IMPOSTERS are 500% FASTER in Among Us Mini Game

30. sep.. 2020
5 450 134 Ganger

We play AMONG US but everyone has super speed!

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  • Can u do a mod when imposters can do earthquakes and the only way to survive is to vent in to into a box type bunker thing plzzzzzz do it

    puppy the artistpuppy the artist4 timer siden
  • Respect the flash

    Angie GabrielleAngie Gabrielle5 timer siden
  • 9000000 x speed

    Brenda Alamos-CastroBrenda Alamos-Castro8 timer siden
  • He said quest so many times

    Locke MichelLocke Michel8 timer siden
  • 3:50 it's Henwy BECAUSE he came in communication at the last second which if you didn't know is right next to weapons and came from the right which the entrance to weapons is on the right side At the beginning I thought it would be lime (Henwy)and purple(RageElixir) Before I typed left not right LMAO🤣🤣🤣

    Cherry Clover09Cherry Clover0912 timer siden
  • This should be called speed us

    Wendy heWendy he12 timer siden
  • ssundee you never take off that hat?

    BassemBassem13 timer siden
  • Katie Price

    Mads MaegaardMads Maegaard13 timer siden
  • Well for me the like button trun "white"

    SilmiSilmiDag siden
  • Hey SSundee im one of your biggest fans and i have a question. How do you make or atleast get mods i really wanna try it out but i looked it up and made me download this hacking app that doesn't even work so thats all i wanted to ask.please respond to my comment

    Kendall Browns channelKendall Browns channelDag siden
  • Woooooowwwwwwwwww u keep skip

    Jac JacJac JacDag siden
  • uhm sooo u can walk that was fastin normal among us;0

    plutochvr ytplutochvr ytDag siden
  • just so you know opposite day is on 25 of Jan

    Kayleigh CaddickKayleigh CaddickDag siden
  • Idea: Among us but it's intense and super speedy rounds... (Example: crewmates have 2 short task but impostors have a 5 second sabotage and kill cooldown)

    Zheng ZengZheng ZengDag siden
  • w3ho is gary in the talking thingy???

  • imposter can make a minigun and shoota crevmate

    Urška BregarUrška BregarDag siden
  • Jerome's Laughing Metting 1

    BrucePlayz 25BrucePlayz 252 dager siden
  • make a mode every time you do a task your invisbel

    Shira GuraShira Gura2 dager siden
  • speedy

  • title impostor has 5x speed reality everyone has 5x speed

    Harpreet KaurHarpreet Kaur3 dager siden
  • Title: impostors are faster Video: everyone is faster

    Tryzick TheminecratferTryzick Theminecratfer4 dager siden
  • title: IMPOSTERS are 500% FASTER in Among Us Mini Game THUMBNILE: 100X faster reality: 5X faster me: it is what it is

    Mason DillonMason Dillon4 dager siden
  • You should play on the skeld map on April fools day because the map gets flipped backwards

    DA GIRLZDA GIRLZ4 dager siden
  • When I liked it turned ⚫ 🥲 like if you fell sad for me

    brooke gamingbrooke gaming5 dager siden
  • It’s not blue anymore 😢it’s white

    Alex Legendary YTAlex Legendary YT5 dager siden
  • Vid idea everyone is the same skin and name and the imposter has bad vision

    XD GlcesaraXD Glcesara5 dager siden
  • Ssundee: I've wasted time. *Existential music intensifies.*

    Finn LaitinenFinn Laitinen5 dager siden
  • Have you done rewind mod

    Daniel RetamalDaniel Retamal5 dager siden
  • Among us but you be honest lol

    Also AdministratorAlso Administrator6 dager siden
  • You need to do a game where everyone can vent

    Brooklyn WilkinBrooklyn Wilkin6 dager siden
    • He has

      theonenatrtheonenatr3 dager siden
  • Ese juego fue muy GG

    Marle1001Marle10016 dager siden
  • It coud be cool if impostors coud talk with each other?.

    Cyzfy FNCyzfy FN7 dager siden
  • Ssundee I have 200iq play You know every time you explain the game doit and when you are imposter and say I’m crew mate and they gonna know that you are crewmate

    Itzz_SnowItzz_Snow7 dager siden
  • You can make crew mates invisible for 20 second's

    Kevin MullerKevin Muller7 dager siden
  • Ssundee you actually did it . It is my mod

    Kevin MullerKevin Muller7 dager siden
    • I told ssundee to make it

      Kevin MullerKevin Muller7 dager siden
  • when SSundee said "gotta go fast" me:"SONIC! YEET!"

