29. sep.. 2020
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We play SIMON SAYS with my Discord!
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  • Gif a shit

    Freddy DAVILAFreddy DAVILA7 timer siden
  • Simen sea nowoln

    Freddy DAVILAFreddy DAVILA7 timer siden
  • The like button don’t turn blue

    NayWay Or NoWayNayWay Or NoWayDag siden
  • can you play another apple to apple?

    Erinn BengeErinn BengeDag siden
  • U chose

    virginie gimenezvirginie gimenezDag siden
  • looks like 20mil people lost simon says

  • It got 200k likes in 3 months and poblito want 200k in one day

    Manveer PanesarManveer PanesarDag siden
  • Yes

    Foxtrot EagleFoxtrot Eagle2 dager siden
  • yes

    Jasmine JainJasmine Jain2 dager siden
  • he didn't say Simon says "subscribe"

    Helen MulunehHelen Muluneh3 dager siden
  • haha thats funny ilovecats

    Ruth MoralesRuth Morales5 dager siden
  • simon says lik your foot

    Ruth MoralesRuth Morales5 dager siden
  • 🖤3💙2🖤1

    Romie TomatoRomie Tomato5 dager siden
  • XIwatched his very first video on his very first day when he does I mean not the first time in a very third one in West sixth year that’s all mad and I didn’t know about his NOworld channel but now six months ago a watch him for subscribing the phone or if Acacian and I want you all to do that now please like the video and if you like the video it will tremble you just like a blueberry

    ZanderZander6 dager siden
  • @Sigils

    Audrianna SwanAudrianna Swan6 dager siden
  • I think he has a problem with the word FOOT 🤔

    the Enaldo showthe Enaldo show8 dager siden
  • 0:20 Make it turn GRAYYYYYY

    Jeter and BoomerJeter and Boomer10 dager siden
  • What is the name of this game 🤔🤔

    Joy AziegbeJoy Aziegbe11 dager siden
    • Simon says

      Ari TchaparianAri Tchaparian11 dager siden
  • Pore anonymous

    David CampbellDavid Campbell12 dager siden
  • yessssssss

  • You are my favorite NOworldr

    Justin ValeraJustin Valera12 dager siden
  • Hi

    Justin ValeraJustin Valera12 dager siden
  • Ssundee didn't say Simons says when he said hit that subscribe button

    Yeet us 1053Yeet us 105315 dager siden
  • SSUNDEE can I be in a video and my name on fortnite is Djdog and can I join the discount

    sparkle twinssparkle twins16 dager siden
  • yes you should make a skin

    Roksolyana RobbRoksolyana Robb16 dager siden
  • whos watching this in 2021 XD

    Ozzie SpeedOzzie Speed17 dager siden
    • @killer luchindor me too

      Ozzie SpeedOzzie Speed16 dager siden
    • Me

      killer luchindorkiller luchindor16 dager siden
  • 22:06 never said simon says he just said go

    MrJaguarMrJaguar21 dag siden
  • Yes

    Cole ThompsonCole Thompson21 dag siden
  • Yes

    Brayden PlaysBrayden Plays22 dager siden
  • I joined your discord can we play among us

    issac martinezissac martinez22 dager siden
  • R.I.P

    Olli TaylorOlli Taylor24 dager siden
  • If I was ssundee I would be toxic X 20000

    Adelle BishopAdelle Bishop24 dager siden
  • The like button dawn's turn blue it is black

    Emily JeppesenEmily Jeppesen25 dager siden
  • i am 15 and it says that i am younger than 13 for the discord ssundee fix it plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Noah ConleyNoah Conley26 dager siden
  • The title is wrong

    vietnammesevietnammese29 dager siden
  • I updated youtube and the like button turns white now D;

    Reiden JarvisReiden JarvisMåned siden
  • He did not say Simon says hit that sub button

    jubei5587jubei5587Måned siden
  • Simon Says subscribe to ssundee. Or else I will milk your foot

    Jackson NorthrupJackson NorthrupMåned siden
  • You werd

    Amarion LinenAmarion LinenMåned siden
  • yes

    Rotem ShevesRotem ShevesMåned siden
  • Gggg

    Caitlyn MetrickCaitlyn MetrickMåned siden
  • why couldnt the toilet paper cross the road becuase it got stuck in the crack

    Jaden LaksJaden LaksMåned siden
  • My like is black no jk

    jayden streamsjayden streams2 måneder siden
  • I have discort

    Mazen KaterjiMazen Katerji2 måneder siden
  • But mine is black when I try to like your videos

    Jonny PilladoJonny Pillado2 måneder siden
  • Plz I would love to talk on discord!

