9. nov.. 2020
2 930 252 Ganger

We play HIDE and SEEK but EVERYONE is TINY!

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  • He was the 1 with the task lol

    Niamh McCoyNiamh McCoy18 minutter siden
  • a pokemon mod in among us

    Mase DouglasMase Douglas4 timer siden
  • Me saw sundee have task in specimet Sundee: who has the last task!

    XY wolfy02 02XY wolfy02 026 timer siden
  • Ssundee:WHO HAS THA LAST TASK YALL ARE ACUAL BOTS*doesn’t see he has the last task*

    David BoedekerDavid Boedeker8 timer siden
  • You had that 1 test haha

    Kayla ShearsKayla Shears10 timer siden
  • how dare u frame crewmates at da tasks

    Overseer Mike [WINNER]Overseer Mike [WINNER]12 timer siden
  • YOU had the last task 4:11

    Loki HannumLoki Hannum12 timer siden
  • You had the last task

    sak satsak sat13 timer siden
  • Ian says who has the last task Me u do he literally had Simon says

    Truett BerkleyTruett Berkley13 timer siden
  • These mods or sOOOoO GOOD 😌❤️❤️😜🥶

    YouTubeVitalsYouTubeVitals13 timer siden
    • Hi

      YouTubeVitalsYouTubeVitals13 timer siden
    • Hi

      YouTubeVitalsYouTubeVitals13 timer siden
    • Ho

      YouTubeVitalsYouTubeVitals13 timer siden
    • Hi

      YouTubeVitalsYouTubeVitals13 timer siden
  • SSundee, 4:00 and just watch the Simon says task. 🤭

    Lauren ProchaskaLauren Prochaska14 timer siden
  • SSundee: “WHO HAS THE LAST TASK?!” Also SSundee: (Goes by Simon Says task) Task: (Lights up) Me: “YOU DO!!!!!” *Time:* 4:12

    Noah R.Noah R.15 timer siden
  • ps in the first round you were the one who dint fin tasx

    Keira GrapesKeira Grapes16 timer siden
  • It's so hard typing T~T

    Janet WindsorJanet Windsor16 timer siden
  • Combined

    Janet WindsorJanet Windsor16 timer siden
  • I mean the maps do them all com9

    Janet WindsorJanet Windsor16 timer siden
  • They should probably make the maps all combined.Actually THATS A GREAT IDEA!SSUNDEE DO A MODE WHERE ALL THE NALS ARE COMBINED!!!

    Janet WindsorJanet Windsor16 timer siden

    Justin RidenerJustin Ridener16 timer siden
  • you did

    Evan WheelerEvan Wheeler17 timer siden
  • You hade the last task

    Roblox game master 11. Roblox game master 11.Roblox game master 11. Roblox game master 11.17 timer siden
  • Mix all the mods

    Rachel RiveraRachel Rivera18 timer siden
  • 16:54 did he not see the other guy?

    M4RCM4RC18 timer siden
  • Bro these kills are anime themed ( Gum Gum Grizzly Magnum from One Piece)

    dumb fooldumb fool19 timer siden
  • omg ssundee ur blind ur a foot

    Zain AdrielZain Adriel20 timer siden
  • I have a puppy that is small and she is so cute

    Scott WymanScott Wyman21 time siden
  • Among us among us!!!!!!

    Scott WymanScott Wyman21 time siden
  • In the first round you had the last task in specimen

    animation lordanimation lord22 timer siden
  • you have the last task bot!

    FG AYUBFG AYUBDag siden
  • he ha last task he had last task

    Lexxan LexxanLexxan LexxanDag siden
  • Lil btruh u had the last task P

    rashmi pyakurelrashmi pyakurelDag siden
  • In first game he said should has the last task actually he it

    manpreet singhmanpreet singhDag siden
  • does anyone notice at the end the ???

    Mr. PenguinMr. PenguinDag siden
  • Ssundee did not do his task

    Nathan Simon PatauegNathan Simon PatauegDag siden
  • Next mod imposters can tern invisible

    julie kjulie kDag siden
  • The person that had the last task was you you had Simon says

    Jorgito EnriquezJorgito EnriquezDag siden
  • Actually ssundee has the last task in round 1 did anyone notice?

    • It was in laboratory

  • You has the last task bot

    Morgan Anthony LintunganMorgan Anthony LintunganDag siden
  • You had the last task

    Peter GrahamPeter GrahamDag siden
  • Create can do sabtoge with the imposter the crew members can do a sabtoge to get the imposter out and imposter sabtoge to get the crew members out

    Paula RossPaula RossDag siden
  • Ssundue you had the last task

    ykr ykrykr ykrDag siden

    Kaelyn LauriagaKaelyn LauriagaDag siden
  • 1st round hes shouting at them calling them bots because 1 person had 1 more task it was ssundee who had to do it

    jack walshjack walshDag siden
  • 4:24, He had the last task 🤣

    Justin BlairJustin BlairDag siden
  • You should do among us but we know who the imposter is but only 3 crewmates know who it is or among us but we can jump

  • you had the last task ssunde

    Gamer kid 101Gamer kid 101Dag siden
  • He said there bots cause they didn’t do the last task but the last task was his LOL

    Jordan BishopJordan BishopDag siden
  • You had the task

    Isak LindbergIsak LindbergDag siden
  • He called them all bots because they didn’t do tasks when he had the last task

