11. jan.. 2021
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We give IMPOSTERS The ability to morph into a dead body in Among Us!
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  • ok

    RYAN NGOLORYAN NGOLO36 minutter siden
  • How do you do this like who dose this

    Alyssa MeekerAlyssa MeekerTime siden
  • When is this guy gonna realize that the like 👍 button becomes white

    Vaishnavi pardeshiVaishnavi pardeshiTime siden
  • If they faked being dead can you report it or if you can’t a persons going to the button and tell him the person that said “you can see the color

    ChristineChristine2 timer siden
    • Don't have a clue what this is but my friend told me to comment it on everywhere

      RUBYRUBY2 timer siden
  • SSundee: hit the subscribe button it turned blue. Me who watches on phone and has dark mode on: WHY THE ( ) YOU LYING WHY YOU ALWAYS LYING MMM OH MY GOD STOP ( ) LYING

    Renegade mega30Renegade mega302 timer siden
  • Next plz do Invincible Crewmate

    Usir-Instict GamingUsir-Instict Gaming3 timer siden
  • Did you steal a gold play button if you did plz find or give it back plz

    David ReyesDavid Reyes3 timer siden
    • Or If you have it

      David ReyesDavid Reyes3 timer siden
    • And if you find go to chad wild clay chanel

      David ReyesDavid Reyes3 timer siden
  • Free

    Kelvin DalleKelvin Dalle3 timer siden
  • pennywise mod pls

    Lazar BeamLazar Beam4 timer siden
  • Can I play with you???

    Elise NortonElise Norton4 timer siden
  • How do you get these mods

    • s t a r r y N i g h t •• s t a r r y N i g h t •4 timer siden
  • Put the mods of if there gost. Imposter like your read pick you could kill and vented

  • It turns black

    ANA ElizondoANA Elizondo4 timer siden
  • I like when he said " BluUuuuUuUe"

    May CabidoMay Cabido5 timer siden
  • Maybe The Imposters have a button which charges in 30 seconds and then for 10 seconds they get instant kill cool down and invisibility but after they used it it takes 1 minute to charge… The button is called: Assassin This mod idea will only be fair with 1 imposter The Imposters might also get a speed increase during this time

    Neda ScaleNeda Scale5 timer siden

    i like turtlesi like turtles5 timer siden
  • Prop mode

    Frahnk LugoFrahnk Lugo5 timer siden
  • Ssundee first loss

    Susan ClementsSusan Clements5 timer siden
  • oh sunny idk u play among us

    Benjamin ChangBenjamin Chang6 timer siden
  • mod.rock paper foot . if imposters kill some one the crewmates can kill a 2 crewmates in a game of rock paper foot and the imposter can shoot a rocket

    Damian RosiakDamian Rosiak6 timer siden
  • Cool

    Miguel AlasMiguel Alas6 timer siden
  • 11:50 anyone else mad that if sundee skipped biffle would've stayed or is that just me😂

    Emma MurphyEmma Murphy7 timer siden
  • lol he betrayed his imposter partner

    IamComicGirl UnicornRobloxIamComicGirl UnicornRoblox7 timer siden
  • Biffle's a but i agree

    Arno JoubertArno Joubert7 timer siden
  • Imposter can become who they kill name and color and skin they game will be chat only

    Scott JerousekScott Jerousek7 timer siden
  • Ultra troll

    Jeff SuttonJeff Sutton7 timer siden
  • 7:15 imposter thx me later

    Shelix _ttvShelix _ttv7 timer siden
  • It turns black

    Dallas MeiersDallas Meiers8 timer siden
  • do a flying mod ssundee

    Jackie LarmoreJackie Larmore8 timer siden
  • Mod idea: assistant: they have the sniper ability but only kill 3 people and the imposter kills the rest.. like so ssundee can see

    Adventures of TitanAdventures of Titan8 timer siden
  • The Lie, button turned white is that normal

    noah thomasnoah thomas8 timer siden
  • Hi

    Raydude 1231Raydude 12318 timer siden
  • I have a mod idea there is a new role called the assassin role and basically they have a certain amount of time to kill somebody the character that they need to kill is at the top with like a timer of 3:00 minutes and if the time runs up and they don’t kill the character the assassin dies. Just something I thought of if you like this idea it would be nice if you drop a like on this comment so ssundee can see so he can tell his mod creators. 😀

    Baden HindmanBaden Hindman8 timer siden
  • You should do a mod that you have superpowers like flash Superman Batman and the imposter is joker

    Tyson PetersTyson Peters8 timer siden
  • ❤️✅

    FrxstylxveFrxstylxve8 timer siden
  • Butten

    Jackie SmallJackie Small8 timer siden
  • My like bitten turns white it's a blessing

    Jackie SmallJackie Small8 timer siden
  • Round 2 Biffle Sunday

    Katelyn jonesKatelyn jones8 timer siden
  • Round one Sigls dark blue Biffle yellow Gold dark green Jerome red Loaf black Karagutan orange

    Katelyn jonesKatelyn jones8 timer siden
  • Mine went black

    favouringbell387favouringbell3879 timer siden
  • Play dead mod and medic mod lol

    Tamu HtooTamu Htoo9 timer siden
  • Sunder put your mods or together

    Fishh KidFishh Kid9 timer siden
  • imposter: it is good day to be not dead that random button: pow. you are dead also. make a mod where every player changes bodys after each round

  • Lol

    Chase BellardChase Bellard10 timer siden
  • He's a good NOworldr

    Logan BladenLogan Bladen10 timer siden
  • My like button turns black like my soul

    Dan PriestDan Priest10 timer siden
  • Hi

    Aiden T.Aiden T.10 timer siden
  • Aaawwwssssooommmeee

    Bow GamingBow Gaming10 timer siden
  • more fortnite speedruns and deathruns

    Xylen SmithXylen Smith10 timer siden
  • Among us but imposters can litterly walk through walls

    Sim KlairSim Klair11 timer siden
  • “I died” “Who killed you?” “Uhh.. a dead body?”