    Hatu Patu12Hatu Patu122 måneder siden
  • If you press 3 on your keyboard during this video, Ian sounds like a dying cat.

    logan thomaslogan thomas2 måneder siden
  • Yo what yo discord

    Wierd Anime kidWierd Anime kid2 måneder siden
  • Hi

    Nicole CarvilleNicole Carville2 måneder siden
  • Simon says smash that like button

    Ashton WatsonAshton Watson2 måneder siden
  • Do sunndee skinn

    Mshari KuwMshari Kuw2 måneder siden
  • Doesn't even have 200k likes in one month

    Ember A.Ember A.2 måneder siden
  • Can i join

    Donna BishopDonna Bishop2 måneder siden
  • How do I get in his videos?

    Josh BellJosh Bell2 måneder siden
  • Haha

    AkiraAkira2 måneder siden
  • H

    Tiktok musicTiktok music2 måneder siden
  • Yes you shod

    Sticky CelerySticky Celery2 måneder siden
  • I would say eat a foot

    Maria FrancoMaria Franco2 måneder siden
  • yes make a skin for ssundy

    moheez dinmoheez din2 måneder siden
  • I love the old videos

    Milevahb VrbanMilevahb Vrban2 måneder siden
  • go sub to mason gt to help for support

    Cannon RabonCannon Rabon2 måneder siden
  • Yes

    Lazar gaming YTLazar gaming YT2 måneder siden
  • I love you sundee

    LiamLiam2 måneder siden
  • Why not do Ssundee says?

    Victor KwanVictor Kwan2 måneder siden
  • Su dê is dúm

    Binh NguyenBinh Nguyen2 måneder siden
  • 5 toes X 2 feet = 10 X the 5 toes on the other foot = 50 = 25 toes per foot (logik)

    HydraRobloxHydraRoblox2 måneder siden
  • I am a kid

    Denise KubikDenise Kubik2 måneder siden
  • Play valorant

    novillos miguelnovillos miguel2 måneder siden
  • I've been watching asunder for 2 years

    Lorraine MckennaLorraine Mckenna3 måneder siden
  • SSUNDEE is the best

    Lorraine MckennaLorraine Mckenna3 måneder siden
  • your such a bully

    Alpha zufarAlpha zufar3 måneder siden
  • Ghost games

    alexis harrisalexis harris3 måneder siden
  • 0

    Aaban KhanAaban Khan3 måneder siden
  • Hey I have three favourite games that you’ve played and I really want you to play them again they’re exploding kittens the ship and the ghost gameBut you don’t have to play them those are just things that I like

    Mr. UniverseMr. Universe3 måneder siden
  • yes apollo

    Majd BajboujMajd Bajbouj3 måneder siden
  • really

    blaze2619 harperblaze2619 harper3 måneder siden
  • Yes

    XBBS EvanXBBS Evan3 måneder siden
  • SSundee can i play fortnite with you

    Arkar shin thantArkar shin thant3 måneder siden
  • To

    Hussein SupremeHussein Supreme3 måneder siden
  • Ro

    Hussein SupremeHussein Supreme3 måneder siden
  • I am ro

    Hussein SupremeHussein Supreme3 måneder siden
  • you are a NOworldr

    Hussein SupremeHussein Supreme3 måneder siden
  • I

    Vicki VickiVicki Vicki3 måneder siden
  • H,u

    Vicki VickiVicki Vicki3 måneder siden
  • Hjk

    Vicki VickiVicki Vicki3 måneder siden
  • ME

    kawii slime loverkawii slime lover3 måneder siden
  • Sub to PizzaGod

    Exotic PizzaGodExotic PizzaGod3 måneder siden
  • Who read the title correctly it’s says the last man standing loses

    YouTube BlxnkzYouTube Blxnkz3 måneder siden
  • Mr. Ssundee the raft two came out can you make a series

    Kayla’s gaming tips And moreKayla’s gaming tips And more3 måneder siden
  • It turns blue now

    Cudder FullerCudder Fuller3 måneder siden

    Kyeler WerkmeisterKyeler Werkmeister3 måneder siden
  • Your the best....foot

    Steven FisherSteven Fisher3 måneder siden
  • I hope I can play fortnite with you sometime Like My friends

    Bentley RootesBentley Rootes3 måneder siden
  • :o

    yoyo55yoyo553 måneder siden
    • :o

      yoyo55yoyo553 måneder siden
  • Yes

    ProAahan GamingProAahan Gaming3 måneder siden
  • I did it

    Caileb MoranCaileb Moran3 måneder siden
  • I have all your games

    Brave BirdBrave Bird3 måneder siden
  • i joined your discord ssundee

    Zethen SainZethen Sain3 måneder siden
  • When the like button turns white 😔

    ChAsKe HiLLChAsKe HiLL3 måneder siden
  • If I played in the Simon says and I was asked for my final words, they would be... Squirrel

    The Robloxian BoysThe Robloxian Boys3 måneder siden
    • Han Jisung is a say Han Jisung- jk jk..he's a kpop artist from StrayKids😂

      Felix's EggsFelix's Eggs2 måneder siden