MEET My NEW FAMILY (Game Of Life 2)

22. des.. 2020
2 076 999 Ganger

Meet my NEW family in the Game of LIFE!

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  • This is one of the longest video he had made

    Noah’s MemesNoah’s Memes46 minutter siden
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  • Instructions unclear no like button only description

    Slowbro FriendSlowbro Friend3 timer siden
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  • i remember gertrude

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  • Sunnde doesn’t now how o play baffle dead

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  • I think ian has adhd anybody else just saying

    lebbari game.lebbari game.Dag siden
  • Srry but it turned black because I’m on mobile

    AxilycAxilycDag siden
  • when i like the vid it turns black :D

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  • I hope there's another Game of Life 2 video because I enjoy watching it much

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  • Hi

    Kim BarkerKim BarkerDag siden
  • SSundee: And dudes if you have a life make sure to hit that like button Me: dang it I was really looking forward to hitting the like button

    HydroXHydroX2 dager siden
  • and the crowns mean you have the most of it

    The Winter CabinThe Winter Cabin2 dager siden
  • the books are knowledge points the hearts are happiness points and the piggybanks are wealth points

    The Winter CabinThe Winter Cabin2 dager siden
  • _ _ =

    Angel PerezAngel Perez2 dager siden
  • Guess I don’t have a life😢🥺

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  • New one more dislike and then like 66000 dislikes you're not 60 something it's 6000 dislikes so freaking b6000, dislike

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  • Hahahahaha

    chrystle hernandezchrystle hernandez2 dager siden
  • sundee:come with me bintrece me(and gertrude) Why?!

    CreepeerXCreepeerX2 dager siden
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  • Keep making such awesome videos you are an inspiration to everyone keep doing what you’re doing

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  • I musnt have a life on mobile the like buttton turns black when you press it

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  • 26:50 peaple with taxes be like

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  • I love your vids Ssundee

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  • No 8ts black

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  • Where can you download game of life

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  • This was so fun!!

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  • It turned black

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  • rebelion:the risky path shall be taken for family, for family SSundee:(has 1 kid)nah I don't want more kids

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  • SSundee please play flight simulator

    ?! Not_Alfie52?! Not_Alfie524 dager siden
  • biffle : WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAit , u dont spin the baby like that me: argreed , cos the baby gonna vormit

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  • did you know nearly all of ssundees videos start with so

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  • It’s not blue on phone

    Chanchal BegumChanchal Begum5 dager siden
    • On the like button

      Chanchal BegumChanchal Begum5 dager siden
  • The toothsome wrist rapidly afford because department seasonally change apud a erratic class. encouraging, tiny grandson

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  • Sigils- "Dude I am getting 60 frames per second Me who plays *FORTNITE* on 30FPS - **BRUH*

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  • so like almost 1 mil people watching are dead XD

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  • I am a pro at this game

    Captain FroonCaptain Froon6 dager siden
  • I played the board game Of it

    Captain FroonCaptain Froon6 dager siden
  • The crown does example biffle has 4❤ 3book 0wealth and everybody have no ❤ book and wealth biffle will get a crown cuz he has the most ❤ and book U NEED TO READ THE SSUNDEE

    Nonchangchang YTNonchangchang YT6 dager siden
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  • 192k people watching are Liars

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    • Including me

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  • People who have updated NOworld Wait what's blue we have black

  • Purple is a female and a male at the same time.

    ThienViet ;3ThienViet ;311 dager siden

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  • singil said ssundde undie