6. jan.. 2021
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We use a Dragging Bodies mod for the IMPOSTOR in Modded Among Us!

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Mod by: @LoafX

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  • Not to be rude but the like button turns from an outline to white

    BiPanPersono Yes I listen to girl in redBiPanPersono Yes I listen to girl in redMinutt siden
  • Lol

    ActualDino YTActualDino YT7 minutter siden
  • You should use all the mods you have used already and put them in one big Among Us game

    Jackson DavenportJackson Davenport3 timer siden
  • My like button turned black 😡

    Jesiah TroutmanJesiah Troutman3 timer siden
    • Mine turned white

      BiPanPersono Yes I listen to girl in redBiPanPersono Yes I listen to girl in redMinutt siden
  • among us but imposters can go threw walls and ghost can kill

  • Can you do a mod where the imposter can turn into a spider? Kind of like the werewolf one but where you turn into a spider

    Wei ZhuWei Zhu5 timer siden
  • he is not a liar he is 1000 IQ

    Cooking with Lolo!Cooking with Lolo!5 timer siden
  • When they say hit the like button mine turns black case I'm on mobile

    Mikayla CMikayla C6 timer siden
  • random scary fact:🤯 when you get your head cut off you are still alive for 20 seconds you feel a stinging pain and all ypu can see if your dead body with no head🤠🤲💕

    Dreamy- KunDreamy- Kun8 timer siden
  • When I hit the like button it turned white for some reason

    Colin PearsonColin Pearson9 timer siden
  • And Im not going to subscribe until you give credit to socksfor1

    barbcandee3barbcandee39 timer siden
    • me too! >:(

      barbcandee3barbcandee39 timer siden
    • yeah same here

      barbcandee3barbcandee39 timer siden
  • can you give credit to socksfor1 because you litarrally take it from them when socksfor1 does it first

    barbcandee3barbcandee39 timer siden
  • Cremate can vent

    Gacha Unicorn7Gacha Unicorn710 timer siden
  • Take identified

    Gacha Unicorn7Gacha Unicorn710 timer siden
  • when the imposter get out they can come back alive and kill someone and turn in to them a kill people

    Tyler RobersonTyler Roberson11 timer siden
  • HI

    The WeisbrodsThe Weisbrods11 timer siden
  • I want ssundee to do a mod where the imposter is dressed up as a CreepyPasta character, any characters they want...and will have the characters abilitys

    Isaiah PledgerIsaiah Pledger11 timer siden
  • Stop asking for too much mods in one, it can crash the game.

    KAI SANKAI SAN12 timer siden
  • lorf

    VortexifyVortexify15 timer siden
  • 2:50 ?????????

    Crazy_Boyz 321Crazy_Boyz 32115 timer siden
  • Some comments be like: YOU COPIED FROM SOCKS FOR 1

    Mathew PrestonMathew Preston20 timer siden
  • Do one where the imposters can sabotage tasks from anywhere

    meri darbinyanmeri darbinyan20 timer siden
  • stop copying socksfor1

    Aditya ManthaAditya ManthaDag siden
    • True

      Drew DraperDrew Draper22 timer siden
  • R

    Rey Alde GarciaRey Alde GarciaDag siden
  • Why when i like the video it turns black

    Anthony CastellanosAnthony CastellanosDag siden
  • That pun tho-

    McKenzie WarrenMcKenzie WarrenDag siden
  • i'm so happy we have a pg youtuber whos 30

    -w- DZ's Empire -w--w- DZ's Empire -w-Dag siden
  • My button turns black☹️

    Glitchy KittyGlitchy KittyDag siden
  • Digits you crazy imposter

    Shirato8113Shirato8113Dag siden
  • Your mod crazy

    Shirato8113Shirato8113Dag siden
  • You crazy

    Shirato8113Shirato8113Dag siden
  • Cursor mod there is a cursor role and when the cursor touches the button it show a list of everyone and who every he clicks on the list is cursed the cursor can see them on map and if a crewmate or I’m poster touches them they die admaticly and the curse lasts one minute

    Damone VarnerDamone VarnerDag siden
  • A body just got decapitated

    Peggy SamsPeggy SamsDag siden
  • Why are NOworldrs so bad at among us

    Peggy SamsPeggy SamsDag siden
    • By the way if someone calls a body and then starts screaming that it's someone else it's probably them

      Peggy SamsPeggy SamsDag siden
  • It turns white 4 me

    Slayrunner 56Slayrunner 56Dag siden
  • Make a mod that kills multiple people at the same time

    SonicbzorpSonicbzorpDag siden
  • My like button turns black 🖤

    Cløudz•LiyahCløudz•LiyahDag siden
  • Do you mind control with drag body

    Chelsea RamirezChelsea RamirezDag siden
  • How do you get mods on among us?

    Isaac WebbIsaac WebbDag siden
  • Same

    Nate AlanizNate AlanizDag siden
  • Love your vids!(I'm on my dads account I'm a girl lol)

    Jason HopperJason HopperDag siden
  • hi

    Tiger gamingTiger gamingDag siden
  • No it turned white! Lol

    Filippos HuangFilippos HuangDag siden
  • i think another mod could be crewmates can mind controll imposter

    Izabella FiolIzabella FiolDag siden
  • SSundee :A body literally got decapitated on my face. Me :you are the imposter this is the most funniest thing I've ever seen or listened to in my life of SSundee.

