IMPOSTERS Can MIND CONTROL Crewmates in Among Us

31. des.. 2020
5 757 860 Ganger

Impostors can CONTROL Crewmates in Among Us!

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  • Henwy is so dumb.... On the last round he shoudve just said that he saw karan go invisible and thats it... But he defended karan.... Like bruh... Dumb af

    Bojan MitrevskiBojan Mitrevski17 sekunder siden
  • Mode clone and change calor

    Sharon Lee AvshalomSharon Lee AvshalomTime siden
  • Hahahahaha

    TAN JUN YANG俊仰TAN JUN YANG俊仰3 timer siden
  • The exultant feather ontogenetically trade because committee apically fax down a axiomatic baker. natural, abhorrent guilty

    Aubrey BeatriceAubrey Beatrice4 timer siden

    The borelaxThe borelax5 timer siden
  • It actually worked on me 0:19

    David ciftci BentzenDavid ciftci Bentzen5 timer siden
  • Nuggey's!

    Jody BerkheimerJody Berkheimer6 timer siden
  • Why you don’t do task

    Linda LeungLinda Leung7 timer siden
  • When i play among us green dint report the body

    shimoruzi Rovzianshimoruzi Rovzian8 timer siden
  • Mod Idea: The imposter can mind control into a vent.

    Azra BibiAzra Bibi8 timer siden
  • Imagine him raging if they voted him 2nd game

    Travis BowenTravis Bowen8 timer siden
  • Abb

    Joshcase WoodsJoshcase Woods8 timer siden
  • Me to

    Joshcase WoodsJoshcase Woods8 timer siden
  • Among us mod idea:the imposters can turn invisible

    Doug MinorDoug Minor9 timer siden
  • Mod idea: the imposter can kill with a giant FOOT

    lilboblitt 1lilboblitt 110 timer siden
  • The same thing

    Temani FaroseTemani Farose11 timer siden
  • Me just knowing that Ian has 500k likes.

    FireSiamang2331FireSiamang233111 timer siden
  • oh no i have been mind controlled to hit the like button

    zjow18zjow1812 timer siden
  • The quick butane ganguly matter because relative developmentally approve regarding a shivering triangle. makeshift, picayune gazelle

    fixture orbitfixture orbit12 timer siden
  • The Bomber mod: you have a screen like admin on the side of your screen and you can drop a nuke on that room and kill everyone in that room

    Bigtime HuntsBigtime Hunts12 timer siden
  • mod idea; do a mod of everybody a dead body

    Michael ComiskeyMichael Comiskey13 timer siden
  • There is a cartoon cat mod for among us

    Lucas MewbornLucas Mewborn13 timer siden
  • mod idea created can turn into a vent and catch the imposter

    Rose ValerioRose Valerio14 timer siden
  • Those are mods in among us

    Feng ChenFeng Chen14 timer siden
  • Play dead

    Feng ChenFeng Chen14 timer siden
  • Shape shift

    Feng ChenFeng Chen14 timer siden
  • Stole besrik

    Priscilla MelgozaPriscilla Melgoza14 timer siden
  • I which I can mind control a girl to like me

    Rose The KidRose The Kid14 timer siden
  • Literally you could try the flood mod and the thick one and the dragon mod

    Aldi moon AliAldi moon Ali14 timer siden
  • how do i get this mod

    coen Mathiascoen Mathias15 timer siden
  • a- MOD us

    Tusyu AsuiTusyu Asui16 timer siden
  • amoung us mod idea: assassin the assassin can jump in the roof and he can throw a knife and jump down every time he gets a kill.

    Jill AriasJill Arias17 timer siden
  • Mod idea: all mods you’ve done in total combined

    Lucas TärngrenLucas Tärngren17 timer siden
  • Wait , this mind control voice effect is from the murder run serie

    COOL ZOMBIE1199COOL ZOMBIE119917 timer siden
  • a mod idea is that make the imposter have land mines that are not easily seen to crewmates.(the bombs will glow for the imposter but not for the crewmates) If the imposter steps on one it will kill him. I mean you kind of deserve that if you make a goof like that.

    ROMAN GEISTROMAN GEIST17 timer siden
  • Ggd

    Vedant OMGVedant OMG18 timer siden
  • SSundee:I am making you press the like button Me:OMG YOU REALLY DID UNBELIEVABLE 😱 That really happened

    Maysaa ChamiMaysaa Chami19 timer siden
  • lets go ssudee

    Miles FMiles F19 timer siden
  • Oh just now i meet ssundae in among us

    Hanis FadzilahHanis Fadzilah20 timer siden
  • I don't know my way around that map

    Cathy wakefieldCathy wakefield20 timer siden
  • I watch your titoks me:😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.you:😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Cathy wakefieldCathy wakefield20 timer siden
  • It has the word dum on your head and your not dum you smart

    Cathy wakefieldCathy wakefield20 timer siden
  • I think you should do a invisible mod

    Mya KayMya Kay20 timer siden
  • among us but the imposter can change into the person they killed

    hippo gaming xhippo gaming x21 time siden
  • Mod: Ghosts can posses a body and kill everyone (including the impostors)

    Amirparsa KalantariAmirparsa Kalantari21 time siden
  • Mod: imposter can make people in there team by venting in front of them

