16. sep.. 2020
3 229 051 Ganger

We do Fortnite Trick shots for our LOOT!

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  • It turns white the like button does

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  • Are you russle

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  • ssundee: if ur not lying it will turn bLuE me: hits it anyways like button: turns BlUe

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  • not bunde ssunbe

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  • comment “subscribe to ssundee” if sigils has a spongy foot

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  • On sync 4:30

    Sergio BacaSergio Baca6 timer siden
  • Anybody notice the like button black. We all lied.

    Call of The idiotsCall of The idiots6 timer siden
  • Ssundee: if you are telling the truth, it will turn blue! Me: Mine turned black, im lying :(

    Maria klotzmannovaMaria klotzmannova7 timer siden
  • My like button turns black

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  • Bro I shoot everyone in 1 shoot I shot 1 person and I got an instantly victory royale

    Shannon LealShannon LealDag siden

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  • Who dislikes peoples videos? Like show some love they worked hard

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  • i was not liyng yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

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  • You have sheep well I have foots

    samliketurtlesamliketurtle2 dager siden
  • hey ssundee can u do more of ur uhc world we love ur EUHEUHEUHEUHEUHEUH lol

    Sebastian GillespieSebastian Gillespie2 dager siden
  • yup i hit a 360 headshot

    Dogge GamingDogge Gaming2 dager siden
  • Ketchup yaaaaaa

    Filip BuchukoskiFilip Buchukoski2 dager siden
  • There using a hand cannon for trickshots at least use a hunting rifle

    Josiah BatistaJosiah Batista2 dager siden
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    Kristen MeyerKristen Meyer2 dager siden
  • it will turn blue

    Zachary AldridgeZachary Aldridge3 dager siden
  • I disliked bec I wanted to be the 3rd thousand

    Lauren ReedLauren Reed3 dager siden
  • HI

    Ethan GarreauEthan Garreau3 dager siden
  • Put the map code on it please

    G.O.A.T Of The GameG.O.A.T Of The Game3 dager siden
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  • 3:00 look at him

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  • 7:38 - 7:50....... HMMMMMMMM????🤔🤔🤔

    Galaxy_Siphon29Galaxy_Siphon293 dager siden
  • I have played that game

    Ethan ZondagEthan Zondag3 dager siden
  • I mean turned

    craziness to the maxcraziness to the max4 dager siden
  • 2:37 now he has Turgenev into a pterodactyl

    craziness to the maxcraziness to the max4 dager siden
  • I used to think they called them neos cus nico loved them lol 😂

    Truett BerkleyTruett Berkley4 dager siden
  • Wanna hear a joke a cowboy dresses like ranch dressing you get because a ranch is wherebull riders go

    Lucky gang SubscribeLucky gang Subscribe4 dager siden

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  • Armie Hammer

    Kimball KaschnerKimball Kaschner4 dager siden
  • ABC for a kid 🧒

    Real porgs Star wasReal porgs Star was4 dager siden
    • Lol

      Real porgs Star wasReal porgs Star was4 dager siden
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  • Pov your watching this in 2021

    Armin SkrijeljArmin Skrijelj5 dager siden
  • When I checked the Like a button it turned white

    Charlie ConnorCharlie Connor5 dager siden
  • I thin a got a trick shot

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  • 9:48 to 9:56. Funniest part of the whole entire video.

    Rebecca AndersonRebecca Anderson6 dager siden
  • I'm double-jointed so I can do a thumbs up with my FOOT

    Merrick CholewinskiMerrick Cholewinski6 dager siden
  • Oof-juice

    Adam’s Fabulous TimeAdam’s Fabulous Time6 dager siden
  • My button turned white but I can't help pressing like

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  • i only do no scopes

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  • Umm the like button turned black for me does it mean I'm lying😂

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  • I think I’ve seen That.where did I watched That?oh I remember!it’s the video So click the like button and sub 2 ssundee for My joke😉

    Marcus Stanley CailaoMarcus Stanley Cailao7 dager siden
  • 2:38 That face you make when u realize u didn’t hit that like button until it turned blue

    Uzi-FXUzi-FX7 dager siden
  • Can we talk about him saying it was left handed the shot but that was his right but let's still supporting him by hitting that like button

    alex gameralex gamer8 dager siden
    • @Ethan Sony its odd I could of sweard that that looks a lot like his right. But it's true mirrors are like that. I unless we are being lied too

      alex gameralex gamer4 dager siden
    • Russell said the screen was mirrored or something so he did use his left hand

      Ethan SonyEthan Sony4 dager siden
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    Declan SheehanDeclan Sheehan8 dager siden

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  • Your a trick foot master LOL not the trickshot master

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  • You got gold not mithick

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  • I Fona rat you foot

    123 det er en prøve123 det er en prøve8 dager siden
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  • Sigils with weak knees!!

    Lilja ÓlafardóttirLilja Ólafardóttir9 dager siden
  • Ketchup

  • Ketchup

    Leo SLeo S9 dager siden
  • I laughed when they had legendary then they only used blue gun

    Kian GonzalesKian Gonzales9 dager siden
  • Hi

    Kym WestlakeKym Westlake10 dager siden
  • im in xd clan i hit trick shots to warm up bro

    xd lightxd light10 dager siden
  • Ssunde is stupid he Literally did the shot right handed

    Colby HammColby Hamm10 dager siden
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  • Dude perfect ping pong thumbnail is literally the same thumbnail as this video

    Xeroz GamingXeroz Gaming10 dager siden
    • Oh yeah

      Ninja God810Ninja God8109 dager siden
  • Ssundee:No I missed! MILK Me:What? LMFAO

    Artic PlayzArtic Playz10 dager siden
  • Mustard

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  • It turned white but i did do a trickshor :(

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  • I have hit a trick shot

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