*NEW* Among Us Hide & Seek MINI GAME

1. nov.. 2020
5 162 022 Ganger

We play a NEW Sardines Mini Game in Among Us!

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  • IM Dying cause of flico

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  • 21:55 SSundee: “I aM nOt BaLd I bOuGhT hAiR” I am LITERALLY DYING😂😂😂😂😂😂 Definitely did not replay that 983729471813 times

    bxtterfliis ୨୧bxtterfliis ୨୧20 timer siden
  • Ssundee gives himself awaybt holding his breath when somone gets near as if that matters

    Super KSuper K21 time siden
  • Litterely the spots they chose are the first spots I will always look

    Faxbi ElliottFaxbi Elliott22 timer siden
  • So ‘kees dna edih’.

    Toru HagakureToru HagakureDag siden
  • I need more of this! Lol

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  • Crewmates actually can't hear vents believe it or not

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  • Why you dont was in THE vent?

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  • tewiy is a bot

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  • hi im patrick

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  • 15:39 I love just that laugh

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  • can you do a mod that everyone is impostor but there is a crewmate which is like impostor

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  • 9:38 7:38

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  • a good hiding spot is the very corner of green house

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  • I was going to say you could hide in the vent but then I heard you say it was not allowed I was like my life is over

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  • flico is a bot, he passed them five times in plain sight and didnt know

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  • Why isn't it ' how chips or pizza works

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  • Don’t say chat if your not streaming ok good 😀

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  • That’s how It work

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  • It’s called sardines

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  • It’s basically Sardines

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  • It’s a knife not a axe 0:12

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  • this is not hide and seek, is seek and hide.

    ogorota GDogorota GD11 dager siden
  • I laughed so hard when Ssundee said "we will know on the next episode on" and then one of the others said "Ssundeeballzz" Question: Who said Ssundeeballz

    Charushila GautamCharushila Gautam11 dager siden
    • Sigi Bigi

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  • So it's technically like sardines because one person goes hide and then the last person to go find them is the next one

    Three Girls and MoreThree Girls and More12 dager siden
  • My mod idea is zomdie vs crewmate with wepoans and shireff, medic

    otgonbayar khotgonbayar kh12 dager siden
  • The previous facilities actually expand because fuel anatomically blink for a nonchalant pendulum. soggy, jobless airship

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  • Ssundee’s channel was made 14 days after I was born

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  • Ssundee: if I can AXE u a question press the like button Me:DATS A VERY WEIRD QUESTIONS

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  • This game is called sardines not hide and seek backwards lmfao

    Braedyn TowlerBraedyn Towler13 dager siden
  • Everyone: hides and unmutes in front of nicovald Nicovald: runs away from the hiding spot in o2

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  • hi I was just seeing what your video was about and I was thanking that I could play with you in among us because me and my brother LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVE your video

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  • am i the only knowing they using the admin thing to find him

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  • 9:55 he said I want a Tesla and he got a Tesla from Ssundee couple months after

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    • I know They can’t it’s a joke

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  • Why did you call it hide and seek backwards when there is a name for that it’s called sardines

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  • Go Ssundee

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  • “Ax” u a question.

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