    Qais NawazQais Nawaz21 time siden
  • I suck

    Ben KenobiBen KenobiDag siden
  • Hi

    Cool CalebCool CalebDag siden
    • Hi

      Honey & Violet!!!Honey & Violet!!!Dag siden

    Pia ChristoffersenPia ChristoffersenDag siden
  • Mod:be animals

    Natalia VanbeckNatalia VanbeckDag siden
  • Do modes with hide and seekkk

    angels_basket.angels_basket.Dag siden
  • bro i just got mind controlled brb

    Quirico benedict RojoQuirico benedict RojoDag siden
  • Necesito el link LPM 🤡

    ⧼Antonella⧽⧼Antonella⧽Dag siden
  • What is the point of disliking a video... u could literally just not watch it. And even if it made sense, Ssundee would be the 1 NOworldr that doesn’t deserve them

    Riley WallRiley WallDag siden
  • SSundee: foot Me:bruh

    Nadine HardyNadine HardyDag siden
  • mod:impostors can switch places with a crewmate after he killed someone

    Intan DianaIntan DianaDag siden
  • Omg

    Heather AdcoxHeather AdcoxDag siden
  • 3:22 What do you mean by “Our titan” and “The hole we dug?”

    NinjaNinjaDag siden
  • Mod:when someone kills thay can hunt the imp

    Thackery RabilThackery RabilDag siden
  • You didn’t say to make the like Button BlUuUuUe

    Ashley GraeterAshley GraeterDag siden
  • 10:10

    Otaku Samurai143Otaku Samurai143Dag siden
  • here is a mod idea: the imposter switches every 60 seconds

    Christine SmithChristine SmithDag siden
    • socksfor1 already did that, it was pretty cool

      Colton FergusonColton Ferguson12 timer siden
  • Mod idea: Imposter can plant mines one person can detect mines

    • I think you got that from a youtuber capped socksfor1

      Upcoming NextBrookUpcoming NextBrook16 timer siden
    • lol i had the same idea

      ROMAN GEISTROMAN GEIST17 timer siden
  • What about thick mid

    Jhed Andrei Dio-asJhed Andrei Dio-asDag siden
  • Cool

    David RaytsenDavid RaytsenDag siden
  • A mod of being adopted

    aaron diazmanzoaaron diazmanzoDag siden
  • Ahh you made me click the like button

    Autumn McGuireAutumn McGuireDag siden
  • The imposter can shoot lighting

    Rizkallah PamelaRizkallah PamelaDag siden
  • Hey yo the imposter has no kill cool down and crewmates can see thrown walls

    Rizkallah PamelaRizkallah PamelaDag siden
  • More likes is food for my family more likes = chicken nuggets

    Haz AttackHaz AttackDag siden
  • How do you do that it dosent work

    Musab IbrahimMusab IbrahimDag siden
  • Hi

    Gionna AxtonGionna AxtonDag siden
  • Mod: new role pyro maniac it’s an imposter that can catch on fire and then go burn everything it touches. If a crewmate touches the fire they die and there body can’t be reported. Also while the imposter is on fire you can’t see there name tag or color, just a fire

    Jason WellsJason WellsDag siden
  • How do you make people have power in that?

    Hartley EllsworthHartley EllsworthDag siden
  • A mod that you can change names every minute

    Jayden KnightJayden KnightDag siden
  • Mod: a land mine mod where the imposters can place mines on the ground and if a crew steps on them they die

    Cameron PlaysCameron PlaysDag siden
  • I love your videos so much

    Zainab’s projectsZainab’s projectsDag siden
  • they are so good

    Zainab’s projectsZainab’s projectsDag siden
  • your videos are good

    Zainab’s projectsZainab’s projectsDag siden
  • Do hide and seek where you can turn into stuff

    Annabelle RobloxAnnabelle RobloxDag siden
  • did any1 notice that loafs name was leaf? like this if u noticed please

    The Crafty Jordan SistersThe Crafty Jordan SistersDag siden
  • SSundee I liked the among us modes that has a imposter and another player that helps the imposter can you do some of and I makes sure that every video I watch I like it so please make from these modes

    Mahammad KentarMahammad KentarDag siden
  • henwy

    Hunter McGinnisHunter McGinnisDag siden

    TheGringManTheGringManDag siden
  • ssundee please make a mod that has a roll as the angel the angel cant die and can revive crewmates

    Corbin BrunsCorbin BrunsDag siden
  • Hi

    Ben PhoenixBen PhoenixDag siden
  • *henwy kills ssunde* wonder who it is 🤣

    Shiz EditsShiz EditsDag siden
  • im SSundee in among us

    georgia landongeorgia landonDag siden
  • Mod:Simp mod

  • SSundee:I am controlling you Me:You dont own me

    Angel SeesAngel Sees2 dager siden
  • I want to see the imposter is a god

    Nathanael Skylar Rahatma 1606130Nathanael Skylar Rahatma 16061302 dager siden
  • Mod: Imposter kills crewmates but can turn them into killing animatronics (A Five Nights at Freddy's Mod)

    Braden BaumBraden Baum2 dager siden
  • make more among us mods ill do anything

    nick fouchernick foucher2 dager siden
  • Mod. 1 player who can see who is dead or alive

  • They should use this one and the resin one

    Jamie GoetchiusJamie Goetchius2 dager siden
  • Mini imposter mod

    Gwendolyn ClevelandGwendolyn Cleveland2 dager siden
  • Helllo

    MLG Jar JarMLG Jar Jar2 dager siden
  • Fortnight mod

    Mukti PatelMukti Patel2 dager siden
  • 0:31 loafX is now LeafX

    ESS TEAMESS TEAM2 dager siden
  • Mod:they can nuke the map and you have to go in a bunker

    baby hulk gaming godbaby hulk gaming god2 dager siden