11. nov.. 2020
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We bring back the RANDOM SKIN CHALLENGE!

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    James SeymourJames SeymourTime siden
  • Hit the like button when he hits max mats

    Bev GraggBev Gragg3 timer siden
  • Y5jhy5. Hey 5 h5yh 5y

    Mandy JoynerMandy Joyner5 timer siden
  • Renegade raider

    michael jr streharskymichael jr streharsky9 timer siden
  • Who is watching that’s not subscribed subscribed to ssunde now

    Samual SinteSamual Sinte17 timer siden
  • Bruh at the start that was a aug

    i spy an albertoi spy an alberto18 timer siden
  • Renegade raider

    Zayde WhitakerZayde Whitaker23 timer siden
  • Hit the like button

    Xander DurbinXander DurbinDag siden
  • Like if he is at max mats

    Lucero ValdiviaLucero ValdiviaDag siden
  • Recon is the rarest

    Lynetta HagelLynetta HagelDag siden
  • Foot

    Flavia RiosFlavia RiosDag siden
  • bro when you said comment what is the rerest skin its ligit renegade raider

  • 2months 176k like

    Makabuse MkhizeMakabuse MkhizeDag siden
  • renegade raider

    LilBoiCJ onfortniteLilBoiCJ onfortniteDag siden
  • when he says we have to hit the like button i hit it even if i have already

    Riley HughesRiley HughesDag siden
  • hit that LIKE BUTTON.

    Trey WhitehurstTrey Whitehurst2 dager siden
  • Purple

    Dan IerinoDan Ierino2 dager siden
  • what is on his head lol

    Kyla RathboneKyla Rathbone2 dager siden
  • Recon expert that is the rarest skin

    Bradley FarrBradley Farr3 dager siden
  • Aria

    Matthew MullinMatthew Mullin3 dager siden
  • I started chaper 1 season 4

    Rosa TinajeroRosa Tinajero3 dager siden
  • on mobile it turns white xd

    Yet I am betterYet I am better3 dager siden
  • Recon

    Ttrillion gangTtrillion gang3 dager siden
  • I hit the like button even if you don’t get max materials

    BH PxyroBH Pxyro3 dager siden
  • the panda skin is the rarest

    Austin RobertsAustin Roberts3 dager siden
  • Deadpool

    TheTinajakobsenTheTinajakobsen4 dager siden
  • I think it's renegade raider right.....?

    Crippled voidCrippled void4 dager siden
  • For the newer people in this channel if he gets max mats at any of them you HAVE to hit that like button or known in my language the FOOT BUTTON

    Jack CummingsJack Cummings4 dager siden
  • Renegade is actually the rarest

    Big DickBig Dick4 dager siden
  • What minutes max materials you gonna hit thats Like button

    Jaxson WorkmanJaxson Workman4 dager siden
  • I’m sorry I said that I was at the beginning

    Jaxson WorkmanJaxson Workman4 dager siden
  • Why didn’t you just upgrade the blue pump purple purple

    Jaxson WorkmanJaxson Workman4 dager siden
  • Ariel salt trooper rest of your skin it’s either aerial assault trooper or renegade raider

    Jaxson WorkmanJaxson Workman4 dager siden
  • Aerial assault trooper

    Skidoosh ClanSkidoosh Clan4 dager siden
  • Me to

    Curry_30_ BluesCurry_30_ Blues4 dager siden
  • the rarest skin is ariel asault trooper

    Ethan HardyEthan Hardy4 dager siden
  • pink goole trooper

    Christopher SartorChristopher Sartor4 dager siden
  • The renegade reader

    Shelby WilkinsonShelby Wilkinson4 dager siden
  • i am a verry big fan i watch you every day and night

    Linda JonesLinda Jones5 dager siden
  • Renegade reader

    video makervideo maker6 dager siden
  • Ssundee: I don’t play this season Me: You are literally on level 144

    David SohalDavid Sohal6 dager siden
  • Yo what is popping

    Andile MdlaloseAndile Mdlalose6 dager siden
  • What is your name in fortnite

    Brittany YoungBrittany Young7 dager siden
  • I og playing since season 5

    Kay RingoKay Ringo7 dager siden
  • renegade raider is probably the rairest

    Testo PulseTesto Pulse7 dager siden
  • I love your content you bring me joy when I’m down keep it up 👍

    Eclipse_CosmoEclipse_Cosmo7 dager siden
  • You have to hit the like button subscribe to SSundee and nico

    Makéna BradyMakéna Brady8 dager siden
  • You hit that like button

    LilD2009 ELilD2009 E8 dager siden
  • Like button press

    MioMio8 dager siden
  • Aerial Assault Trooper this is the rarrest

    Lyra MondragonLyra Mondragon8 dager siden
  • I know I’m late but 2 months but when you hit max mats of wood brick or metal you need to hit that like button and sub

    Clutch ClapsClutch Claps9 dager siden
  • The rarest skin is the school trooper as in pink