    Ava CrearerAva CrearerDag siden
  • SSundee can you do more videos with slogo please

    Etien DavidhiEtien DavidhiDag siden

    Stonks_ MemeStonks_ MemeDag siden
  • for the next mod if there one were everyone a unicorn pls do it

    Yvonne JobinYvonne JobinDag siden
  • At first when he said hopefully it's not a drag I thought he was acting like shikamaru

  • WOW ssunde

    Terry MaughanTerry MaughanDag siden
  • he copying socksfor1

    Flash FrontFlash FrontDag siden
  • Ssundee Undee

    Ilse van LentheIlse van LentheDag siden
  • If you do a mod with all of you go invisible anything already did that you don’t have to do it all so you should do one with looks like everybody is dead but it’s ripped but all of them are like new in thing just him you want no

    C GC GDag siden
  • A mod is flash or infected

    Wanda JusticeWanda Justice2 dager siden
  • Do avenger among us

    gaemmi jasmangaemmi jasman2 dager siden
  • The like button turns black, not blue- UwU

    Derry BerryDerry Berry2 dager siden
  • U first

    Varuun BadreeVaruun Badree2 dager siden
  • Wait the like Button turns black

    Shadow-GamingShadow-Gaming2 dager siden
  • Among us but it's battle royal

    DetectiveDetective2 dager siden
  • He says hit the like button and it turns blue but in reality it turns black lol

    Brown SquadBrown Squad2 dager siden
  • You should make a wizard mod

    Royce RoseRoyce Rose2 dager siden
  • I tried dragging my fingers across the like button and it didn’t turn blue... HE LIED TO US

    Liam DeLiam De2 dager siden
    • yea

      Jessica DunnJessica Dunn2 timer siden
  • Do troll 😈 or the imposter have a gun

    Ragesh ThananjeyamRagesh Thananjeyam2 dager siden
  • i did but it didt work

    Rose JohnsRose Johns2 dager siden
  • OMG

    ellinni1ellinni12 dager siden
  • You should do a video where imposters can’t vent or self report

    Steven WoodsSteven Woods2 dager siden
  • Imposter invisibl

    Seth BoswellSeth Boswell2 dager siden
  • You should make a mode that the imposter can shrink,go invisible,2 second kill cool down and everyone can vent

    Tomek MiarkaTomek Miarka2 dager siden
  • Who ur fave yt? In this game mines biffle and sundee!!!!!

    Sarah RaySarah Ray2 dager siden
    • B Bi Big Biff Biffl Biffle Biffl Biff Bif Bi B Bi Bif Biff Biffl Biffle

      Sarah RaySarah Ray2 dager siden
    • Biffle whifle

      Sarah RaySarah Ray2 dager siden
  • Troll

    Angela JacobsAngela Jacobs2 dager siden
  • Ummmm......... my like butten is black

    Emil BenakEmil Benak2 dager siden
  • Who was the host first game

    Ste VirtueSte Virtue2 dager siden
  • Gghjhhh

    Buddy JonesBuddy Jones2 dager siden

    Ffion BartlettFfion Bartlett2 dager siden
  • Me too

    Nolan ConnollyNolan Connolly2 dager siden
  • the like button turn black not blue in my phone

    Kyle RolonaKyle Rolona2 dager siden
  • Cyan sus

    taylarrarriecktaylarrarrieck3 dager siden
  • Me: Sundee it pronounced syan not kyan. edit: its spelt cyan

    Corwin CombdonCorwin Combdon3 dager siden
  • Ssundee: tell me to drag the like button on like My dumb ass: drags on this like

    Payton HollingerPayton Hollinger3 dager siden
  • I vote black.

    Elijah SchipperElijah Schipper3 dager siden
  • Hi Sunday

    BillyBilly3 dager siden
  • SSundee is a god

    CloudeComboCloudeCombo3 dager siden
  • Hi

    Caitlyn Grace BaileyCaitlyn Grace Bailey3 dager siden
  • Among Us but bodies are invisible

    Alex BornarthAlex Bornarth3 dager siden
  • This is socksfor1 idea first

    GoobBoonsGoobBoons3 dager siden
  • I want the imposter to be able to fly

    MadificentMadificent3 dager siden
  • The cremates can be invisible

    Dakota WhiteDakota White3 dager siden
  • Actually if you drag ur finger you cant press it but I needed to press it

    Soud AlrashidiSoud Alrashidi3 dager siden
  • AND you can have a go scanner when you’re a crewmate and imposter so you can see where the ghosts are

    joanne woodjoanne wood3 dager siden
  • Mode idea: make the impoter have god mode and hacks in among us

    joanne woodjoanne wood3 dager siden
  • It doesn’t turn blue it turn black

    virginia gravelyvirginia gravely3 dager siden
  • It turned white ean

    THKILLERTHKILLER3 dager siden
  • Ssundee ur my favourite NOworld’s

    Bria McIlmoyleBria McIlmoyle3 dager siden
  • ssundee you make the 100% BEST videos!

    Skiing God_41 gSkiing God_41 g3 dager siden
  • everytime he says blue i get satisfied

    Angel GamingAngel Gaming3 dager siden
  • You are good at this game.

    Wyatt KreigerWyatt Kreiger3 dager siden
  • You lied

    K 9K 93 dager siden
  • your my faverete youtuber

    Paul RobinsonPaul Robinson3 dager siden
  • Did anyone notice that they had alien pets in the "Crewmate" screen but then didnt when they played the game

    Flaming VanFlaming Van3 dager siden
  • lol

    Wesley MarchandWesley Marchand3 dager siden