What's going on with my son... (1 year UPDATE)

27. okt.. 2020
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Giving you guys an update on whats going on with Simeon Life!

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  • He’s so 🥰 cute

    Paul SheppardPaul Sheppard7 minutter siden
  • Oh so cutee

    Rihan KrasniqiRihan Krasniqi29 minutter siden
  • hes sich a cute kid

    Lali UmetadzeLali Umetadze39 minutter siden
  • how would u dislike this?!

    Pranshu VittalamPranshu Vittalam41 minutt siden
  • Ssundee i how many kids do you have and also i have 3 siblings

    Nayia HoarNayia Hoar52 minutter siden
  • Happy late birthday simion (idk how to spell it lol) his adorableeee

    youtubers support.fortniteyoutubers support.fortniteTime siden
  • kinda looks like biffle not gonna lie

    DIOnaDIOna2 timer siden
  • 🥳

    Leilani StevensLeilani Stevens2 timer siden
  • So cute!!!!

    Ben BarkerBen Barker2 timer siden
  • Yo,I have an even cuter baby👨‍👦

    Ahnaf IslamAhnaf Islam2 timer siden
  • I'm so happy for u ssundee

    short vidsshort vids3 timer siden
  • His son in a couple of years my dad is a youtuber

    Wilfred Hamilton- DalgleishWilfred Hamilton- Dalgleish3 timer siden
  • foot foot foot foot

    Hailey CreedHailey Creed4 timer siden
  • Happy birthday Simeon

    lama mlama m4 timer siden
  • Ssundee is a great father

    Joshua KhunJoshua Khun4 timer siden
  • Ssundee name is Luke

    H.S 2020H.S 20205 timer siden
  • Cuyte

    Emmanuel kenneth CajayonEmmanuel kenneth Cajayon5 timer siden
  • I have two baby brothers I love them both :D

    Xainab UsmanXainab Usman5 timer siden
  • happy birthday simmion

    eshban adnaneshban adnan5 timer siden
  • I’m so glad my childhood idols all are getting married or having family it makes my heart smile 😀

    Gage BradleyGage Bradley5 timer siden
  • Your a good dad

    ariana Ulloaariana Ulloa6 timer siden
  • Awwww he’s so so so cute and he’s so so big🥰🥳

    Evalyn GillandEvalyn Gilland6 timer siden
  • why,why is this so wholesome

    jude wickingjude wicking7 timer siden

    HENRYHENRY7 timer siden
  • hello...

    Wasil khanWasil khan7 timer siden
  • SSundee this is adorable and I am dying my friend showed me cute pics of her dog I and everyday I’m murdered by it

    Wolfie in the WildWolfie in the Wild7 timer siden
  • my brother is named simeon

    nathaniel ludwignathaniel ludwig7 timer siden
  • we need a new update

    Diego Prieto SantosDiego Prieto Santos8 timer siden
  • his so cute 😊

    Elijah AndraosElijah Andraos8 timer siden
  • Omg he's so cute and adorable

    Matthew CoyleMatthew Coyle8 timer siden
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMEON idk if i spelled that right

    Colin ChaputColin Chaput9 timer siden
  • this vid showed up when i pressed Among Us to watch among us vidpes

    iiBottiiBott9 timer siden
  • awwww so cute

    Christina PerezChristina Perez9 timer siden
  • You know the diamond play button isn’t really diamond it’s metal

    Mason TylerMason Tyler9 timer siden
  • So CUTE 😍 💓

    Rosemarie SchmokeRosemarie Schmoke10 timer siden
  • I wish hiy was mot Bruva

    Karen HandleyKaren Handley10 timer siden
  • OMG I’m so happy for you!

    Claire KielbasinskiClaire Kielbasinski10 timer siden
  • Congrats

    Ruby KahlRuby Kahl10 timer siden
  • You’re a really great dad

    Furious FlamesFurious Flames10 timer siden
  • Why are kids so adorable! Oh my scales!!!! So cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Majic QueenMajic Queen11 timer siden
  • Oh my gosh, he is sooooo cute!!!

    Trinity MellottTrinity Mellott11 timer siden
  • Awwww 🥰

    Twix UltraTwix Ultra11 timer siden
  • Naw! He's really cute

    LeopardSplash on WattpadLeopardSplash on Wattpad11 timer siden
  • We have a really cute baby 👶 😍

    Jake HannonJake Hannon12 timer siden
  • I’m a boy and I’m 10

    Ricardo CelestineRicardo Celestine12 timer siden
  • I did Not no you have a son he’s so cute

    Ricardo CelestineRicardo Celestine12 timer siden
  • Awww😢😢

    Daniel HanleyDaniel Hanley12 timer siden
  • So CUTE!

