10. jan.. 2021
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We give IMPOSTERS a TSUNAMI Ability in Among Us
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  • Wait. I just saw biffle kill

    Blue TiGeRBlue TiGeRTime siden
  • its not grape its purple

    Lakshmi MuvvaLakshmi Muvva2 timer siden
  • 5:39 wow

    __not_a_game____not_a_game__3 timer siden
  • THANOS MOD thanos has to collect all 6 infinity stones and snap his fingers. he gains special powers for each infinity stone.

    peckles wakefieldpeckles wakefield3 timer siden
  • I saw biffle kill

    Qqq WwQqq Ww3 timer siden
  • Am I crazy or did I see biffle kill in storage at 5:35

    Who im sorry who WHO ARE U TALKING ABOUTWho im sorry who WHO ARE U TALKING ABOUT3 timer siden
  • Did anyone see biffle kill

    Karim DandanKarim Dandan4 timer siden
  • Did you see that when ssunde ges hit in the tsumie it kills them on self

    Terri-lei IoaneTerri-lei Ioane5 timer siden
  • i have an idea 'giant mod' can be name the imposter can become giant every minute(1 minute cooldown) but in that duration, his speed and vision are low he can kill crewmates by stepping on them do this pls

    spn- nephilimspn- nephilim5 timer siden
  • 9:05 Lol 😆

    flamethefox YTflamethefox YT6 timer siden
  • yo 5:40 biffle kills in the downer side of the screen you should put full screen on to see it

    hoda harkoushoda harkous6 timer siden

    Easton WehuntEaston Wehunt6 timer siden
  • Look at the bottem of the hall way BIFFLE KILLED! 5:40

    WOLF RaptorWOLF Raptor6 timer siden
  • A nuke in among us

    Eighthan TevesEighthan Teves6 timer siden
  • ya

    Easton WehuntEaston Wehunt7 timer siden
  • Do the maps opposite like Tad the merchant except there a tsunami in every map

    Akhylan MorganAkhylan Morgan8 timer siden
  • 5:40 did anyone else see biffle kill?

    Michael SaccoMichael Sacco8 timer siden
  • How to get this tsunami botton

    anjali nairanjali nair8 timer siden
  • Do a lava tsnami in mira hq

    Akhylan MorganAkhylan Morgan8 timer siden
  • earth quake the imposter can hit a button and the ground shakes and they need to hind under stuff around the map

    Rich HertzRich Hertz9 timer siden
  • That's awesome

    Lily KarlLily Karl9 timer siden
  • sundde is a bot

    Megan FunkMegan Funk10 timer siden
  • i saw

    Megan FunkMegan Funk10 timer siden
  • yeah i saw biffle kill in storeg

    Rose JohnsRose Johns11 timer siden
  • biffle ki

    Heather LackeyHeather Lackey11 timer siden
  • i did when he kill

    Heather LackeyHeather Lackey11 timer siden
  • Do the floors lava or imposter can be zombies and prop hunt

    Alex ChenAlex Chen11 timer siden
  • Make a everybody is the same mod

    Kristi Wagner-MartinhoKristi Wagner-Martinho11 timer siden
  • the skield mod

    Stephen PerryStephen Perry11 timer siden

    aye poopy headaye poopy head11 timer siden
  • 5:51 u can see bifle kill sigils at bottom left corner lol

    Deimer AmparoDeimer Amparo12 timer siden
  • Mod idea:the imposter can summon an army of sombies and to survive you have to stab them with your dagger or somthing just an idea

    sharna reevessharna reeves12 timer siden
  • or earthquake and you have to get into the saftey shuttles

    Sunflowers_ PlayzYTSunflowers_ PlayzYT13 timer siden
  • and idea would be bot imposter

    Sunflowers_ PlayzYTSunflowers_ PlayzYT13 timer siden
  • I saw biffle killed

    Marie SanchezMarie Sanchez13 timer siden
  • Biffle killed

    Marie SanchezMarie Sanchez13 timer siden
  • wata kil spase guy

    Retard on the internetRetard on the internet13 timer siden
  • Wait my like button turns black

    FierceKitten XDFierceKitten XD14 timer siden
  • biffle kill sigils bruh u not see it

    dragon ball gogeta and vegito dragon balldragon ball gogeta and vegito dragon ball14 timer siden
  • U should do among us with a tornado mod

    FantasyWolfFantasyWolf14 timer siden
  • This was so hard to watch when biffle killed🥲

  • 5:39

    LogynLogyn14 timer siden
  • I just want to know how to get the mod

    Nicholas GroatNicholas Groat14 timer siden
  • I saw biffle kill

    Xes 0Xes 015 timer siden
  • 5:41 anybody else see biffel kill?

    TTV merkingTTV merking15 timer siden
  • Mod idia:the crew can be imposter for 1 min

    PattyfFatty Paulsack and NannieBannaniePattyfFatty Paulsack and NannieBannanie15 timer siden
  • Who else saw Henry kill

    Neox ShineNeox Shine15 timer siden
  • Yes me

    SimplyArielleシSimplyArielleシ15 timer siden
  • Biffle killed

    Alex FloresAlex Flores16 timer siden
  • Did anyone see yellow kill right before the tsunami

    Schleich horse girl 8000Schleich horse girl 800016 timer siden
  • I saw biffle kill black or black killed biffle

    Michelle MackieMichelle Mackie17 timer siden
  • 5:42 this is terrifing I love it 😂

    Herman ListHerman List17 timer siden
  • Your so funny you made me laugh 🤣

    Lana BoswellLana Boswell17 timer siden
  • 5:19 look in the bottom right corner

    Evan MorrisEvan Morris17 timer siden
    • i mean 5:40

      Evan MorrisEvan Morris17 timer siden
  • Alison mod

    Qesma HassanQesma Hassan17 timer siden
  • I have a mode idea you should switch roles every 30 seconds

    Claire SchneiderClaire Schneider17 timer siden
  • MOD IDEA: When the imposter kills someone they can see and/or hear the ghost.

