I TOOK THE YELLOW PILL in Minecraft (Sky Factory)

15. nov.. 2020
2 011 448 Ganger

We upgrade with the android parts in SkyFactory

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  • Sandy gave you OK first thing with me start from the first my sister always says grades are better but I need you for my mission you need to make a boys only song OK I know it’s hard but try to OK I challenge you

    Dr. Maha Albqoor د. مها البقورDr. Maha Albqoor د. مها البقورDag siden
  • Ssundee: get 11,000 likes Fans: 250,000 take it or leave it

    Durty_D’s_ FishingDurty_D’s_ Fishing2 dager siden
  • Siegfried and Roy

    oncemil diezoncemil diez4 dager siden
  • Infinit power

    Daniel JohanssonDaniel Johansson11 dager siden
  • Ssundee to kill the hydra you should shoot it in the mouth it does a lot of damage

    taylor wakefieldtaylor wakefield14 dager siden
  • Ssundee like this comment for no reason I DARE YOU

    Matt BlackwellMatt Blackwell14 dager siden
  • Will there ever be a time we’re Ian has not been BUSY

    Matt BlackwellMatt Blackwell14 dager siden
  • The reason the invisibility didn’t work was because it made EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING invisible. It’s made your body invisible as well as your face, which has... your eyes. With your eyes invisible light cannot reflect in them because there... well... invisible! Which is why your screen was all white and nothing-ness? Because your eyes couldn’t see anything!

    ConzConz15 dager siden
  • Ssundee:we’re fighting Elsa the snow queen it’s one of the coolest towers in the game Me:was that supposed to be a pun?

    Mason ZhuMason Zhu17 dager siden
  • 4:25 Ssundee said blue pill intsed of yellow pill.

    Mr RMr R17 dager siden
  • Wow ssundee forgot something saying I have been busy

    Zayed Al AmeriZayed Al Ameri20 dager siden

    The Gaming RubyThe Gaming Ruby20 dager siden

    Mystic WaterMystic Water21 dag siden
  • 04:23 he said blue pill

    Sam HewittSam Hewitt21 dag siden
  • This is just some random moments in this vid

  • Does anyone remember crundee craft and troll craft.

    24CrazyGamer05 Harvind24CrazyGamer05 Harvind25 dager siden
  • 1:31 i've got 28 thousand emerald blocks. *** HeAvE ***

    i'm confuzzledi'm confuzzled25 dager siden
  • He did not eat the pill

    Alex KrabbendamAlex Krabbendam28 dager siden
  • Ignore the naga lol

    Namit MathpalNamit Mathpal28 dager siden
  • “Before we eat this blue pill” 4:20 😭

    IVY NuggIVY Nugg28 dager siden
  • 4:24 “Before we eat this blue pill.”

    Jordan NielsenJordan NielsenMåned siden
  • 4:24 “Before we eat this *blue* pill Ssundee.... that’s yellow...

    JustAMemerJustAMemerMåned siden
  • You said, "before I eat this BLUE pill" and it was actually yellow

    alex parkeralex parkerMåned siden
  • Hey ssundee, I think you're colorblind of yellow and blue

    alex parkeralex parkerMåned siden
  • Hey ssundee you should put in order your playlist is the complete opossive pls fix it its confusing

    ak gtak gtMåned siden
  • Elsa is the ice queen, not the snow queen. SSundee, go back and watch the original FROZEN and then you will know what queen she is.

    Ava K GamingAva K GamingMåned siden
  • Prolly the last comment :(

    GraceLeighSimzGraceLeighSimzMåned siden
  • y is there a naga

    adam ali razackadam ali razackMåned siden
  • Ssundee: in a sec let’s eat this blue pill Me: Are you colorblind?

    Guac AnimatesGuac AnimatesMåned siden
  • remember when he called getting xp tinkling?