    Zichis20 FaytratZichis20 Faytrat12 timer siden
  • he has the same birthday as me

    LAGSPIKELAGSPIKE13 timer siden
  • aww so cute amagine him in 6 years coming back he would look so different

    Karen kershawKaren kershaw13 timer siden
  • When sounded almost ate the baby’s fingers, the baby screams 5 seconds after

    Hieu LaHieu La13 timer siden
  • he is so cute

  • He is so cute

    LeneLene14 timer siden
  • :::::D

    Lucas FillieLucas Fillie14 timer siden
  • Yupppy yup

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  • He's so cute 😊😊😊😊😊

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  • Happy birthday 🎂

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  • But happy bday Simey

    kkimball419kkimball41914 timer siden
  • I didn’t know u had a baby...

    kkimball419kkimball41915 timer siden
  • soooooooooooo cute

    gaming with unknownboy2078gaming with unknownboy207815 timer siden
  • Omg he is cuteeeeeeeee I what to Adopt him. I’d did not know you had 2 kids ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺

    CrazyBanana_NoraCrazyBanana_Nora15 timer siden
  • Not me crying bc my childhood idol grows his family😫

    Fran Bistrovic-BorscakFran Bistrovic-Borscak15 timer siden
  • He’s going to take you place in a couple years. SIMON

    Beesy WebsterBeesy Webster15 timer siden

    יהונתן גרשקוביץיהונתן גרשקוביץ16 timer siden
  • congrats

  • happy bday

    Sophia ClarkeSophia Clarke16 timer siden
  • WAIT SSUNDEE HAS A KID?! congrats my man! Just started watching after 3 years and I come back to you having a son!

    Alyssa sanneAlyssa sanne16 timer siden
  • Start a family channel!!!!

    JVNtheBEASTJVNtheBEAST16 timer siden
  • Give this man a mother Milion subs

    Spencer ThompsonSpencer Thompson16 timer siden
  • My brother is 2 years old and he is so much smaller then your son

    Tima TohmeTima Tohme16 timer siden
  • Hi

    Joel GuinnessJoel Guinness16 timer siden
  • happy birdayy

    ITZ SN0WYYITZ SN0WYY16 timer siden

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  • He’s so cute when he laughs😂

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  • Omg he is sooooo cute!! ❤️❤️🥰🥰

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  • His birthday is after my birthday

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  • Happy birthday simmy

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  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

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  • I love how there’s the diamond play button but it’s not even as special as seeing Ian’s little child

    Jackson CurleyJackson Curley19 timer siden
  • Happy birthday

    Jackson CurleyJackson Curley19 timer siden
  • happy birthday

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  • He’s so frickin cute

    Jackson CurleyJackson Curley19 timer siden
  • I’m so happy for you

    Jackson CurleyJackson Curley19 timer siden
  • Oh My God He is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!🥰

    Unknow_ MoonShineUnknow_ MoonShine19 timer siden
  • Happy birhtday

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  • Such a nice kid and is so cute tho😄😄😄

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  • congrats

    Nikola CzaplickaNikola Czaplicka20 timer siden
  • I DID NOT KNOw You have a child I thought that was a joke

    Jordyn’s CornerJordyn’s Corner21 time siden
  • Wooooohhhhhh

    Michael AlbanoMichael Albano21 time siden
  • Also did u just say f*ckin?

    Jordan HallJordan Hall21 time siden
    • 4:07

      Jordan HallJordan Hall21 time siden
  • U look like my old gym teacher

    Jordan HallJordan Hall21 time siden
  • He so cute!!!!!!!!!!

    Britney MBritney M21 time siden

    Aneta TytułaAneta Tytuła21 time siden
  • Who else thinks it would be so cute if they did family vlogs because i think it would

    Kiera PhillipsonKiera Phillipson22 timer siden
  • omg he is so cute

    Gemma hassettGemma hassett22 timer siden
  • Your son is so cute!!!

    Ethan MillerEthan Miller22 timer siden
  • This is the most wholesome video I’ve ever seen...🥰🥰🥰

    Malavika Yatheendra-MohanMalavika Yatheendra-Mohan22 timer siden
  • your sons eyes were like my eyes when i was little blueberry eyes my grandfather called them

    Adelaide CutlerAdelaide Cutler22 timer siden