MEDIC Mod in Among Us

29. des.. 2020
5 834 452 Ganger

Today we give crewmates a NEW MEDIC ROLE in Among Us!

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  • The new yt update the like button turns white

    CrimsonWarriorCrimsonWarrior2 timer siden
  • My like button is black when I touch

    JessePlayzJessePlayz4 timer siden
  • Are we just going to ignore the fact that loaf said he revived sigils after YOU revived him? 12:48

    April SampsonApril Sampson5 timer siden
  • Ooooooooooh! Nice

    Khush HalaiKhush Halai6 timer siden
  • What if you dont say anything ASS imposter cause then they think youre clear

    Dann RooijakkersDann Rooijakkers8 timer siden
  • You lied it turned white

    Gavin HammondGavin Hammond9 timer siden
  • mayor

    Olisaemeka EZEANYAECHEOlisaemeka EZEANYAECHE10 timer siden
  • 11:16 then, I asked sigils who killed him and he ran *shoves mouth down mic* he ran circles around KING everyone: GASP gAsP GASP

    Benjamin FerenceBenjamin Ference10 timer siden

    Benjamin FerenceBenjamin Ference11 timer siden
  • Lol I laughed soo hard when 4 people were just circling a body screaming MEDICCC MEDDDDIIICCCC MMMMEEEEDDDDIIIICCCCCCC!!!!!

    Benjamin FerenceBenjamin Ference11 timer siden
  • Me after killing the like button

    Matija Jovan GligicMatija Jovan Gligic11 timer siden
  • My like wen I hit it it is white

    Yulissa De LeonYulissa De Leon11 timer siden
  • I like how he says it will turn bLuE

    Brianna _555Brianna _55511 timer siden
  • can you do crewmates only can vent and press button

    Joy ReyJoy Rey12 timer siden
  • These videos make me really want to play with mods👍🏼😁💖

    honor miahonor mia14 timer siden
  • Hi

    Deadboi 11Deadboi 1117 timer siden
  • Mines turn black

    Shakyra MageeShakyra Magee17 timer siden
  • I LOVE YOUR VIDSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Elke TedescoElke Tedesco19 timer siden
  • Who'd have expected that a medic makes things more stressful

    ColtColt21 time siden
  • Still wondering why the Medic couldn't Uber charge people

    David EldregeDavid Eldrege23 timer siden
  • Imposters can kill people say blue kills red and then White sees blue kill red and then blue switches into purple with the name and color and reports and they get in a meeting and black its own color but white suss purple I am black turned in the purple and the start of the game and then his real color was black and why says purple but there is no purple

    Ryzon CarpenterRyzon Carpenter23 timer siden
  • Mod where the imposter can drop a bomb into a random room

    Jonah WeinerJonah WeinerDag siden
  • Fun fact of the day: there is a 90° angle in your home right now

    mr my humor is deadmr my humor is deadDag siden
  • The like butten gott black fore me And I am series🖤

    Zh HzZh HzDag siden
  • He said 200iq ing 9999999999 times lol

    Vinny the goat ManVinny the goat ManDag siden
  • **Meanwhile Dallas screams in the background something about a bag**

    GunnerGunnerDag siden
  • When ur like button turns black when u hit it

    Little Miss MalfoyLittle Miss MalfoyDag siden
  • I know be case I liked

    smiledmicrobe09smiledmicrobe09Dag siden
  • My like button is white

    smiledmicrobe09smiledmicrobe09Dag siden
  • Me like locked black

    Wyatt WonderlyWyatt WonderlyDag siden
  • Whoa who divided

    KhuMumAbu AhmedKhuMumAbu AhmedDag siden
  • you realize he has the doctor skin... and hes the medic

    -w- DZ's Empire -w--w- DZ's Empire -w-Dag siden
  • The like button goes white or black not blue

    wildpoison987wildpoison987Dag siden
  • Trust me i saw him kill at the top of the screen and ran away also when lights went down Rage was there but he didn't do it because he was waiting to kill somebody

    Hamza AlathoubHamza AlathoubDag siden
  • I swear it's Rage

    Hamza AlathoubHamza AlathoubDag siden
  • It's rage

    Hamza AlathoubHamza AlathoubDag siden
  • Stand back the medics are coming I repeat the medics are coming

    Dj minecraft 2Dj minecraft 2Dag siden
  • Hey are you love among us too

    piggyfanlol YTpiggyfanlol YTDag siden
  • Ok for the last time it turns black

    Wanda StockerWanda StockerDag siden
  • Make avengers mod

    Vincent KhaleVincent KhaleDag siden
  • You should do a mod that only ghosts can vent

    cedargirlygamercedargirlygamerDag siden
  • Am in 5:48 in the video and not tryna be rude but hear the weirdest laugh

    AzeeAzeeDag siden
  • how many times did ssundee say 200 iq

    Matthew DELACYMatthew DELACYDag siden
  • This is cool

    Bradley The Star Wars Fan JamesBradley The Star Wars Fan JamesDag siden
  • my question is.... can u revive an imposter???

    Moon BeamMoon BeamDag siden
  • What does he mean by 200 iq

    Abdoo36Abdoo362 dager siden
  • 1:31 how didnt they realize lol

    Uchiha ItachiUchiha Itachi2 dager siden
  • L

    MathiasGamer120MathiasGamer1202 dager siden
  • How do you do mods??

    Kayleigh PerrinKayleigh Perrin2 dager siden
  • Send me a mod please please

    Krystal SuarezKrystal Suarez2 dager siden
  • Pink is the imposter

    Oris LoraOris Lora2 dager siden
  • I am your biggest fan

    Susanna GallagherSusanna Gallagher2 dager siden
  • Do a mod where imposters can summon a tornado!

