Playing as The MOST POWERFUL Character in Minecraft Sky Factory

9. nov.. 2020
1 909 225 Ganger

We make the most OP armor in Sky Factory!

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  • Armie Hammer

    oncemil diezoncemil diez23 timer siden
  • The amount of comments this comment gets is the amount of times he said "neat" in 1 vid

    VIPERVIPER2 dager siden
  • I like the fact that the prosperity shards look like Queensland lol

    Norse Nyan CatNorse Nyan Cat4 dager siden
  • STOP SAYING NEAT please and thank you

    Stacie BlakelyStacie Blakely10 dager siden
  • 3:32 just look at his head 🤣

    Adam CadieuxAdam Cadieux11 dager siden
  • who is watching in 2021

    Dominick KrummeDominick Krumme11 dager siden
  • Not op enough

    Dub NationDub Nation15 dager siden
  • Like ya forehead g

    Trace FettyTrace Fetty16 dager siden
  • did you lose your hat or something and replaced them with glasses? Lol

    The Gaming RubyThe Gaming Ruby18 dager siden
  • For some reason you sound dumb when you say I’ve been BUSY in between episodes

    Tanzy LoveTanzy Love18 dager siden
  • Did I see a slime on a spider?

    LazyLucasLazyLucas18 dager siden
  • Neat. 3:29 Look at his face cam

    Rin OkumuraRin Okumura19 dager siden
  • Now u have the same amount of likes as nether stars

    Advik MocharlaAdvik Mocharla23 dager siden
  • When Ssundee first said I’ve been BUSY: ooooooohhhhh Now when Ssundee said I’ve been BUSY: Meh 😒😐😑😒😐😑😒😐😒😐😑😒😐😑

    Nyree RussellNyree Russell25 dager siden
  • ssundee why do you have glasses your not hewny

    5A 張皓然 PLKSHS5A 張皓然 PLKSHS26 dager siden
  • Hi

    Raf 7upRaf 7up28 dager siden
  • He gained the power of glasses 3:29

    Hades2580Hades258029 dager siden
  • Just eat the pill Pls

    David KosasihDavid Kosasih29 dager siden
  • Actually ssundee people usually put speed on their BOOTS not leggings

    alex parkeralex parker29 dager siden
  • "Also, I've been BUSY heh in between episodes"

    alex parkeralex parker29 dager siden
  • Still, saying Rah-pee-ay huh?

    Aaron WangAaron WangMåned siden
  • Only og's know what that whole is from in the twilight dimension meat series with lancypoo

    idk idkidk idkMåned siden
  • Ssundee: now we make a Rdite sapling Rdite: I feel attacked

    SoMuchYellow PlayzSoMuchYellow PlayzMåned siden
  • the naga doing nothing to you isnt because you are strong, its because how pathetic and weak the naga is.

    Exotic VoltageExotic VoltageMåned siden
  • Make a flex srd

    Devin DiazDevin DiazMåned siden
  • LOL all of these comments are the big Gæ

    Zenthanius -godZenthanius -godMåned siden
  • You took your hat off and put some glasses on your head. NEAT

    Jonathan GarciaJonathan GarciaMåned siden
  • The screen isn't glitching when he gets hit?

    Energy SergesEnergy SergesMåned siden
  • Like my comment to show Ian we want I’VE BEEN BUSY merchandise

    Energy SergesEnergy SergesMåned siden
  • I’ve been busy in between episodes. Quote aside by ssundde

    Jayden HernandezJayden HernandezMåned siden
  • Dirt is the way to goo

    Rebecca MArtinRebecca MArtinMåned siden
  • We hate cobble stone we love dirt

    Rebecca MArtinRebecca MArtinMåned siden
  • Glitch armor looks nicer

    AssakuAssakuMåned siden
  • I BEEN bUsY BETweEn ePisOdES Beats the game

    Mr. MinecraftMr. MinecraftMåned siden
  • wait bruh SSundee already made SkyFactory 4 this is SkyFactory 5

    Raitodākunesu ChikaraRaitodākunesu ChikaraMåned siden
  • 3:27 Glasses

    Bruh 2.0Bruh 2.0Måned siden
  • Neat

    Qian LiQian LiMåned siden
  • He always say it.

    Qian LiQian LiMåned siden
  • Neat

    Qian LiQian LiMåned siden
  • ETE

    KeeganGavin CodyKeeganGavin CodyMåned siden
  • How

    Ally SAlly SMåned siden
  • I get confused with this series sometimes.

    Aaron TakabaAaron TakabaMåned siden
  • 13:55 ‘get outta my house’ The mobs:’but this is our home you entered the twilight forest’

    The Dry Bones GamerThe Dry Bones GamerMåned siden
  • i do not think he realises that he has 15.2 mil subs and he asks for 85 thousand likes when he gets 200 thousand

    Dumb BrainDumb BrainMåned siden
  • Whenever Ssundee automates something it’s always in the thousands

    Max MaglorMax MaglorMåned siden
  • We just need some pen and paper.