    Freya De jesusFreya De jesus8 dager siden
  • lol ssundee be sayin quests instead of tasks... lol

    Martha CaballeroMartha Caballero9 dager siden
  • Jdhjhd+Jenchk

    LIFE WITH CHARLEE CoughlinLIFE WITH CHARLEE Coughlin9 dager siden
  • VR among us :> PLSSSSSSSS Also love your vids :3

    Stephanie NealStephanie Neal9 dager siden
  • Make a proximity chat but it echoes echoes echoes echoes

    Parker DirksenParker Dirksen10 dager siden
  • can you do a amug us but you 2 % runing

    Potato PotatataoPotato Potatatao10 dager siden
  • Notice how the title says The IMPOSTERS are 500% faster but Ssundee is crewmate and he is faster

    Brooklyn LillardBrooklyn Lillard10 dager siden
  • peole watching this in 2021

    Free Clips and introsFree Clips and intros10 dager siden
  • redsus

    Matthew PalarchioMatthew Palarchio10 dager siden
  • Knicks

    Gene RichardGene Richard10 dager siden
  • How about a mod where imposters can set traps, and when a crewmate steps in the trap they freeze and the imposter gets transferred to the crewmate. TO KIll THEM, BTW the traps are invisible

    The HaysesThe Hayses10 dager siden
  • I like sigils

    Fortnite GodFortnite God11 dager siden

    Mohamed's MultiverseMohamed's Multiverse11 dager siden
  • omg the like button turned blue when i hit it fast🤪

    RYAN DERICKRYAN DERICK11 dager siden
  • OH! I have a mod idea!!! All crewates and impostors can CROUCH!!

    Lea Reitano-ClinkLea Reitano-Clink11 dager siden
  • Super slow with infinite kill range

    Joshua LoweJoshua Lowe11 dager siden
  • Hi

    Lili THE QUEENLili THE QUEEN11 dager siden
  • The like button turned black not blue 😔

    wayne jugginswayne juggins11 dager siden
  • Tap the shhhhhh screen

    PHIZZ_ radiationPHIZZ_ radiation12 dager siden
  • Hello Hi

    Abigail AbbyAbigail Abby12 dager siden
  • If that is 500% faster than in a public lobby is 10000000000%

    EXRexEXEXRexEX12 dager siden
  • Me as imp: 'reds sus' Other guy: 'really?' Me: 'and the memes never lie.'

    Otto KOtto K12 dager siden
  • When I hit the like button it turns white not blue

    Shadow IFNShadow IFN12 dager siden
  • Bro I'm telling u everytime there's two imposters it's always ssundee and henwy I swear to God like how is it always them

    Arthur McdonaghArthur Mcdonagh13 dager siden
  • Ssundee : Ok Gold clear 5 seconds later : Im really sus of Gold

    Synxy ʅSynxy ʅ13 dager siden
  • SSundee: ohhhh GOLD SSundee: sus of the person literally gave all the information

    Radiant_TechnoRadiant_Techno13 dager siden
  • Mod ideas: Normal Among Us but you have to act like its opposite day 2 :The Impostor is the tagger and the crew mates have to run about everywhere and escape 3: Impostors have max vision but little speed and crew mates have barely any vision but are really fast . Thats the only ideas I have

    Yeet MasterYeet Master13 dager siden
  • My like button goes black when I like

    Lucy WhitworthLucy Whitworth13 dager siden
  • At 8.41 minutes I think he cussed lol

    Ermeca CrawfordErmeca Crawford14 dager siden
  • What is ssundee doing at 7:12 😂

    Mason MartinaMason Martina14 dager siden
  • If u showed the thing of your friends we will see if they are crew or imp

    Jillian Casey MagalingJillian Casey Magaling14 dager siden
  • At 6:45 When SSundee say "You were trying to kill me" my bluetooth headphones interrupted the sentence, so to me it sounded like, "You were trying to- Google Assistant is not connected." And I'm like, "huh?" Who else has had moments like this?

