*NEW* Imposters FREEZE ABILITY (Among Us)

6. des.. 2020
3 876 369 Ganger

We give IMPOSTORS a FREEZE ability in Modded Among Us!

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  • Hi

    Mac dizzleMac dizzle28 minutter siden
  • I want more trolls

    asianannabeasianannabe5 timer siden
  • i have an idea 'giant mod' can be name the imposter can become giant every minute(1 minute cooldown) but in that duration, his speed and vision are low he can kill crewmates by stepping on them do this pls

    spn- nephilimspn- nephilim6 timer siden
  • Happy birthday lol

    Tammy MorinTammy Morin17 timer siden
  • Hi ssundee

    Richard FerrisRichard Ferris17 timer siden
  • How do you do freeze mode

  • I love your vids can you make a mod where the like every 15 seconds that the crewmates can turn into a imposter and the imposter will switch to a crewmate every crewmate can be a imposter

    Zachary DaytonZachary Dayton21 time siden
  • Henwy a bot

    Grace ReadGrace Read21 time siden
  • 1 month 262k like

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  • 21:22

    Annil PanchoAnnil PanchoDag siden
  • play fortnite :D

    Landon DedrickLandon DedrickDag siden
  • Fortnite death animation 6:45

    Benjamin JorgeBenjamin JorgeDag siden
  • i love you

    Ty BunningTy BunningDag siden
  • Wow what a animation 😁😁

    Sreeveeran SushmaSreeveeran SushmaDag siden
  • King has a zenistu pfp (i know i probably spelled it wrong)

    iyuu koo xxiyuu koo xxDag siden
  • 3:58 What's this kill animation?

    dayfindayfinDag siden
    • Ikrrrrr4

      Elec PlaysElec PlaysDag siden
  • I'm so late

    Said jamhadSaid jamhad2 dager siden
  • Ayy

    Said jamhadSaid jamhad2 dager siden
  • He's not lying it did turned blue :D If u press the like button in the comments it will turned BLACK (insert the noise ssundee makes)

    Lucas NgLucas Ng2 dager siden
    • I press like it go black

      cool- dudecool- dudeDag siden
  • mod idea: every time the imposter kills the speed of the imposter will go slower and slower

    SarojSaroj2 dager siden
    • Stollen comment

      Sub2 The Yoda PickleSub2 The Yoda PickleDag siden
  • Happy birthday Ian

    AlJoud AKAlJoud AK2 dager siden
  • idea:Everytime cremate does a task the imposter gets smaller but faster

    MAiZee CorporalMAiZee Corporal2 dager siden
    • But then everybody would see the person getting small and vote them out

      ThunderboltThunderboltDag siden
  • pls don't make jokes me and my sidling watch your vids we all shar the same room

    C dogC dog2 dager siden
  • It dost tern blue

    Mason GoochMason Gooch2 dager siden
    • Yehirdosnrr sj

      cool- dudecool- dudeDag siden
  • among us where everyone has cars to get around!!!

    Stephane LacroixStephane Lacroix2 dager siden
    • yes pls

      Ty BunningTy BunningDag siden
  • A Google guy

    Hayden TurkalyHayden Turkaly2 dager siden
  • He

    Hayden TurkalyHayden Turkaly2 dager siden
  • i love henwy

    سم سومسم سوم2 dager siden
  • can u play normal

    Arouja IlyasArouja Ilyas2 dager siden
  • ????? It said king killed Ian... but king is dead...

    Eva BrofEva Brof2 dager siden
    • Nah it said biffle kill him but he was dead

      cool- dudecool- dudeDag siden
  • You should do this mod and every 10 seconds you turn to a different thing like if your up then you will turn to crewmate

    Isabel WiltshireIsabel Wiltshire2 dager siden
  • Can I unfreeze now ? Lol

    Isabel WiltshireIsabel Wiltshire2 dager siden
  • Am I the only one who noticed that at the start of the first round 0:30 people were walking outside the map

    Jackson greenmanJackson greenman2 dager siden
    • Lmao

      cool- dudecool- dudeDag siden
  • All of the mods put to gever

    gangster harleygangster harley2 dager siden
  • Anyone else get a JoJo vibe from this? I was like "Freeze time? ZA WARUDO!"

    Geordi ZonneveldGeordi Zonneveld3 dager siden
  • Water or submarine and you have to find fishes or sharks to step on so you don't drown (Tasks: Catch fishes, help sharks, Refill oxygen, and a subscribe and like button to press XD) Like if you agree! Thank you :D

    Meg CastigoMeg Castigo3 dager siden
  • Where was the dead body, yes or no? SSundee 2020

    Katana sordKatana sord3 dager siden
  • Freezing time in among us. Me: ZARWARDOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

    Nether ChargerNether Charger3 dager siden
  • I think I lost my dog

    Samantha YearwoodSamantha Yearwood3 dager siden
  • freze me

    Ricky LunsfordRicky Lunsford3 dager siden
  • Gold (yellow) kills Ssundee, kill animation: Orange King (orange) Kills Ssundee, kill animation: Yellow Me: shouldn't it be the other way around??