    Giorno giovanniGiorno giovanniMåned siden
  • When he says i eat a blue pill @4:25

    Zylo Is crackedZylo Is crackedMåned siden
  • Anyone almost cry when he said he dosent remember the minoshroom but him and lancy worked together to kill it

    Tktheicewolf YTTktheicewolf YTMåned siden
  • Why does he have 130 HOURS till he can ground pound again

    henry stickmenhenry stickmenMåned siden
  • Ssundy toock drugs pog

    Spacey 1Spacey 1Måned siden
  • Yes

    Landon BranchLandon BranchMåned siden
  • Long time no see... Ur ghast

    SoMuchYellow PlayzSoMuchYellow PlayzMåned siden
  • 4:24 blue????

    Rocky StokkieRocky StokkieMåned siden
  • “ takes 3 damage” I’m gonna die lol

    Energy SergesEnergy SergesMåned siden
  • The screen damage stuff and sheild thing is confusing

    Energy SergesEnergy SergesMåned siden
  • hello

    jaxson novitskijaxson novitskiMåned siden
  • Blue pill?

    Shadow Keeper09Shadow Keeper09Måned siden
  • Ssundee 3 favourite things Automatic stuff Making videos And doing stuff off camera Change my mind :/

    Golden-Night - GamingGolden-Night - GamingMåned siden
  • 4:23 Alright, now before we eat this "blue" pill...

    will parkskskskwill parkskskskMåned siden
  • u gotta get up on the hydras back ssundee

    Eduardo InukaiEduardo InukaiMåned siden
  • Note how He can’t say red pill

    Joshua DavisJoshua DavisMåned siden
  • I love how Funneh and the Krew just suffer trying to kill these boses but SSundee just three shots them and they die.

    QuencyjimmyYTQuencyjimmyYTMåned siden
  • Ssundee we are to overpowered 3 hour later he finally kill he hidra

    Rick PlayzRick PlayzMåned siden
  • ssundee right before heate the yellow pill he said before we eat the blue pill

    Austin MunnellyAustin MunnellyMåned siden
  • Skyfactory 4, 3, 2 and 1... Nostalgia folks... We're still waiting for that one day we pray that the classic duo returns to skyfactory.. but at this point That hope is lost...

    XyphonizationXyphonizationMåned siden
  • 'Naga' is actually a called dragon in Indonesia

    Minecraft_ fanoyMinecraft_ fanoyMåned siden
  • beans

    Landon RoeLandon RoeMåned siden
  • What the modpack you used to become a Robot

    GamingWith ByronGamingWith ByronMåned siden
  • 4:20 it is not a blue pill it is a yellow pill

    Karthik VishwanathKarthik VishwanathMåned siden
  • Put every enchantment book on the op armour

    Elden SijoElden SijoMåned siden
  • Real ogs remember the tinkle shower

    michael Litmichael LitMåned siden
  • Why the pills in the thumbnail look like slippers?

    Chloe PlayzChloe PlayzMåned siden
  • The pills look like slippers 😂😂

    Dynasti HallDynasti HallMåned siden
  • Come on...I wait for this video with CC...It is unavailable in 1 week!!

    Rii145 YouTubeRii145 YouTubeMåned siden
  • What is the code for server IP

    Yum YumtreesYum YumtreesMåned siden
  • I guessed 11,992 shards 😭😭😭

    Syphon 564Syphon 564Måned siden
    • Yikes

      Sue HaniganSue HaniganMåned siden
  • Everyone gonna ignore how he killed the hydra wrong

    BugerMuffin505BugerMuffin505Måned siden
  • SSundee: ''Before we eat this blue pill..'' Me: WDYM BY BLUE PILL ITS A YELLOW PILL

    Misty WeaverMisty WeaverMåned siden
  • 19:26 Highlands and final plateau... BOTW fans, sounds familiar?

