WORLDS HARDEST QUIZ VS my Friends (Emojis)

11. okt.. 2020
2 191 754 Ganger

We do the WORLDS HARDEST Test!

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  • Im filipino

    G12 FORDAN KateG12 FORDAN Kate2 timer siden
  • Ganyan tayo filipino tayo biffle hahahahahahahaha

    Hendrick LimHendrick Lim6 timer siden
  • Let's go biffle filipino

    Hendrick LimHendrick Lim6 timer siden
  • ssundee the song is eye of the storm 8:59

    Harlan AlsupHarlan Alsup6 timer siden
  • Ghost rider

    DarkShadow’zDarkShadow’z9 timer siden
  • 12:05 i thought cold blooded

    LeonRoZLeonRoZ11 timer siden
  • Ghost rider

    Adriana SharmaAdriana Sharma11 timer siden

    chandoi954chandoi95414 timer siden
  • 2:52 Harry potter

    Jamie FaircloughJamie Fairclough16 timer siden
  • S-s-sigils OMG I SUBED (also Ian)

    keels1906keels190617 timer siden
  • I knew it was ghost rider I was literally screaming at the screen

    Marqus BrownMarqus Brown18 timer siden
  • It turns into grey

    saif magiciansaif magician18 timer siden
  • Me and Biffle at the same time screeched, “HOME ALONE” And I’m like... oh

    Dark ShadowSlayerDark ShadowSlayer19 timer siden
  • And I am only 10 years old ha ha

    Eid gamerEid gamer20 timer siden
  • I swear I guess Bluetooth before you three

    Eid gamerEid gamer20 timer siden
  • ssundee savage

    Reema oweisReema oweis21 time siden
  • 16:34 they all looked down at the exact same time XD

    Samuel LauSamuel LauDag siden
  • New insult in among us: We just got boxed we just got boxed u literally have dog water dog water

    BlackberryblackberryblackberryblackberryblackberryBlackberryblackberryblackberryblackberryblackberryDag siden
  • What music is this? How+👨⬅️+👍+👉?

    BlackberryblackberryblackberryblackberryblackberryBlackberryblackberryblackberryblackberryblackberryDag siden
  • X😵🔫😐

    Erwin SabalburoErwin SabalburoDag siden
  • The absorbed kidney synchronously prepare because block behaviourally frighten minus a inexpensive entrance. phobic, deserted garden

    Earl LawsonEarl LawsonDag siden
  • on 23:27 its not a praying emoji its clapping

    matthew spradleymatthew spradleyDag siden
  • it is blue tooth

    ming wang Zhuangming wang ZhuangDag siden
  • For me it’s black

    Zain ZalatZain ZalatDag siden
  • I got the Bluetooth one

    CYberSnipeCYberSnipeDag siden
  • red bull gives you wiiiings

    Charles RiversCharles RiversDag siden
  • I love his among us mods 😃😄😃😄

    Jessica UrbanJessica UrbanDag siden
  • 👻👨🐎 its the movie the headless horse man

    Destiny JazenboskiDestiny JazenboskiDag siden
  • if u knew it was bluetooth like this

    Nyatworo CynthiaNyatworo CynthiaDag siden
  • Philipines how did you know where i live

    Deniel Joseph VIRTUCIODeniel Joseph VIRTUCIODag siden
  • 16:36 I love how they just do it at the same time.

    Oh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeahOh yeah yeah Oh yeah yeahDag siden
  • The first question philippines and i'm in philippines

    MyLil JDMyLil JD2 dager siden
  • Ghost rider

    Furious Destroyer22Furious Destroyer222 dager siden
  • my country philippines

    Maria ArtsMaria Arts2 dager siden
  • my country phil

    Maria ArtsMaria Arts2 dager siden
  • Bluetooth

    Joud Abu naserJoud Abu naser2 dager siden
  • Ssundee is now biffle, thanks sigils

    DragonPrince 255DragonPrince 2552 dager siden
  • 4:45 Sigils: Big Brain moment Ssundee/Biffle: Bot moment

    Jaden BoodooJaden Boodoo2 dager siden
  • I was screaming ghost Rider

    ambi shopeambi shope2 dager siden
  • My like button turn black so sigils was right

    Amber WilkieAmber Wilkie2 dager siden

    Jasminerose SaludaresJasminerose Saludares2 dager siden

    FSJF GamesFSJF Games2 dager siden
  • omg when it said ghost rider i was holy crap bc i kept on syaing it

    Carlene GibsonCarlene Gibson3 dager siden
  • No sigils it is ssundee he is a GENlUS???

    Angelina LeonAngelina Leon3 dager siden
  • The round population seemingly confuse because process acly reproduce till a absorbed haircut. hurried, outstanding dinghy

    chris hahnchris hahn3 dager siden
  • No more blue it's grey

    ASMI's WORLDASMI's WORLD3 dager siden
  • Yo who sang the umbrella song is my sister I'm nepali

    Ramila ShresthaRamila Shrestha4 dager siden
  • No you’re not

    MACK destroys YouMACK destroys You4 dager siden
  • Nobody Absolutely nobody Ian: son of a piece that poops in my foot and calls me stupid

    Sm4llB0iSm4llB0i4 dager siden
  • i am freaking filipino bruh!

    Jan Mackenzie SibucaoJan Mackenzie Sibucao4 dager siden
  • Harrypotter is my favorite book and movie it is a novel book there are 8 of them 7 of them is one epic adventure eight search in Google

    jyothi jobinjyothi jobin4 dager siden
  • 7:18 Do it!

