
  • it was purple because they didn't have any clues 20201 anyone?

    Christian SpicerChristian Spicer4 dager siden
  • the DNA and the fingerprints, means they are innocent.

    Isaac EssesIsaac Esses5 dager siden
    • Yes

      Saumya PandeySaumya Pandey13 timer siden