    John DanielJohn DanielMåned siden
  • Who remembers when he did this with Maddie

    Caden HawkinsCaden HawkinsMåned siden
  • 4:23 Yea that's a blue pill

    Ryder SmithRyder SmithMåned siden
  • U guys remember when the intro started with derp ssundee

    Chicken NuggetChicken NuggetMåned siden
  • The hydra body has 1000 hp

    Laith LaithLaith LaithMåned siden
  • 4:24 blue pill

    Gerna KeijenbergGerna KeijenbergMåned siden
  • Ah memories madelyn have left ian for the minoshroom 😂

    Love AnimalsLove AnimalsMåned siden
  • he makes mad money its a madnes-

    Maan AlaslaniMaan AlaslaniMåned siden
  • Those Tears Doesnt Look Like Tears To Me XD

    FroxtayFroxtayMåned siden
  • Title: “I took the yellow pill” Whole video: “Ight we need to take this “blue” pill *puts in inventory SSundee: *forgets to take it this episode and the next so far

    Gremlin GamesGremlin GamesMåned siden
  • Ssundee I haven’t watched in 4 years and I gotta say, your new thumbnails are crap and the videos are over edited

    REDBOOL11REDBOOL11Måned siden
  • Tell me when he started overdosing

    AidenIsaManAidenIsaManMåned siden
  • I remember when Ian told maddlyn that the minoshroom was beautiful and not to leave him for it. The nostalgia😢

    Seth DavisSeth DavisMåned siden
  • YALL GET 11,991 THINGYS IN 15 MINUTES *the 15 minutes go by* 46k likes allready on the video

    Carra OsborneCarra OsborneMåned siden
  • Visit my channel AH gaming

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  • Yo anyone remember when this dude had a pony tail in 2014

    - Xeno - IOS- Xeno - IOSMåned siden
    • Yea lmaooooo

      Troubling GemTroubling Gem21 dag siden
  • HI ssundee

    BloxyBloxBloxyBloxMåned siden
  • Banana

    Belat 360Belat 360Måned siden
  • Oh my memories of FTB with lancy still my favourite

    Sapphire LucoSapphire LucoMåned siden
  • The pill in the thumbnail looks like slippers

    Edahn FuryEdahn FuryMåned siden
  • 4:23 blue?

    Mzain12Mzain12Måned siden
  • I’m jealous oh his 5 time jump... I can only do three:( plz tell me the mod pack.... plz ssunddee

    Kaden EastridgeKaden EastridgeMåned siden
  • Beans Beans Beans Beans

    Ryan ArriazaRyan ArriazaMåned siden
  • Take the red pill

    Mike OxlongMike OxlongMåned siden
  • WAIT ONE SEC DID HE JUST SAY BLUE PILL 💊 at 4:27 video time

    Jeffery KillianJeffery KillianMåned siden
    • Wait it’s at 4:24

      Jeffery KillianJeffery KillianMåned siden
  • Hospital: Women giving birth SSundee*you know what let's automate it

    Legend YazawLegend YazawMåned siden
  • Ummm Wont meet balls?

    The Flying DragonThe Flying DragonMåned siden
  • blue or yello

    Nico PenNico PenMåned siden
  • 4:24 “before we eat this blue pill”

    Landon MitchellLandon MitchellMåned siden
  • pretty neat

  • 4:22 I think you're colourblind Ssundee...

    PupiPalPupiPalMåned siden
  • so before i eat this blue pill... at 4:23

    Sammy OliverioSammy OliverioMåned siden

    Lionel MendezLionel MendezMåned siden
  • Are we just gonna ignore the fact that he at first said “Blue Pill?”

    • No ones ignoring that, that’s the whole comment section

      BugerMuffin505BugerMuffin505Måned siden
  • Ssundee is doing his best Gannondorf impression

    Erick PerezErick PerezMåned siden
  • 10:26 SSundee, why didn't you get the Monty Python reference?

    DamariobrosDamariobrosMåned siden
  • 4:25 he says to eat a BLUE pill

    DriVexZ On MobilEDriVexZ On MobilEMåned siden
  • part 2???

    Rakesh SinghRakesh SinghMåned siden