    Cars3 kidCars3 kid3 dager siden
  • Mod idea: every minute a random mod you’ve done happens? I think this would be cool

    Neil JacksonNeil Jackson3 dager siden
    • Yea

      punda tuberpunda tuberDag siden
  • Ian:spamming his key bored Ian:I CANT MOVE

    Cassie DorrellCassie Dorrell3 dager siden
  • Why is my like button turn white

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  • H

    Nova SmithNova Smith4 dager siden
  • *NEW* Imposters FREEZE ABILITY (Among Us) next time say *NEW* Imposters FREEZE ABILITY (Among Us) MOD!!!!!

    Ryan GameingRyan Gameing4 dager siden
  • 7:20 [SSundee gets Impostor]

    elllukellluk4 dager siden
  • Stop copying from socks pls its plagerism

    Jerane ffJerane ff4 dager siden
  • Have you seen dropship new map because it's cool

    Helen HuertaHelen Huerta4 dager siden
  • Hi

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  • Ssunde: Trying to talk JeromeASF: Walks by everyone as soon as cricket chirps.... Me: WTH DUDE XDDDDD

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  • K I'll moo

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  • Hey that’s my birthday 🎂

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  • I think Henry self

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  • ###########################

    Jonas DubakovasJonas Dubakovas4 dager siden
  • You sud mcka mod pirita r in the game and the pirita ty can ckil you

    Erick PachecoErick Pacheco4 dager siden
  • like the chanell

    Troy FreireTroy Freire4 dager siden
  • do a mod that u have 2 helth

    Troy FreireTroy Freire4 dager siden
  • I love you

    Jairon RiedewaldJairon Riedewald4 dager siden
  • cool

    Ray WuRay Wu4 dager siden
  • Ssundee: he is playing preposter Me: that is preposterous

    Christopher PaulChristopher Paul4 dager siden
  • Happy birthday Ian

    Marco TeixeiraMarco Teixeira4 dager siden
  • Mod Idea:Once you sabotage a door you can’t enter that room until you vote out the imposter that did the sabotage

    Emeagi's Agbroje'sEmeagi's Agbroje's4 dager siden
  • Wow

    Ayden PlayzAyden Playz4 dager siden
  • I know this vid old but bro u should have turn off reactor wait 20 secs then freeze

    Joe StoneJoe Stone5 dager siden
  • The world stop time

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  • Too bad my like button turns black ;-;

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  • Happy late birthday

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  • The freeze is col

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  • Gold was killer and he was ded

    Jatavian CatronJatavian Catron5 dager siden
  • WOW

    Elias RanquistElias Ranquist5 dager siden
  • SSundee did a PERFECT Imposter play!!!!!

    Elias RanquistElias Ranquist5 dager siden
  • Sundae where do you get these mods at

  • Ssundee: Henwy where was the body yes or no Me XD

    Ethel Lucy WallerEthel Lucy Waller6 dager siden
  • can you do slow moe one please

    Gracyn MartinGracyn Martin6 dager siden
  • Make more fortine videos

    Bryan and Jessica HinckleyBryan and Jessica Hinckley6 dager siden
  • Every Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Fan watching this vid: "ZA WARUDO!!"

    TheLameGamesTheLameGames6 dager siden
  • 4:00 bruh what is that killll

    ¿¿¿¿¿¿6 dager siden
  • HeNwY WheRe Is ThE DeAd BoDy *YES OR NO*

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    • Yes or no!??!?!

      ¿¿¿¿¿¿6 dager siden

    XxYūreiTheRandomPotatoxXXxYūreiTheRandomPotatoxX6 dager siden
  • Why jokes

    Chico CuteChico Cute6 dager siden
  • He scream when henwy was dead killed me

    Mason OldhamMason Oldham6 dager siden
  • These abilities should have a cost. Like everytime the impostor uses it, a random crewmate gets a completed task and vice versa if a crewmate/spy has an ability.

    Guy At WorkGuy At Work6 dager siden
    • It should

      ATAMasterShakeATAMasterShake22 timer siden
    • Yes

      ATAMasterShakeATAMasterShake22 timer siden
  • My like button turns white sooooo.....

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  • Did you and nico actually fight a youtuber in his vid said you did

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  • U first

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  • Blackkkkkkkk

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  • Stop being crinj pls

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  • carrot man is here like for a carrot yes

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  • Aww Look At This Puppy...Its Sad Try To Cheer It Up

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  • And i love your vids

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  • Happy Birthday SSundee

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  • Im freez im not do dat

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  • I want this mode

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  • why whrn i click the like button it turns whitr

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  • How do you get freeze power I wanna learn how to set up that ability☺️

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  • My Button Like Turns black just like my heart

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  • How can we like if we freeze every thing? 😑😲😲😲😲

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  • did anyone saw the freeze button cooldown went lower when they were voting

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