    Z7gold BlueZ7gold Blue2 dager siden
  • Biffle: I have no tasks! Literally two seconds later Biffle: I’m doing canister! Me: ok so you said you don’t have any tasks then two seconds later your doing canister?

    Brooklynn WeaverBrooklynn Weaver2 dager siden
  • Hello

    Remi's WorldRemi's World2 dager siden
  • Medic

    mohamed mahadimohamed mahadi2 dager siden
  • MEDIC!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

    jill mcmurdojill mcmurdo2 dager siden
  • Ssundee: if you press the like button it will turn blue Me: likes the like button Im gray boi

    gustas refelasgustas refelas2 dager siden
  • Hey SSundee you da bomb i love your videos

    Isabelle MNOPIsabelle MNOP2 dager siden
  • He should combine all of the new role mods in one mod

    Infinite ClanInfinite Clan2 dager siden
  • The mod i want the imposter can make everything he want invesibal

  • Imagine putting all of the mod together into one game pure CHAOS

    Jeffrey WeaverJeffrey Weaver2 dager siden
  • IDEA: Make a mod where The Impostor(s) can color change.

    Hornet's ChannelHornet's Channel3 dager siden
  • When u see rage kill and ssundee doesnt

    John Michael FidlerJohn Michael Fidler3 dager siden
  • ummmmmm after the first round there was a player with ??? name that was dark green :O

    Chimbuchi EkereChimbuchi Ekere3 dager siden
  • It turns white for me 😑😐😑 idk why. LoL

    Michael PersinMichael Persin3 dager siden
  • One imp he has can kill 10 timse the croomas have great vision and can 🏃‍♂️ run fast .

    Almarina OmarAlmarina Omar3 dager siden
  • I do play gta 5

    Fire Maniac1678Fire Maniac16783 dager siden
  • Do you play gta 5?

    Fire Maniac1678Fire Maniac16783 dager siden
  • It a mod

    Fire Maniac1678Fire Maniac16783 dager siden
  • Why do they call you Ian

    Layla FurtawLayla Furtaw3 dager siden
  • Henry is grat Egg manijr SSundee SHK Beykuz A brew And LoafX And Wicked And Rageelixi

    Erin HazardErin Hazard3 dager siden
    • Henry Egg manijr SSundee Suck Beykuz Ambers And LoafX And Wicked And RageElixir And nicovald And Bigfoot And Kilg And Sigils

      Erin HazardErin Hazard3 dager siden
  • no cap

    Jonathan RamírezJonathan Ramírez3 dager siden
  • how do you even play moded videos

    Delaney SavelyDelaney Savely3 dager siden
  • I hit the like button but it turned black

    Chain x BeastChain x Beast3 dager siden
  • My lil bro: *AUGHHhauAGHHHHHHHH* Me: My lil bro: I DID IT I DID IT!!

    Cenk AkyıldızCenk Akyıldız3 dager siden
  • The like button is white for me

    Fuzzy LuckFuzzy Luck3 dager siden
  • Henwy said he’s the medic but sunde said loaf kill him

    William GrahamWilliam Graham3 dager siden
  • 1:12 he sounded like pungence

    Andrew EstradaAndrew Estrada3 dager siden
  • Me has the new up date it’s white not blue

    Taymplaysminecraft98 Save earth pls earth is dyingTaymplaysminecraft98 Save earth pls earth is dying3 dager siden
  • How to get this mode?

  • How

    Majeda HayoukMajeda Hayouk3 dager siden
  • totally you didint steal from socksfor1.

    idk idkidk idk3 dager siden
  • This mod and imp can get killed by sheriff and someone might ress imp intense

    Rainbow ScalesRainbow Scales3 dager siden
  • I guess we only have to get 6 for the like button

    TigerFox GamingTigerFox Gaming3 dager siden
  • Are you cooler blined it terns grey!!!!

    Lexi WilliamsLexi Williams3 dager siden
  • "The only person i know was revived is loaf" 2 rounds later: GET OUT LOAF

    DoggoFNDoggoFN3 dager siden
    • Ikr! I was thinking the same thing!

      bxtterfliis ୨୧bxtterfliis ୨୧21 time siden
    • Cooooooolllll

      itz laZy ErRoRitz laZy ErRoRDag siden
  • St.mhb

    Giseli BrownGiseli Brown3 dager siden
  • Wait can the dead people when they are revived say at a meeting who killed them

    jetungol83jetungol833 dager siden
  • love

    tim Sheddtim Shedd3 dager siden
  • How to download this mod?

    Магжан НаркеновМагжан Наркенов3 dager siden
  • who miss ssundae and cranes lucky blocks?

    peter Heckscherpeter Heckscher3 dager siden
  • I gfvhd

    Krystal SawyerKrystal Sawyer3 dager siden
  • I I know your mother that you can use

    Krystal SawyerKrystal Sawyer3 dager siden
  • “;

    Krystal SawyerKrystal Sawyer3 dager siden
  • I am at that you can do

    Krystal SawyerKrystal Sawyer3 dager siden
  • You are such a beg. And of course they know it’s among us

    Coolcallum 65Coolcallum 653 dager siden
  • When u hit the like button it goes white

    Robyn LennoxRobyn Lennox3 dager siden
  • 100iq-ing us, 100iq ain't that good

    BilaalBilaal3 dager siden
  • Who else wants Ssundee to play MORE FORTNITE???

    Immortal NinjaImmortal Ninja3 dager siden