    Maribel CastelloMaribel Castello9 dager siden
  • Orange

    Crispy FishCrispy Fish10 dager siden
  • Everyone I hope u all are safe and have a good day

    Sief ashgouriSief ashgouri10 dager siden
  • Recon expert

    Thomas DonnellyThomas Donnelly11 dager siden
  • one like for that poor bot R.I.P

  • The renegade raider is the rarest

    Mike WelchMike Welch11 dager siden
  • like the video

    Meme is JacksonMeme is Jackson11 dager siden
  • renegade raider

    Meme is JacksonMeme is Jackson11 dager siden
  • the rarest skin is arel

    Michael NovakMichael Novak11 dager siden
  • Helmet boy

    Jack DyasJack Dyas11 dager siden
  • Gotta hit that like button

    James CliffordJames Clifford12 dager siden
  • If he hits max wood you goota hit that footbutton

    Jade WhiteJade White12 dager siden
  • I started playing in season 2 chapter 1

    Teresa LoveTeresa Love12 dager siden
  • Aerial asolt troper

    Oakley BrotherOakley Brother12 dager siden
  • Aral trooper

    Karen PandolfiKaren Pandolfi13 dager siden
  • I’m a og of chapter 2 season 5

    SHAWN LOWESHAWN LOWE13 dager siden
  • W1112244566777*44&5&4+4$&=$$44&$4&$4&$4$$$$4;4$44&4&&&55&&$4$$4$&

    Ashley St ClairAshley St Clair13 dager siden
  • recon ecspert

    Jackson PerryJackson Perry13 dager siden
  • hey ssundee are you cracked on controller

    Jeffrey LeeJeffrey Lee13 dager siden
  • The rarest skin is the renagade raider and purple skull trooper

    Sobia AslamSobia Aslam13 dager siden
  • Hit the like button

    Ryan and KaylinRyan and Kaylin14 dager siden
  • Pink goll

    Ryan and KaylinRyan and Kaylin14 dager siden
  • So when we going to get nick stepping on a lego

    It’s Xavier Kash MyersIt’s Xavier Kash Myers14 dager siden
  • Hit the like button

    Kim EnyartKim Enyart14 dager siden
    • !

      Kim EnyartKim Enyart14 dager siden
  • 7:35 Im looking, i dont see anything, im currently deaf, i dont see anything 🤣

    Manny DawitManny Dawit14 dager siden
  • you have to hit that like button

    Kelly DoddKelly Dodd14 dager siden
  • lol mom google account

    Kelly DoddKelly Dodd14 dager siden
  • the rarest skin is deafault

    Paul HooperPaul Hooper14 dager siden
  • You have purple skull trooper

    darkprince On_YTdarkprince On_YT14 dager siden
  • Ariel assault trooper

    Next genNext gen14 dager siden
  • I'm og

    zeptykzeptyk15 dager siden

    quicksclapzz quanquicksclapzz quan15 dager siden
  • I don’t make the rules I just follow them :SSundee

    ColdavGamingColdavGaming15 dager siden
  • He says he doesn't play this season even though he's level 145

    Jaxon CarterJaxon Carter15 dager siden
  • 1v1 me ssundee

    fondo cofondo co15 dager siden
  • Ssundee, the most og skin is renagade raider or arial assaultrooper. btw i love ur vids ive been watching u for 5-4 years and i thought i was subscribed because it said "SUBSCRIBE" and now that i signed in i went STRAIGHT to subrscribe to u keep up the good work man ur funny ur not toxic u don't brag thats what i love about u man!

    Diana SaabDiana Saab15 dager siden
  • Ya

    Nicholas SwabeyNicholas Swabey15 dager siden
  • or in more sense the renegade raider is the rarest

    Scottie RuckerScottie Rucker15 dager siden
  • the wrenigard warder is the rareerest

    Scottie RuckerScottie Rucker15 dager siden
  • it turned bluuuuuuuueeeeee!!!!!

    Scottie RuckerScottie Rucker15 dager siden
  • boi is aerial assault Trooper

    Kelley GraffKelley Graff15 dager siden
  • renage radier

    NoFear StarNoFear Star15 dager siden
  • How is there 2000 people disliking ssundee I don’t understand he’s such a good tuber

    Cilla N Lissah MaugaCilla N Lissah Mauga16 dager siden
  • The rarest skins in the game is the Ariel assault trooper and the Renagade raider

    JJPLAYZZ 200JJPLAYZZ 20016 dager siden
  • Chat but he is not even streaming

    Andres FloresAndres Flores16 dager siden
  • He is the og

    Jacob VillalobosJacob Villalobos16 dager siden

    Danny LiuDanny Liu16 dager siden
  • The rarest skin is aerial assault Trooper

    Ivan OrozcoIvan Orozco16 dager siden
  • renegade raider i think is the rarest

    Anthony WootenAnthony Wooten16 dager siden