    Mr. DangerMr. Danger4 dager siden
  • How did I get them all right they are so much older than me

    Don’t Watch this channel’s vidsDon’t Watch this channel’s vids5 dager siden
  • I was litterally screaming at the screen when it was the ghost rider emoji I was like BRO JUST SAY GHOST RIDERS ITS GHOST RIDER AHHHH And my mom just come in and asks me why I'm screaming bro

    Jerry PereiraJerry Pereira5 dager siden
  • Did anyone else notice Ssundees hat that was soaking with sweat?

    Liam AdamecLiam Adamec5 dager siden
  • I knew it was bluetooth

    Albert RenoAlbert Reno5 dager siden
  • yea this big brain time 👾

    world serpintworld serpint5 dager siden
  • biffle waffle face

    Carter JBloxCarter JBlox5 dager siden
  • what i call biffle for laughter

    Carter JBloxCarter JBlox5 dager siden
  • biffewiffle biffles fortnite user and i tried to friend him but the game said nah fam i died by laughing while writing this

    Carter JBloxCarter JBlox5 dager siden
  • The like button turned black not Grey or blue

    birdiebirdie5 dager siden
  • The_gamer 123talk good

    Shah HuaweiShah Huawei5 dager siden
  • The

    Shah HuaweiShah Huawei5 dager siden
  • Ssundee has something related to the Philippines. Me a Filipino: Lupang Hinirag intensifies

    Xanderdoez StuffXanderdoez Stuff6 dager siden
    • yes

      Bitty Itty CatBitty Itty Cat2 dager siden
  • Likebutton

    Jey LJey L6 dager siden
  • Let’s go Bluetooth

    Jey LJey L6 dager siden
  • Worlds hardest quiz Me: IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ :)

    RifleRobotz [GD]RifleRobotz [GD]6 dager siden
  • I got the ghost rider one correct did all of u comment if u did

    Laura EasthopeLaura Easthope6 dager siden
  • it makes no sense ghostrider dos not ride a horse


    Symon AblanedaSymon Ablaneda6 dager siden

    Edison GarzaEdison Garza6 dager siden
  • I am from Philippines actually....

    Jamaica V. SoliteJamaica V. Solite7 dager siden
  • 👍🔳

    nicole clarknicole clark7 dager siden
  • Bruh some of these r so easy i got the first one in 3 seceonds. Am i big brain or what

    SomeoneSomeone7 dager siden
  • I knew it was ghost rider

    Dallas Fierce Wolf WarriorDallas Fierce Wolf Warrior7 dager siden
  • Ghost rider

    Erik HodosiErik Hodosi7 dager siden
  • Hi SSundee

    meadow hehemeadow hehe8 dager siden
  • I got the ghost rider immedeatly

    DRochfort1DRochfort18 dager siden
  • Now the like button turns black

    Amanda WheelerAmanda Wheeler8 dager siden
  • SSundee counted wrong. SSundee had 8 points, Sigils had 10 points and Biffle had 6 points

    Julie ZaldinJulie Zaldin8 dager siden
  • 16:33 Me who guess it already: i see no god up here EXCEPT FOR ME

    Demetrius Ardanareswara GavriladhitaDemetrius Ardanareswara Gavriladhita9 dager siden
  • 8.16 I love how biffle said I see u pee😝😝😝😝😝

    Game OverGame Over9 dager siden
  • 20:03 ssundee looks like johnny sins😂😂😂

    elionsubelionsub9 dager siden
  • Who else said the headless horseman

    AlyumicAlyumic9 dager siden
  • omg i like all youtuber

    Daeng FarisDaeng Faris9 dager siden
  • Flash back to when ssundee said blue teeth when it was blue tooth

    CheesyCheesy10 dager siden
  • At 16:40 I thought it was headless horseman

    Gabe BlankenshipGabe Blankenship10 dager siden
  • Its ramen

    Czelig Yousef Gumabay Czelig Yousef GumabayCzelig Yousef Gumabay Czelig Yousef Gumabay10 dager siden
  • its bluetooth you idiots LOL

    Galaxy CatGalaxy Cat11 dager siden
  • the fewiojrof time you've said the like button will turn blue me: it does not

    Ceezy BCeezy B11 dager siden
  • Ok if u so smart sigils get this 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻🔫🏹⚔🗡🪓✂️📍📌⛏🔨

    MEOW MEOW GODMEOW MEOW GOD11 dager siden
    • I expect my answers

      MEOW MEOW GODMEOW MEOW GOD11 dager siden

    Emilie TourniaireEmilie Tourniaire11 dager siden
  • B

    Harry JoziasHarry Jozias12 dager siden
  • The incompetent request substantially poke because ship informally obtain through a mellow feet. disastrous, ratty tip

    Sharleen ListemannSharleen Listemann12 dager siden
  • Why was sigils looking In the air like }👀👆🏽

    Shyanne GunnShyanne Gunn12 dager siden
  • I beat you all

    Rabia NaumanRabia Nauman12 dager siden
  • At 16:38 and they were all thinking how all dumb that they thought they looked I was like: It’s obviously ghost rider

    Blair TuftsBlair Tufts12 dager siden
  • The first time I ever seen in real life and people typical

    Henry StillerHenry Stiller12 dager siden
  • I’m from philippines😎

    Samchxco_cookies 10Samchxco_cookies 1012 dager siden
  • Lol none of them chose Bluetooth but me

    Dr. Tengsy ThomasDr. Tengsy Thomas12 dager siden