Making a PEE FARM in SKY FACTORY (Minecraft)

6. des.. 2020
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We make unlimited loot from crops in SkyFactory in Minecraft!

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  • He says he will stop saying uranium and says urin Then he just says uranium

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  • Don't worry SSundee I'll remember and remind you in 2 years now for me

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  • Exactly 1/3 actually

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  • long term investment

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  • 3 years for 3.4M likes but we got 340K likes in 3 weeks

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  • Make Pokeehan Craft series, please

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  • Me: *NOW UNDERSTANDING THE TITLE* Also me: really? Just why?

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  • fooooooooooooooooooooooooot

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  • 1,000,000 urainum ingots

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  • 12:40 This feels like SkyFactory Season 2 again

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    • Y E S SIR

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  • Hes gonna spam plant things under and the seeds instantly grow

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  • i guess right i said at least 100k and yes i said make a challenge for us but FIVE MILLION THATS TO BIG I MEAN LIKE MAYBE 500K

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  • 338,684th like

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  • Don't the growth acceleraters max out at 64

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  • Ogs only cobblestone=life

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  • Like button: *turns WHITE* Me:My disappoinment is immeasurable and my day is ruined :(

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  • Hey ssundee

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  • Merry Christmas ho ho ho

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  • I think 6 essence

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  • With the seeds use a Scythe it will duplicate the seeds

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  • Hey I was watching this video and took off my shoe and said foot

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  • People who think they’re too old to watch Ssundee nowadays 👉👍🏻

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  • Its all fun and games untill 2023

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  • Im going back in 3 years, mark my words.

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