    MythitoriumMythitoriumMåned siden
  • What you do is when it starts to do damage you upgrade a ton and one shot it

    Aidcrazy SolAidcrazy SolMåned siden
  • 3:29 he changed from his hat to his glasses

    Kolten QuillianKolten QuillianMåned siden
  • This is starting to feel a little like crundee craft

    Lewis FentonLewis FentonMåned siden
  • nice glasses homie

    Bloody ValentineBloody ValentineMåned siden
  • Why is sunder wherering glases

    Max KaramMax KaramMåned siden
  • */\B R U H/\*

    Actual EggActual EggMåned siden
  • Yo Ssundee kitted out in supreme😂

    Justin JacksonJustin JacksonMåned siden
  • SSundee says glow stone Ingot Me:wait that’s an Illegal

    Lisa BivinsLisa BivinsMåned siden
  • 14:39 you sneaky beaky russel! I'm on to you! That's a riff from starwars! I would know, being a starwars fan and all. Good pick though, props.

    Mr_HMr_HMåned siden
  • Eat it

    Liam FinchLiam FinchMåned siden
  • yes i know that’s so crazy

    John Whigham .Alpha Omega FitnessJohn Whigham .Alpha Omega FitnessMåned siden
  • I love remembering about the old ssundee and the old series that I loved

    Jackson PirieJackson PirieMåned siden
  • i am sad he is hating his fps world with like 200 mods yet i have 133 and my game has barely any fps with all the settings to crap

    Dylan LeslieDylan LeslieMåned siden
  • 1.06 million

    YeetYeetMåned siden
  • 86k people Ok understandable *gets 200k in a week*

    Kevin R-BloxKevin R-BloxMåned siden
  • If only they had Botania... also those recent videos are better watched in 2x speed

    ChaosContrlChaosContrlMåned siden
  • Well it’s probably doesn’t matter but do you wanna put the speed charm on the boots

    J.J. SavageJ.J. SavageMåned siden
  • This is actually skyfactory 5

    midnight gamermidnight gamerMåned siden
  • am i the only 1 who noticed he ends up having sun glasses on instead of his hat

    bderude crewebderude creweMåned siden
  • Nobody: Not even a dog: Ssundee: NEAAT

    Grape and NoodleGrape and NoodleMåned siden
  • ssundee with his lucky block videos and derp ssundee making the dumbest jokes

    Zander FergusonZander FergusonMåned siden
  • bring back derp ssundee

    Zander FergusonZander FergusonMåned siden
  • anyone else notice his glasses?

    Mzain12Mzain12Måned siden
  • Awesome video make more like this 👍🏻😁👍🏻😁👍🏻😁👍🏻😁👍🏻😁👍🏻😁👍🏻😁👍🏻😁👍🏻😁👍🏻😁

    SW_AntonSW_AntonMåned siden
  • how do you make the magma slime-prismarine-paper-steel-shuriken?

    Chua Zheng XuanChua Zheng XuanMåned siden
  • How ssundee laughs ha ehh ahh

    1000 ping playa1000 ping playaMåned siden
  • Ardite without the "A" is the name of totally cooler youtuber. You should check him out.

    Riley LuRiley LuMåned siden
  • We need red. Apples lol you have red apples 😏

    We are together —We are together —Måned siden
  • Where's our boi derp ssundee

    The ButtergamerThe ButtergamerMåned siden
  • Filthy trendhopper

    ABI UbunifuABI UbunifuMåned siden
  • Where is deerp sundde anyway

    Necil GargaritaNecil GargaritaMåned siden
  • 86k

    Mouhnad MalilMouhnad MalilMåned siden
  • Cobalt 60 is one of the most dangerous nuclear power in the world

    the an epicthe an epicMåned siden
  • I love swag

    the an epicthe an epicMåned siden
  • Me: Since when did he have sunglasses on

    Beezeye PlayzBeezeye PlayzMåned siden
  • I remember all these from ftb!

    DiamondDiamondMåned siden
  • Prosp sapling lol

    Xd_zweatXd_zweatMåned siden
  • I need Derp Ssunde :(

    Sofia MedinaSofia MedinaMåned siden
  • Need I have four like buttons

    Yury ChizhikYury ChizhikMåned siden
  • why is he wearing glasses

    danny okugbedanny okugbeMåned siden
  • 86k those are rookie numbers

    TiaTiaMåned siden
  • 3:25 magic in his hat

    santiago Andrade.santiago Andrade.Måned siden

    santiago Andrade.santiago Andrade.Måned siden
  • Herry has a secret base

    Olga ThorpeOlga ThorpeMåned siden
  • And I was ya foot in ya foot

    Ectoblaster596Ectoblaster596Måned siden
  • My guess for mulch was 22 thousand

    Ectoblaster596Ectoblaster596Måned siden
  • Ian are They new glasses?

    Aneish BellAneish BellMåned siden
  • Nice glasses 3:39

  • Hey ssundee where did your giant FOOT go

    ravuth playZravuth playZ2 måneder siden
  • /Among us

    Benny 275XBenny 275X2 måneder siden
  • SkyFactory got a lot of trees and stuff

    Benny 275XBenny 275X2 måneder siden
  • I love you videos

    Benny 275XBenny 275X2 måneder siden
  • Why are there glasses on your head;-;

    I-vNinjax PlaysI-vNinjax Plays2 måneder siden
  • Homie... why are you making this much mulch when you only have like 100 things that even take it and only need 1 block per???

    TheryanhuberTheryanhuber2 måneder siden