    Campbell ReiserCampbell ReiserDag siden
  • amoug us MOD: You can switch with someone to be a crewmate

    Kayla DefriasKayla DefriasDag siden
  • I like that the impostor can’t see the crewmate names and you can hide very good

    Thanos ChatzieleftheriouThanos ChatzieleftheriouDag siden
  • whoa the first round

    Omil VGOmil VGDag siden
  • Can we mode among. Us hind and seek but we big

    Sandra FarisSandra FarisDag siden
  • ‘Who has the last task’ Me: you literally do in lab

    Sophie JukesSophie JukesDag siden
  • your a foot you had the last task the first round

    Olivia ChibnickOlivia ChibnickDag siden
  • You was the last task

    Suan DamSuan DamDag siden
  • Me cringing when he wasn’t doing his last task as the ghost

    Kevin MoranKevin MoranDag siden
  • SSundee had the last tasks in the first round

    Jamie PicheJamie PicheDag siden
  • when he said were so cute i said maybe but u nun but cute oof i meant ur not cute but da among us characters are soooooooooooo cute

    put name hereput name hereDag siden
  • hi

    Jhett CasonJhett CasonDag siden
  • u have the last task stop making me mad

    gaming tigergaming tigerDag siden
  • Hahahaha

  • Ssunde said :who has task! The task be like bruhh u have the last task.

    Phang Mei SiengPhang Mei Sieng2 dager siden
  • Can you do the thanos mod

    Edvin NylanderEdvin Nylander2 dager siden
  • Ssundee sir you have the last task start the reator

    Rathna PandiRathna Pandi2 dager siden
  • you had the last task in specimen i can see the yellow blinking

  • Btw you had last task in round one

    Eric EscueEric Escue2 dager siden
  • Omg ssunde you missed the Simon says task

    Jessica RJessica R2 dager siden
  • Lol did any body see that heeee had the last task

    MP LANDSCAPING solutionsMP LANDSCAPING solutions2 dager siden
  • The task right next to him....... WHO HAS THE LAST TASK

    Wyatt BaskervilleWyatt Baskerville2 dager siden
  • Omg you didn't see your task In specimens

    Jack BlackJack Black2 dager siden
  • tiny imposter mod

    The Koi GamerThe Koi Gamer2 dager siden
  • I love you

    kianna lamkakianna lamka2 dager siden
  • Your the ssundee

    kianna lamkakianna lamka2 dager siden
  • He was raging when he was the last guy who had a task lol

    lucas daveylucas davey2 dager siden
  • Lol he had last task

    Jakoby HillJakoby Hill2 dager siden
  • He was literally saying "who has the last task!? " when HE was the one with the last task 😂

    Marissa TobinMarissa Tobin2 dager siden
  • Sundee man dude you had the last task like wtf lol

    Billie-Rose LambertBillie-Rose Lambert2 dager siden
  • SSundee:Who had the last task! Me: Ummm... exuse me? You literally had the task did you not see it in specimen!?!

    Family FunFamily Fun2 dager siden
  • Pov: your here because ssundee had the last task

    Look Joe Got himLook Joe Got him2 dager siden
  • Fatty mod

    Ewok gamesEwok games2 dager siden
  • He had last tadk

    Shanae and tamera-rose SmithssShanae and tamera-rose Smithss2 dager siden
  • in the first game u had the last task ssundee

    Jolene BarteeJolene Bartee2 dager siden
  • I love how on the first game he was just like who has the last task even though he had the last task

    Kristin OlesenKristin Olesen2 dager siden
  • he had last task.. OOOO im big brain.. lol🙃🙃🙃🙃

    Arimani WakefieldArimani Wakefield2 dager siden
  • I like how he was like, WHO HAD THE LAST TASK when he had Simon Says down in specimen. Also I think there should be a Sabotager role, they start as a ghost and are super fast and crew mates cannot see them. They can sabotage anything they want with no cooldown to do so. But they cannot go through walls.

    AntsNZAntsNZ2 dager siden
  • 4:25 he had the last task

    Gabster StukovskyGabster Stukovsky2 dager siden
  • Ssundee had the last task

    Wille boiiWille boii2 dager siden
  • You could do a school among us and if you fail a test you die and if you pass you get to do a task

    Caitlin TuffinCaitlin Tuffin2 dager siden
  • Among us but the crewmate have a rifle and imposter has a rpg

    NightbotNightbot2 dager siden
  • U had the last task

    Belle WoodBelle Wood2 dager siden
  • u should have done ur task in first round u ddidnt see that s\

    EXO GamingEXO Gaming2 dager siden
  • Combine all mod

    Ganggermen GanggertoothGanggermen Ganggertooth3 dager siden
  • SSundee:WHO has the lat task Everyone:You have Simon says

    Justine’s Unicorn WorldJustine’s Unicorn World3 dager siden
  • his kill cooldown would light up so kill cooldown should not show up kie in prop hunt

    Cool gamex channelCool gamex channel3 dager siden
  • he hafd last task

    Cool gamex channelCool gamex channel3 dager siden
  • A ghost was shooting the guns

    obsessed10obsessed103 dager siden
  • U first

    Varuun BadreeVaruun Badree3 dager siden
  • He had the last task

    Izick SuarezIzick Suarez3 dager siden
  • Wow ssundee that first round the only last tasked was u in specimen

    kent wario escardakent wario escarda3 dager siden
  • Uhhhhh you kinda had the last task

    Kate CraigieKate Craigie3 dager siden