    Cassie JolleyCassie Jolley17 timer siden
  • Among us mod:ever time some one dies their is a jump scare

    Madison EnnisMadison Ennis17 timer siden
  • The imposter can place a worm hole but the crew mates have small vision

    Oliver FosterOliver Foster17 timer siden
  • do a god role

    Kingsley BenwariKingsley Benwari18 timer siden
  • Does he know that wepons qnd garbage are visual tasks

    Tamara IsabelfhdahpysanusduyaahogsfllsdmlhdsjTamara Isabelfhdahpysanusduyaahogsfllsdmlhdsj18 timer siden
  • Invisible

    sub_to_frandaman1 Fran Jukessub_to_frandaman1 Fran Jukes18 timer siden
  • Didn't you se e yellow kill?

    bukkyolabukkyola19 timer siden
  • How did sunder not see bifold kill

    Max MeyerMax Meyer19 timer siden
  • at 5:35 - 5:40 biffle SLICE

    Wheeler SchwarzWheeler Schwarz19 timer siden
  • Wait how can there be a tsunami in space?

    Karam AlzubaidyKaram Alzubaidy19 timer siden
  • 5:39 set your playback spped to 0.25 and look in the bottom left corner and you can see Biffle kill Sigils

    Katie CooperKatie Cooper20 timer siden
  • 5:40 Biffle killed sigils lmao

    mrSquidmrSquid20 timer siden
  • If you get bit by a crab you turn into a another a other color like cyan or blue or red

    toya hubberttoya hubbert20 timer siden
  • no

    Joachim Miguel LomotanJoachim Miguel Lomotan20 timer siden
  • Did anyone else see biffle kill sigils in storage at 5:38

    Brian RevereBrian Revere20 timer siden
  • Omg I saw someone kill

    Fayruz FellahFayruz Fellah21 time siden
  • do the simp mod or the angel mod

    Shaye CooperShaye Cooper22 timer siden
  • 5:40 look in the bottom left corner baffle killed

    Melissa ARNOLDMelissa ARNOLD22 timer siden
  • I did in storage I did in storage

    Tiny KiddoTiny Kiddo23 timer siden
  • do laser mod

    Mecury UnleashedMecury Unleashed23 timer siden
  • 5:57 le't see dead people die

    pls click subcribepls click subcribeDag siden
  • Bivul killed sundee did you see it

    alex lynnalex lynnDag siden
  • When you were saying there is a tsunami coming there is a tsunami coming there is a tsunami coming the report button lit up but you probably didn’t see it but there was a body did anybody else see that like this so Ssundee can see

    Sxtrlight RblxSxtrlight RblxDag siden
    • Timestamp?

      Elaina DeeterElaina Deeter19 timer siden
  • i saw bifflekill

    Yaseen Abdulla SaleemYaseen Abdulla SaleemDag siden
  • 5:39 Buffle killed someone 🥵⛓️

    Gaming X ValerieGaming X ValerieDag siden
  • Sundee: If they do the tsunami... WAAAAAAAA

    Adele朱玳廷Adele朱玳廷Dag siden

    PinPointDart 435PinPointDart 435Dag siden
  • I bet Ssundee rewatched this saw that Biffle kill looking like 👁️👄👁️

    Angela SmithAngela SmithDag siden
  • That button really do turn blue tho 🤣

    Angela SmithAngela SmithDag siden
  • Ssundee is blind in so many vids he doesn’t realize anything

    T&J CookingT&J CookingDag siden
  • who else has been watching sundee since 600k subs?

    ↁaniel ↁe ılılıↁaniel ↁe ılılıDag siden
  • hi you are the best

    Ray BetchkerRay BetchkerDag siden
  • yellow dude i see

  • 5:40 I could see Biffle kill Sigils and the report button lit.

    Pann PanninPann PanninDag siden
  • i saw biffl kill to like you

    polarbears3245polarbears3245Dag siden
  • nicovald did not do his taske

    polarbears3245polarbears3245Dag siden
  • Biffl killed sigils in Storage When sigils he was doing Lights

    Jayden WunderJayden WunderDag siden
  • Medic on the Imposter's team

    Kari PerryKari PerryDag siden
  • The like button turns white

    Gaming_ ElseGaming_ ElseDag siden
  • I saw biffle kill in storage and sunder was like SUNAMI SUNAMI

    Big NoobedBig NoobedDag siden
  • Did anyone see biffle kill in storage in the first round and the tsunami swept away the body

    Cayden LoerzelCayden LoerzelDag siden
  • I told my mom this video is educational, because I’m learning about tsunamis for a project this helped me a lot. 😂

    Hieu LaHieu LaDag siden
  • 5:41 you can see biffle kill lol

    Tyler ZielinskiTyler ZielinskiDag siden
  • did you see SSunde ,s face

    Jennes SaynJennes SaynDag siden