    PoopyFarts96PoopyFarts9611 timer siden
  • You should do the invis mod

  • Imposters can send clones

    Michaela ReneeMichaela Renee11 timer siden
  • Blue LOL

    XxNightmareCookieXx GirlxXXxNightmareCookieXx GirlxX11 timer siden
  • *plays dead LOL*

    XxNightmareCookieXx GirlxXXxNightmareCookieXx GirlxX11 timer siden
  • Maybe next time you play 21 of you get zero go back 1

  • PLEASE do a 'the floor is lava' mod

    Kai ChadwickKai Chadwick11 timer siden
  • All of his videos get at least 200k likes his family must be eating like kings with all them toast foots and cheeses curds

    Cody CainCody Cain12 timer siden
  • imagine getting a heart from Ssundee

    Mohammed Hatim Al RahmaMohammed Hatim Al Rahma12 timer siden
  • Look

    jason last 87jason last 8712 timer siden
  • I play a ton of Basketball. cool video. your channel is awesome.

    Sharp YoungSharp Young12 timer siden
  • If im a imp and i can play dead i stand next to an player and play dead in front of ppl so they think that he killed me 🧬💉🧪🗝️🔑🗡️🔎❕❗❔❓⁉️‼️♨️

    Ache Lit-99Ache Lit-9912 timer siden
  • why do the rounds end when SSundee dies or a round after

    Faris AliFaris Ali12 timer siden
  • Make one where everyone can vent

    Sphelo MananaSphelo Manana13 timer siden
  • Is this real can u actually morph???

    Mary YauMary Yau13 timer siden
  • I love how he put when naruto uses shadow clone jutsu 00:05

    Santino uchihaSantino uchiha13 timer siden
  • Biffle was yellow then brown? I don’t like bananas because they are all yellow yellow yellow and then there brown Phhhhhft...sneaky banana

    Claire KielbasinskiClaire Kielbasinski13 timer siden
  • If you see this hope you have a good day

    DrizilDrizil13 timer siden
  • This is the posts😂

    Ryan LassiterRyan Lassiter13 timer siden
  • Man LOLOLO 🤣🤣🤣

    Eva GriffithsEva Griffiths14 timer siden
  • Btw the like button turns black now

    Brock GamerTVBrock GamerTV14 timer siden
  • Sndee

    Azz ZafferAzz Zaffer14 timer siden
  • do a supperman mod

    DoJa GamingDoJa Gaming14 timer siden
  • SSundee : talks to gold SSundee 5 seconds later where did gold go

    patrica holwerdapatrica holwerda14 timer siden
  • u are to mutch funj im in a hospital i hate u and loove u

    MItja KotnikMItja Kotnik15 timer siden
  • I love how in the beginning they where acting like kids saying shut up to each other

    Try not to laughTry not to laugh15 timer siden
  • How do you get it like that

    Georgie RussellGeorgie Russell15 timer siden
    • Hi

      Georgie RussellGeorgie Russell15 timer siden
  • I think u should do a mod where the crewmembers are night Fury but when you find out who the impostor is they turn to a light fury

    Kay BellKay Bell15 timer siden
  • stuiped!!

    שלומי בדיחישלומי בדיחי17 timer siden

    Lynton BurkeLynton Burke17 timer siden
  • i like how SSundee say "turn bleeu"

    Mary De VeyraMary De Veyra17 timer siden
  • Whoever's reading this out of the milions of people stay strong have a nice day

    Blue CUPcaKeBlue CUPcaKe18 timer siden
  • omg lol you should unmute when ur imoster first so they will think its not u ahhahahahahahahahaha

    Zoe FieldZoe Field19 timer siden
  • Jerome : biffel get off the ship

    Novia AchirianNovia Achirian19 timer siden
  • Impsyer switches every one minute

    Khush HalaiKhush Halai19 timer siden
  • Imposter can kill every 1 second

    Khush HalaiKhush Halai19 timer siden

    Sharfin KoduahSharfin Koduah20 timer siden
  • "Make it turn blue" Me on mobile : we dont do that here.

    Xxbloykee333xXXxbloykee333xX20 timer siden
    • Lmao

      Mugi MMugi M20 timer siden
  • can you make an mod were when the imposter can steal the button

    Tristan CaldicottTristan Caldicott21 time siden
  • Mod where u can foot a cheese curd

    Slayrunner 56Slayrunner 5621 time siden
  • I love your videos

    Rachel HuskinsRachel Huskins23 timer siden
  • I love the vidiose of ssundee

    Ulieses AbanUlieses Aban23 timer siden
  • I could listen to Loaf speak all day long

    Johnna MarieJohnna Marie23 timer siden
  • "Wanna think about me, wanna think about I, wanna--" Is that a Toby Keith reference?

    ColtColt23 timer siden
  • I have the same skin as baffle I think

    Jacob WoodsJacob WoodsDag siden
  • Gid the bless the people that see this 🤫🤫🤫🤜🏻🤛🏻

    Frankie HethFrankie HethDag siden
    • God

      Frankie HethFrankie HethDag siden
  • Ssundee roll,sit,high five,now play dead

    Longest NameLongest NameDag siden
  • I am here to like pealple,s comments who had no likes to make their day

    remonster5 XDremonster5 XDDag siden
  • Wait a minute gold is a different colour BTW

    MCPE Emerald KNIGHTMCPE Emerald KNIGHTDag siden
  • You should do among us but not body’s of emergency button

    Best friends forever RodriguezBest friends forever RodriguezDag siden