    Jillian RolphJillian Rolph14 dager siden
  • You should do thick among us mod, giant among us mod

    GracieRaeGracieRae14 dager siden
  • mod: 5x speed tiny people 1 sec cooldown infinite kill ranke with a medic

    Joseph ThompsonJoseph Thompson14 dager siden
  • What about Low kill distance and One second cool down

    Speedy the hedgehogSpeedy the hedgehog14 dager siden
  • Sundee: the like button will turn blueeee *clicks like button* it turned black-

    One Weird personOne Weird person14 dager siden
  • Is your real name John

    Kira McintyreKira Mcintyre14 dager siden
  • Play the video at 2x

    Chro_ProChro_Pro14 dager siden
  • look haters don't watch if you don't watch ssundee got it you piece of sh*ts

    Anibal LopezAnibal Lopez14 dager siden
  • How does ssunde always get imposter in the second game or round anybody notice that?

    CitysinzCitysinz14 dager siden
    • Oh makes sense

      CitysinzCitysinz10 dager siden
    • I believe he deletes some footage so he gets some imposter and some crew mate.

      Bizar KaharaBizar Kahara14 dager siden
  • Lol I love how everytime Ssundee is imp, the other crewmates on the first round ALWAYS knows his imposter buddy is the inp

    Wolf LoverWolf Lover15 dager siden
  • SSundee "Karangutan Is such a bbb..." Me: BOT!

    アレクシスッアレクシスッ15 dager siden
    • @BB Studios yeah

      アレクシスッアレクシスッ14 dager siden
    • @アレクシスッ oh

      BB StudiosBB Studios14 dager siden
    • Foot

      BB StudiosBB Studios14 dager siden
    • @BB Studios He always say's bot. If you didn't understand

      アレクシスッアレクシスッ14 dager siden
    • ??

      BB StudiosBB Studios14 dager siden
  • I Love you sund

    carter Collinscarter Collins15 dager siden
  • Do a live you are the best

    Camila BaltazarCamila Baltazar15 dager siden
  • imposters can plant bombs mod

    Eddie SuttonEddie Sutton15 dager siden
  • Play hide and seek imposter the seeker the crewmate hide and make the speed 10x faster

    phsyco maina 11phsyco maina 1115 dager siden
  • 8:05 Me: OMG this man possessed

    Fiera MullenFiera Mullen15 dager siden
  • I have no friend NOworldrs D:

    Lina Tahir69Lina Tahir6915 dager siden

    Alejandro MulderAlejandro Mulder15 dager siden
  • purple:green kinda sus

    Alejandro MulderAlejandro Mulder15 dager siden
  • green:yeah im kinda sus red

    Alejandro MulderAlejandro Mulder15 dager siden
  • red: me too

    Alejandro MulderAlejandro Mulder15 dager siden
  • orange:saame

    Alejandro MulderAlejandro Mulder15 dager siden
  • bleu: yeay im vote purple too

    Alejandro MulderAlejandro Mulder15 dager siden
  • yellow: purple vented ,im vote purple

    Alejandro MulderAlejandro Mulder15 dager siden
  • you are a crewmate

    Alejandro MulderAlejandro Mulder15 dager siden
  • i love how he says ¨you know how this works ¨ and explains it

    Alejandro MulderAlejandro Mulder15 dager siden
    • I’m your 1st like! Well for dis comment!

      Stacey CraigStacey Craig15 dager siden
  • i love among US

    Levi O'RourkeLevi O'Rourke15 dager siden
  • Can you do fortnite videos again SSunde?

    CK_TigerGamingCK_TigerGaming15 dager siden
  • They should make a person called a clown and the clown has to be voted out to kill one person and sabotage.

    Millie and MarcieMillie and Marcie15 dager siden
  • Ya know what else is fast? When u see a SSundee's vids popped up.

    lsh liewlsh liew15 dager siden
  • gold vented at 5:43

    avyendha nielsenavyendha nielsen16 dager siden
  • 1 sec kill cool down, 5x speed, infinite kill range and all tasks are visual tasks combined

    David ClackDavid Clack16 dager siden
  • I played with ssunde

    Carlissa GillamCarlissa Gillam16 dager siden
  • wait! hows lava in SPACE!!!! :0

    Sierra centenoSierra centeno16 dager siden